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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  It has been very hot and humid as August usually is. The Blue jays are back early this year, they aren't usually back till at least September, does that mean we may have cooler weather soon, I hope so, don't get me wrong, I love summer just not the humidity!

Hubby has been busy with his wood working projects. He has almost finished the sign for his tool shed and now is starting to build a bird house replica of our house, cant wait ! We went to a wonderful wood working store for his supplies. We had just discovered the store from the Internet, well !!!!! it was amazing, first, it was in an old general store in a small town. I love the old country general stores as well as small towns , they have so much history in their structure . The store had everything he needed and then some, he was like a kid in a candy store, I had fun as well, helping him pick out ideas for building and the patterns for his scrolling, it was great ! Our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd and he has been busy making something for me at the same time as his other projects, I cant wait to see, I bet its beautiful as all his work is. He seems to always have more then one project going at a time, a busy lil beaver lol haha last name Wood, does woodworking, a beaver, get it, ok ok got carried away there , but I think its great that he has found a hobby that he really enjoys and that I get all kinds of wonderful things made !
Well that's my little entry for today, hope all of you stay cool and have a wonderful day ! Tootles till next time !


AnnCrago said...

Busy little beavers...I love going into lumber stores and such...Tack shops smell wonderful too ..You could be blind-folded and you'd know where you were.
Ruedy went to the vets today for his "attitude adjustment" He is still there (it's now 3 o'clock )..but Bob is picking him up a little after 5 when he is done work.The vets phoned at 11.30 and said all went well and he was awake already....Poor little guy..I feel sooo mean...but I think Teddy enjoyed the quiet today...and I got a ton of housework done (just had to keep busy)
So all the nasty stuff is done and we can get Ruedy settled into his new home. He is doing really well for just 2 weeks with us...
Well...keep cool and give everyone hugs for us...
Luv Ya :))

bennie and patsy said...

Hello Country Gal
Glad you came for a visit and left a comment.

West Side of Straight said...

Hi - Glad you visited my blog, and it looks like we have a lot in common. Great pictures. jo - in MN