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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring is Almost Here & In The Air

Spring is only 7 days away officially but down here in Southwestern Ontario it has almost arrived already .  All of our spring birds have returned in droves and the Tundra and Trumpeter  Swans are making their flight to and from the feeding stations at our local Wildlife Management Areas as they are  fueling up and preparing for their long journey back to the Arctic .

I was able to catch a quick glimpse of a few Swans flying over head after hundreds already did , they are hard to see in the low overcast cloud till they are right over and they fly quit silently at times then other times you can hear them for miles away as their  sound of a gentle and soft horn or trumpet is being played  fills the air , the have a unique sound for sure .
Our Canadian geese are also on their spring flight around our valley and river looking for their best nesting area .  So all our spring birds have returned and it is soo wonderful to see and hear them all .

           And of course  the grackles are gobbling seed like crazy from their long journey back .

 The Robins have been busy in the fields in the long grasses bopping about and chirping . I expect after the rains they will be searching our lawns soon as the ground is almost thawed and after the big warm up and rains we will be getting the worms will be at the surface . Down by our river in the marsh the Song Sparrow's sing and the Red winged Black birds make their distinctive sound of conk-la-ree! This morning I was and heard two Killdeer fly over us as as Misty and I were on our walk , another bird sound of  spring .

 The past few days have been mild and sunny and Misty has been enjoying the warming sunshine and the feel of the grass and lounging on her swing  again .

We are to be getting out first big warm up tomorrow 15C or 60F  and lots of rain later today and tomorrow and our first spring like Thunderstorm tomorrow to  so the little patches of snow we do have left will be all gone .

      I have been doing my spring  happy dance💃 as each sign of spring pops up   lol .
         So have you seen or heard any signs of spring where you are yet ?! I hope you have .

                                                        Until next time 🌼

                       Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely seeing all the spring birds, hope ours are here soon.

Anvilcloud said...

It sure does look like spring there. There.

Margaret Adamson said...

Yes out spring flowers are out now brighten up the place.