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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It Was A Lovely Weekend & Day Yesterday & A Happy Birthday Day

That it was a lovely weekend and  day yesterday  , not only was it sunny and warm and now all our snow has gone and the spring birds are happily singing from sunrise to sunset yesterday was also my Birthday .
Our family got together over the weekend for my birthday and it was fun , our kids and their partners came down with their dog and Miggs had a grand old time but she was popped after the weekend that's for sure .  Didn't take to many photos over the weekend we were to busy chatting and enjoying lol  . But Papa did snap this shot of me in my glory early in the morning whilst I was still in my jammies with the two dogs lol !

This is our oldest sons dog Duke , he is a sweety and Miggs and he just love one another and Harley well she tolerates him lol !
Papa got me a cake from our favorite ma and pop owned  bakery and it was  decorated with my favorite song bird the Robins  I love it it was a big cake and this cake freezes well .

 I got a cute garden windmill form the kids , boy do they know me lol . I love it .

                                                      It was It was  great weekend .

Yesterday the day of my Birthday started out wonderful to for the sun rise was pretty peeking through the valley forest in the east and all the birds were singing and I new it was going to be a good day .

 My day was filled with sunshine and warm temps so Miggs and I took advantage of it and spend the day out side puttering in the sun shine  and I also went about taking some photos.

 Last years Milk weed pod in the filed beside us burst open to spread its seeds for the spring , their are hundreds of Milkweed in this field ready to reseed and grow for this coming summer .

                           We have buds on trees and bushes , this is one of my Lilac bushes .

                    And spring flowers are slowly poking through the ground in the gardens.

                                                   It was a beautiful clear blue sky day .

 And whilst I am typing this the sun has rises once again this morning the air is crisp and chilly but will be warming up  , the birds are chirping , singing and busy with nest building and feasting at the feeders . I feel it is to be another lovely day to get out side and putter once again and enjoy  . 

                                                             Until next time .

                                Country Gal


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Welcoming Spring

Yes , finally it will officially be Spring as of  today Wed March 20th at 5:58 pm EST ,  WOOHOO !
The snow has all gone , the robins and other birds are collecting worms and bugs from the ground and our trees and bushes are budding already , The sunshine has been glorious the longer evenings of sun light and earlier mornings have been amazing and the temps have been slowly climbing . All our spring birds are back and very busy feasting and have already started on the nest making and chasing each other about lol !

I am so enjoying the song of my fave bird the Robin as they sing ,chirp and do their giggle sound and this year we have many in our hedges and trees again , I think the parents and babies of last year have come to make their nests   .

A few Cedar Waxwings stopped off for a rest in the evening at the tippy top of our big old maple tree. They are such clean bright handsome looking birds !

Our Canadian Geese have been buys flying about on their spring flight paths looking for their nesting spots over our valley and by our river banks .

            As the sun sets in the west the moon rises in the east through a dampened sky .

And Miggs enjoying the longer walks, warming sunshine , fresh air and sounds and smells of  Spring .

                            Welcome Spring for we have been waiting for  you .  
                                                               Until next time .

                            Country Gal



Friday, March 15, 2019

A Pre Spring Thunder Storm With This & That

We had lots of rain yesterday and a thunder storm  , I call it a pre spring thunderstorm lol  . I am soo excited that spring is literally just around the corner and it seems to have partially arrived here to . We have no snow left all our spring birds have returned temps are very mild  have been reaching 14C or 58F  seems like the spring birds all knew the weather was to get better and warmer , I always watch and listen to nature of the weather more than the human forecasts nature knows best ๐Ÿ˜Š

The sun set burst out from the storm clouds and gave us this pretty view from my window .

Then I heard Mr Robin in the front of the house on the wire singing his heart out he was till he saw me with camera lol !

The other day it was soo nice out we had sun with cloudy periods and I was able to get out and start on a bit of yard clean up and have a fire .

This morning I spotted a few Grackles scratching in the garden searching for bugs , yes our bugs are out down here already .

I see buds on the trees and bushes slowly starting to form and all our birds are very busy with singing and chirping and chasing each other about now . I saw Mr Chipmunk the other day to but he was dashing from  under the feeders collecting more seed and back to his hidy hole  lol !
  I am seeing more signs of spring with in the land now to . I will be busy with all things spring now especially in the yard and gardens , I have been soo looking forward to being outside in nicer weather , cant wait to be able to be outside from sunrise to sunset again  .

                                                              Until next time .

                                  Country Gal


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring is Almost Here & In The Air

Spring is only 7 days away officially but down here in Southwestern Ontario it has almost arrived already .  All of our spring birds have returned in droves and the Tundra and Trumpeter  Swans are making their flight to and from the feeding stations at our local Wildlife Management Areas as they are  fueling up and preparing for their long journey back to the Arctic .

I was able to catch a quick glimpse of a few Swans flying over head after hundreds already did , they are hard to see in the low overcast cloud till they are right over and they fly quit silently at times then other times you can hear them for miles away as their  sound of a gentle and soft horn or trumpet is being played  fills the air , the have a unique sound for sure .
Our Canadian geese are also on their spring flight around our valley and river looking for their best nesting area .  So all our spring birds have returned and it is soo wonderful to see and hear them all .

           And of course  the grackles are gobbling seed like crazy from their long journey back .

 The Robins have been busy in the fields in the long grasses bopping about and chirping . I expect after the rains they will be searching our lawns soon as the ground is almost thawed and after the big warm up and rains we will be getting the worms will be at the surface . Down by our river in the marsh the Song Sparrow's sing and the Red winged Black birds make their distinctive sound of conk-la-ree! This morning I was and heard two Killdeer fly over us as as Misty and I were on our walk , another bird sound of  spring .

 The past few days have been mild and sunny and Misty has been enjoying the warming sunshine and the feel of the grass and lounging on her swing  again .

We are to be getting out first big warm up tomorrow 15C or 60F  and lots of rain later today and tomorrow and our first spring like Thunderstorm tomorrow to  so the little patches of snow we do have left will be all gone .

      I have been doing my spring  happy dance๐Ÿ’ƒ as each sign of spring pops up   lol .
         So have you seen or heard any signs of spring where you are yet ?! I hope you have .

                                                        Until next time ๐ŸŒผ

                       Country Gal