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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Beautiful Day


It is 4:45 pm and it is still beautiful out it is 25°C or 77°F and  sunny ! Miggy and I went for our walk this morning . Then I started getting my hands dirty in my gardens . I did some weeding as they are always the first thing in the garden to show up , and turned the dirt over to help air it all out with one of my fav little garden tools the original claw . This tool is like a mini  rototiller and I can take some of the claws off to get in the tight areas !


My other fav garden tool is this little rake  it works wonders for getting the leftover winter junk off your gardens ! I did the garden around our Birch tree the garden in the back and the center garden !



                        This is my back garden ! There are some Daffodils just ready to pop !



      My Hyacinths are ready to pop open as well ! Have to cage them bunny’s like to munch on them !


                             Miggy taking a break after all the hard work watching me !


                             My Lilac bushes are also close to blooming !


       Robins bobbing for worms ! Go to the garden little guy lots turned over in there now !


                   Birds are feeding and in a flying frenzy they so love this weather to !

Well its time to get Papa, myself and the girls our supper now so until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                      Country Gal


Red said...

You show me your start to gardening and I can see where I'm going. Gardening here won't stat until the end of April.

Gone Country said...

Don't ya' just love all the new growth and the anticipation of seeing the blooms?

I spent all day outside also! My Dad came over and we worked on transforming my front yard. We got a lot done but it's still not finished. I'm going to post about it when I'm done.

Have a great evening!

Erika @ My Road to Savings said...

As always beautiful pictures! I am glad you are getting some lovely weather to enjoy. We are unfortunately stuck in a rainy pattern started Monday and won't end until! :( But the rain is good so I won't complain too much ;)

We are going hiking on Saturday so hopefully the rain will have filled the streams so the hubby can take some good photos! Have a wonderful evening!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Looks like spring is "springing" up all around you. Seeing colorful new life after a dull winter is always one of my greatest joys.

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday! And your blog banner with that adorable ham called Miggy is just too cute! ;)

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Anonymous said...

My garden should not beckon me but it is and this is still March. We have been in the 80s and should only be in the 50s with freezing nights. So we blame it on one or another of the politicians that we don't like and try to make the most out of what is coming up. lol