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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Things Good & Mysterious


It rained all day yesterday on and off then we had a thunderstorm during the night last night . It didn't last very long . The temps were warm enough to sleep with the windows open finally !

This morning was amazing . I took a photo of the moon as the birds were waking up singing their hearts out as it echoed through out the woods and village.


Then the sun rose trying to shine through the  low rolling fog cloud in the valley  !


We have a strange unidentified breed of bird wandering around ground feeding at our feeders. It was first spotted at the in laws last week who live next door and now  it visits here . We all have looked through every bird book, Google and bird web sites and cant find anything that looks like it . It looks a bit like a Juvenile female Pheasant sort of looks like a Quail or a Grouse in size and body shape but none with the markings or colorings . I think it may be a cross breed of some sort or a new breed that hasn't been discovered ! It is very skittish and when it runs it stands tall, neck stretched out and runs fast !


                                      Click on photos to enlarge if you please !


Papa’s dad who also took photos of this bird has sent photos to our birding friends and waiting to see what they come back with ! If any of you have seen this bird and know what breed it is please let us know it is a Mystery to us here !

Miggy is getting better , it is a slow process getting rid of Kennel cough bit she is improving more each day !


The weather today is to be sunny and a high of  14°C or 58 F  PERFECT !! It is soo nice to have my windows open, as I write this the sun is  shining stronger and trying to burn through the fog in the valley  as every now and then low fog clouds roll through the valley , it is looking misty and mysterious  as the sun pops through the low fog cloud every now and then !

                           Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                       Country Gal


Vintage Gal said...

We have the same weather here in Ontario including the thunderstorm last night. The sun rose this morning all in it's orange glory. It's going to be a beautiful day!
Hope Miggy gets better, kennel cough sounds horrible doesn't it?

Have a wonderful day ;-)

Gone Country said...

Yay, Miggy's getting better!

I've never seen that kind of bird before. I hope someone can identify it for you. And, you'll let us know?

Enjoy your beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of bird that is, but your dog is a hoot, esp your header photo! GREAT SHOT! =)

Meg said...

Gorgeous! So glad to hear Miggy is on the mend. Reminds me so much of this special doggie:

Never So Simple said...

Love me some pictures of Miggy! Not sure what kind of bird that is bit it's kind of cute.


Alica said...

That bird is really pretty! I've never seen anything like that...maybe you've discovered a new species! :) Sounds like the spring temps are heading your direction!!

Red said...

Interesting bird. You have a super photo for identification. It could be an exotic that has escaped from a cage. We have Chukars here that were probably released from a bird sale. They survive in the city by using bird feeders.