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Thursday, March 29, 2012



Its a chilly gloomy day today . My Daffodils survived the frost we had the other night , thank goodness !

I would like to direct you to our photography blog to have a peek at our photos and a nose around the blog if you please ,   So pop on over to our Photography blog we would love to hear from you there !

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                                  Until next time Hope you all have a good day !

                                                    Country Gal

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frosty Morning


The temp dropped last night and we woke to frost ! I looked out my front door and noticed my Daffodils had drooped . So I took a photo through my screen door !


                                      Then I decided to go out and take photos !


                I do like the look of frost on everything , especially in photos !


                        I love the way the frost twinkles like stars in the sun light !


                      Poor Daffodil was being held up by a twig ! They don't look so good !


                                 Miggy was having a ball whilst I was taking photos !


  Always with the tongue , she even sleeps with her tongue sticking out just enough to see the pink of it !


Has the feeder all to him self. yes that's duct tape on the feeder , it cracked at the bottom , it will do another year .


                                        Mr Robin suppin up his breakfast !


                                 He had just noticed I was there !


                      My  Lilac bush trying to bloom but the frost is holding it back !

We are to be having cold weather for the next few nights , all the summer type weather we had last week had forced  things to bloom and start to grow way to early and now I fear this cold snap will kill them all! I hope not !

The sun is shining and it is warming up the land . Miggy and I are going to go for our morning walk . I have house cleaning to do then I will be able to enjoy the rest of our day !

                        Until next time hope you all have a good day ! Open-mouthed smile

                                   Country Gal

Monday, March 26, 2012

Holly Molly It’s Cold !!!!!


By late afternoon yesterday the weather changed from chilly gloomy to warm and sunny  that was good. I was able to open the windows  and have them open all night , well  HOLLY MOLLY  did the temps ever drop during the night , I woke up this morning freezing . I quickly got out of bed BRRRR !! closed all the windows and cranked the furnace on . Boy oh boy that wakes you up quick !!! I checked the temp it was down to -1°C or 29°F the wind is making  it feel even colder ! Mother Nature is on the rampage again !   Hope my spring flowers will be ok in this cold snap . Watching all the birds puffed up with their feet tucked up under them looking cold , I feel as though I should knit them some woolly socks  poor little guys !


                           Even the Bunny’s and Squirrel's look cold this morning !


                           Even Miggy looks cold  but she likes it !


          At least the sun is out . I hope it warms up through out the day ! Strange weather once again  going from mild winter temps to  summer temps to winter temps again !

                                          Hey where did Spring temps go ?

                                   Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                       Country Gal

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Rainy Day


The weekend so far has been rainy and chilly and Papa and I have been just puttering around in our jammie’s , well jammie bottoms and  old sweat shirts  soo comfy though !I watched a movie and played around with my camera taking photos of table top decor ! I take photos of nature mostly and we all know I take tons of photos of Miggy as she is my best subject but I don't take many photos like these !


                                              This is our coffee table in the living room !


                             I set this up on my kitchen table just for a photo shoot !


                                               This is what's on my kitchen table now !


                                    This is my table top decor in the living room !

I try to find different things to photograph and different ideas, subjects and ways of photography . There is so much out there to photograph . Today is my B-day Papa gave me a lovely card and is working on my gift a bit at a time in his workshop , I cant wait till its done  Papa and I are just having another  puttering day today since the weather isn't that great out but we need the rains !

                                          Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                             Country Gal

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Is This ?


Yesterday was another beautiful day all though it was much cooler then it has been. The wind picked up last night  the temps dropped  and we had a full night of gentle rain that we so badly needed , now the grass is such a rich deep green and has thickened  up ! It is gloomy and cold out there today and rain on and off is to be expected  , the kind of day  to watch movies , read blogs or a book !

I was roaming  around the yard and the field beside us yesterday looking for different things to photograph and found this little guy !


I have no idea what it is all I know is I liked it so much Papa dug it up and I put it in my garden . I think it is a domestic plant cause it has bulbs for roots  . I don't think wild plants start from bulbs !


                        If anyone  knows who this pretty little plant  is I sure would like to know !


My Daffodils at the end of our drive way have opened . I love these two toned ones. Behind them are my Tiger Lilies growing like crazy !

DSC_5458                And of course we all know who this pretty girl is ! Our sunshine , Miggy !

                      Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                  Country Gal

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Bit Of This & That



                           Slowly getting there !


                         YIPPEE !!!!  My Daffodils have opened !


                       Wet Miggy from the dewy early morning !


     Oh she is our Miggy Muck pup ! This is what she looks like after Rolly Polly’s in the wet grass !


  The weather has been so lovely, again today it is to be sunny and temps to 18°C or 64 ºF cooler then it has been but still awesome ! I have been puttering in my gardens. Despite the great weather it is still to early for planting , that will me done closer to the end of April . Miggy and I went for our walk in the morning then I cleaned my windows yesterday  moved some Tiger Lilies to a new home and sat and read my book on the porch with my buddy Miggy at my feet enjoying the rest of the day  !   We are to get some well needed rain  tomorrow so it will be a day for Papa to be in his wood shop and I well who knows lol !


This is where I found Miggy this morning on her favourite swing in the early morning sunrise!  

                            Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                       Country Gal

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursdays Things In a Row


                           Fire wood that is not needed because Spring is here at last !



                  Purple clover in more then one row spread through out the grass !



                       The picket fence Papa built for between our two sheds !


                  Rows of wood chimes making a pretty sound in the breeze !


                    And rows of Daffodils that have opened for spring with a bright yellow smile !

                       Until next time Hope you all have sunny day !Sun

                                     Country Gal

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Beautiful Day


It is 4:45 pm and it is still beautiful out it is 25°C or 77°F and  sunny ! Miggy and I went for our walk this morning . Then I started getting my hands dirty in my gardens . I did some weeding as they are always the first thing in the garden to show up , and turned the dirt over to help air it all out with one of my fav little garden tools the original claw . This tool is like a mini  rototiller and I can take some of the claws off to get in the tight areas !


My other fav garden tool is this little rake  it works wonders for getting the leftover winter junk off your gardens ! I did the garden around our Birch tree the garden in the back and the center garden !



                        This is my back garden ! There are some Daffodils just ready to pop !



      My Hyacinths are ready to pop open as well ! Have to cage them bunny’s like to munch on them !


                             Miggy taking a break after all the hard work watching me !


                             My Lilac bushes are also close to blooming !


       Robins bobbing for worms ! Go to the garden little guy lots turned over in there now !


                   Birds are feeding and in a flying frenzy they so love this weather to !

Well its time to get Papa, myself and the girls our supper now so until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Day Sun Rise


The sun rise this morning was beautiful for our first day of spring !  YIPPEE !!! Spring has Sprung .

It is to be sunny and a high of  24°C or 74°F .  Some people say the first day of Spring is the 21st and some say the 20th I have always known it to be the 20th so for me today is the first day of Spring !



                          Miggy was watching a stray cat across the field !


                  This forest  is at the top of our valley ! It circles around most of our valley !


                                           I just love the colour of the sky  here !



DSC_5345  Miggy and I will spend the day outside of course and go for our walk soon . Miggy is all better now Kennel cough all gone for good , she is back to her old self !

                               Papa is feeling better today and has gone to work .

  Waiting for my Daffodils to pop open they are almost there maybe some time today they will open !

      Until next time hope you all have a wonderful spring day which ever day you make it !

                                  Country Gal