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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Fall is only 3 weeks away. The air is already cooler and the breezes now carry the fresh sweet smell of harvest in them , the smell of bon fires and  the echo of the country side! Some of the trees are already starting to change to orange, red and yellow, waiting for their time to gently flow to  the ground to be raked and jumped in.The sound of chain saws echo through out as people prepare their wood for fireplaces to keep the chill out. For us country bumpkins out there, to wear their cowboy boots , lumber jackets and other country fall attire . Decorations of  fall ready and waiting  to be displayed around the house. Long walks and hikes through the woods with lots of pictures of the colors to take . Fall fairs with craft shows and animals are all on the go, with friendly folk passing by with a kind  hi or hello. These are just some of the things I love about fall, please do tell , what  do you like about fall !


Tuesday, August 24, 2010



This morning there was a cute little baby bunny, he lives under my potting shed,( one of many litters now) eating the grass, I had to get a photo of him and was remarkably able to get with in a foot of him to take his picture. He wasn't camera shy that's for sure .





Monday, August 23, 2010


Today is our fur baby’s  B-day , she is a year old !





                 We have a treat for her later for her supper for her B-day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010



This is the picture frame Hubby hand crafted for me for our anniversary. The detail is amazing . Beautiful work honey !




Today is our anniversary. Hubby hand crafted  a beautiful picture frame with our wedding photo in , the  detail is amazing , his best work yet  .That was one of the projects he has been working on and I wasn’t allowed to go near his  shop lol. 

Thank you sweetheart for such a beautiful gift.






Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is much cooler, almost fall like. The crickets are  chirping , birds singing , the roosters crowing from the farm down the road, as it  all echoes in the breeze. Every now and then it goes quiet and still, then starts up again once more. As trees gently sway and leaves rustle away, as the sky clouds over and threatens to rain, there's the sweet smell of the fields and a bon fire or two in the breeze blowing our way. As I sit and think to myself, this is the country life  that I have always loved and I wouldn’t want it any other way !                
                Written By me: Country Gal !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



This is the bird feeder that hubby built. He has so many little projects on the go right now ! I love them all ! Wonderful work honey !




Monday, August 16, 2010


We had a  pretty bad storm last night, lots of rain , finally!, we needed rain badly. The wind was gusting at times so fast and furious that I thought we were going to have a tornado! have already been through two when I was younger, but it passed with out damage. After the storm, this morning everything looks so happy, the plants are all perked up , birds are chirping and the air has cooled off with fresh breezes, so I took advantage of it , turned of the A/C and opened the windows, ahahahah ! to smell the sweet fresh air and hear the sounds of nature, wonderful !  It will be getting humid again today but not nearly as humid as it has been, let alone the humidity has been high so has the temperature its self  and that makes it unbearable ! There is a large beetle that makes a buzzing sound in the humid weather called the Cicada , the humidity is what they use to make the sound .  When I was a child on the farm we used to call them hydro bugs cause they made the buzzing sound that you would hear from the hydro wires along the country dirt roads lol. The return of the Blue Jay birds tells me that we are to be cooling off very soon as they are back early . I enjoy the Fall weather, what with the fresh cool air all the colors , fall fairs,craft shows, harvest and much, much more !  Today I think we will just putter around. Hubby is finishing another woodworking project, a bird feeder!  Ya know I"ll  have to show it off on here when all completed !  Until then, have a good day to all !

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our pup just loves the swing . She hops up on it all by herself and gazes out into the garden as she swings back n forth !DSC_0062 DSC_0061
country cove 6 (23)
She also loves to strike a pose for the camera !



COUNTRY COVE 11 (10)DSC_0004

My hubby has finished one of his many woodworking projects.This is his sign for his shed, now we have a sign each. He has a few of them on the go , busy, busy , busy! Great job honey!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  It has been very hot and humid as August usually is. The Blue jays are back early this year, they aren't usually back till at least September, does that mean we may have cooler weather soon, I hope so, don't get me wrong, I love summer just not the humidity!

Hubby has been busy with his wood working projects. He has almost finished the sign for his tool shed and now is starting to build a bird house replica of our house, cant wait ! We went to a wonderful wood working store for his supplies. We had just discovered the store from the Internet, well !!!!! it was amazing, first, it was in an old general store in a small town. I love the old country general stores as well as small towns , they have so much history in their structure . The store had everything he needed and then some, he was like a kid in a candy store, I had fun as well, helping him pick out ideas for building and the patterns for his scrolling, it was great ! Our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd and he has been busy making something for me at the same time as his other projects, I cant wait to see, I bet its beautiful as all his work is. He seems to always have more then one project going at a time, a busy lil beaver lol haha last name Wood, does woodworking, a beaver, get it, ok ok got carried away there , but I think its great that he has found a hobby that he really enjoys and that I get all kinds of wonderful things made !
Well that's my little entry for today, hope all of you stay cool and have a wonderful day ! Tootles till next time !

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I would like to share with you all  pictures of my sister and her horse Ziggy !

                         We don't see much of each other but we keep in touch through e-mails and this blog.
                           This pic she sent me is one of my favorites ! Hope ya dont mind sis but family is part of our  Country Cove Life ! LUV ya sis , great pics they are !


Monday, August 2, 2010


The weather has been very hot and humid here in South Western Ontario. There has been lots of festivities going on down at the beach  for this long weekend. We went to see the fireworks last night that they have every year at this time, they were wonderful. They have them off of the Pier that separate our marina and the beach. It was great, all the boats out on the water to watch them, with their lights shining over the water and blowing their horns in delight, it was wonderful. The beach area was packed with spectators in anticipation for the wonderful light display . The fireworks are so amazing over the lake as colors reflect brightly over the water, with the background of the boats and the Pier light house . We enjoyed it all very much and will definatly return this time every year. Hope you enjoy the pics and video !  Have a great day !


                                                    All pics and videos taken by Hubby !

                                                  Enjoy the little video on the next post!


Taken at Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada