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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well the last day of March we woke to a dusting of snow, but thankfully the ground is warm now and it has all melted. We are to get some rain sometime today but for now the sun is trying it’s best to come out from all the low cloud coverage, every time there is a break in the clouds the sun barely pops through.

Miggy went to the vet yesterday to get her bandages changed and checked. Papa and I saw her sore and it is looking good, it’s a slow process but it is healing up nicely. We have to take her again on Saturday  and then they will tell us whether she  can go with no more bandages, I don't think so as the sore is still healing but it would be nice for her if she could get rid of the bandages for good.

Papa went over to his mom & dads the other day to help them move an old dresser out and a new one in for our Aunty Marilyn, they all just live next door. When he came back he had two more lovely pictures that Aunty Marilyn gave him to give to me. 


                               Isn’t it lovely , it is another 3D picture, I love them.


                                 This is another painting . A little weird story to this one.

When us girls all went to the town of Sparta to shop in the country shops we all saw this and had to take a double look, Papas name was on it, so we thought, that was weird, there is another person with the same name at least it looked like it from a distance when really up close it says Keirstead it was strange, even Papa’s mom & Aunt thought the same, it was the way it was written similar to how Papa signs things, weird or what ! 

   Any who until next time my blogger buddies, hope you all have a wonderful day !

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It all started when the sun came up the sky was clear, a pretty blue not a cloud in sight , the air was warm and every type of bird you could think of was singing. Miggy wanted to go out side, so I let her out in her kennel so she could go and lay on her blanket I put down for her. She has to have her cone on when we cant be with her all the time to watch and make sure she isn't licking her bandages and a baggy for her foot so it wont get wet. I looked at my bird feeders and saw they needed filling so I did that whilst Miggy was laying in her kennel. Then I thought to my self, poor dog she wants to be out on the grass so bad, so after I had finished filling the feeders I went and got her leash, took her cone off  put her leash on and went for a little tour around the yard and house. We have to keep her close on the leash as it will help her balance and slow her so she doesn't over do it as she hasn't had much movement of walking on her leg. She was soo happy, her tail was wagging the entire time and she kept looking up at me for approval. We have a small blue box with her out door toys in and when we walked past that she quickly wiped out one of her ropes she likes to play with so I let her carry it for a bit, it broke my heart that she couldn't play with it like she wanted to ,the look she gave me when I put it back  just choked me up and brought a tear to my eye, all she wants to do is be the dog she once was running and playing in the yard. I said to her soon Miggy soon we will get you all better, she looked at me with a panty smiley face and ears perked as if she really knew what I had said. 

We went on the grass were it is a bit more even for her to walk on and her nose was stuck to the ground sniffing all the smells that she has missed for 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden she laid down , I thinking she was tired, then there goes Miggy rolly polly  on the grass, she was having a ball being a dog for that moment it was great to see.I wanted to take photos of her but it is too hard whilst I have her on the leash. Then we walked around for a bit more and I noticed every now and then she put pressure on her leg and  would take a step with it, that was progress for her . It is still hard for her to put weight on the leg because her muscles are still week and the bandages are all the way down over her paw and she cant fully balance on her paw , but it was a start. We both enjoyed our little outing and tour. She gets tired fast so we came in , she got a treat, I got my coffee and now as I type this Miggy is sleeping. We will do it all again this afternoon. She is going to the vet today to have a check up and her bandages changed.

               Until next time my blogger buddies, hope you all have a good day !

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was searching the internet and found this wonderful site that is full of info on birds, it even has the sounds of each bird on the page, that's cool.  How many time’s have you heard a bird sing and cant see it to identify it other then  by its sound. This website helps you do either or both. It is a wonderful site for bird watchers and lovers.



Not much going on today at Our Country Cove. Papa is at work, Miggy and I are just puttering around, the sun is shining and it is a bit chilly but nice. Miggy is out in her kennel soaking up the sun and getting some fresh air. We put an old blanket down on the concrete for her to lay on so her leg is comfortable and keeps the cold of the concrete from penetrating into her knee joint whilst she is still recovering. She is slowly getting better but we still have a lot of therapy to do with her  before she is  able to put full weight on her leg.

                         Well that's it for today, like I said not much going on at Our Country Cove.

                                   Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you have great day.

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Monday, March 28, 2011


Apron that is ! Or as my British mum called it a Piny !

I am so glad that the Apron/Piny has never gone out of style and is still around in full force. My mum  made all hers and always wore an Apron/Piny when she was baking and cooking for us  all  on the farm  and even when she went out to feed the chickens lol. I have an old photo of her doing just that. I think that's why I am glad they are still popular not only in  professional food establishments but more so still in the country kitchen were they originated from in the pioneer days.  I myself do not wear them as I don't do very much baking  and that's when I would need it the most lol  I cook but not bake very much. I do love the look of the Aprons/Piny especially now that you can either buy so many styles that are hand made from the country craft shows or better yet make your own and personalize them . I should wear one as I am always wiping my hands on the towels I keep  for just that purpose as I am cooking. I am not that good at sewing but I do have a machine. I would like to start to make my own Aprons as for me it would be a tribute to my mum as we had great times whilst she wore her Aprons/Piny’s as that's how I like to remember her the most.


                                  My favourite photo of my mum ! see her Apron/Piny under her coatGrannysApron


CLX-valuing vintage aprons-88819980

          Here’s to the Apron/Piny that has lived and thrived over the centuries with all their colors and patterns and have helped make the tastiest foods in the world whether it be professional or in the forever country kitchen.

                          Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today we have nothing much going on. The sun is shining,birds are singing the air is cold and crisp. Papa and I are just puttering around doing our own thing. No need to go to town for anything or have anything that has to be done right away. We don't have very many Sundays like this as we are usually busy every weekend both days.

Miggy is doing well, getting more mobile each and every day thank goodness . Harley is being Harley just laying around as usual. All is quiet at Our Country Cove.

                     So we leave you with a lovely spring poem that Papa found for me.


                                                    The Rules of Spring

                                      This spring, you must follow these rules
                                                In order to have success.
                             This spring, you must not break these rules,
                                       Or you will be trapped in stress.
                                  This spring, you must roll in the dirt
                                        And smear some on the doormat.
                                    This spring, you must get soaked in rain.
                                           All you heard was a faint splat.
                                 This spring, you must get green grass stains
                                       On the jeans you’ve had two weeks.
                                       This spring, you must watch baseball,
                                         But you cannot stand such freaks.
                                        This spring, you must hear birdies sing
                                              Before everyone awakes.
                                     This spring, you must feel weather, warm
                                          No more hints of soft snowflakes.
                              This spring, you must scrub your house clean
                                      And toss half the things you own.
                                This spring, you must spin the time forward;
                                            An hour of sleep long gone.
                                     This spring, you must miss school a week,
                                           A great freedom called Spring break.
                                       This spring, you must have striking fun
                                              Swimming in the still-cold lake.
                                      This spring, you must intently watch
                                            The season for all these things:
                                           Dirt rolling. Rain splashing.
                                          Grass staining. Freak watching.
                                           Bird singing. Snow melting.
                                          House cleaning. Sleep loosing.
                                           School skipping. Sun dancing.

                                         By : Sarah Mangan

colonial era wildflowers


                               Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you all have a great day !

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I got wonderful gifts yesterday for my birthday. Papa already gave me mine a month ago and that was the two new camera lenses Nikon 55-300 VR and Nikon Nikor Macro 66mm  I love them.

These pictures I got from my Aunt Marilyn. The first picture is from a local artist and it is Signed by her . A beautiful Panting of a farm.


                                                      This picture below is a 3D picture.


                                                               I love them both !


                            This is the lovely poem Aunt Marilyn had on my gift its lovely.

Then my mom in law gave me a lamp shade made out of cut glass , she makes all kinds of these I picked the colors for it and she had picked the design as she knows I love butterfly's, its beautiful.




                            Papa brought dinner in so I didn’t have to cook YIPPY! I love my gifts.

                               Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you all have a great day !

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Well I am another year older today shshsh only 45 heck its just a number isn't it ? all though some days my body feels ninety lol. Papa made two beautiful cards for me on the computer and printed them out , one from him and the other from Miggy & Harley, our fur babies. They were both wonderful.

Not doing much today, just puttering around. Papa is going to bring supper in so I don't have to cook YIPPEE!

                                           These are the wonderful cards Papa made for me!


                                                                      Aren’t they cute !







                                Wouldn’t be able to put more candles on the cake or it would melt it lol.

                                   The sun is rising and all the birds are singing, that's music to my ears.

                                             CELEBRITY B-DAY’S TODAY THAT I KNOW OF

                                                                        Sir Elton John

                                                                   Paul Michael Glaser

                                                                    Sarah Jessica Parker

                                                                       Aretha Franklin

                                                                              Jeff Healey


                                                       Visit  Verde Farm  for  Farm Friend Friday


                                        Until next time my blogger buddies , Hope you all have a great day !

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


This time the trees are all covered in thick heavy snow and ice, It looks pretty when the forest looks like a fantasy wonderland. Today is going to be cold but sunny, hope that sun is warmer now and starts to melt all that snow .



We took Miggy to the vet yesterday for a check up and get her bandages changed, all is looking great the sore is healing nicely all closed up and growing like it should. We have to take her again this Saturday and then only once a week till it is all better and she doesn't need a bandage anymore , with the rate its healing that maybe in a few weeks from now, we cant wait, neither can Miggy , the poor girl has had enough of not being able to be the dog she once was but that will all be back to normal soon .She has done very well, such a brave girl and has been remarkably happy during the entire ordeal.




                     She’s feeling good and happier now !

                                           Our pretty but scruffy girl !


She just finished scrubbing her face lol  What a scruffy country dog !

So here's to Miggy getting back to her old self and all the snow melting and spring being here properly.

                   Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you all have a wonderful day !

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well this is what we woke up to this morning. It was weird, we had lightning and thunder during the night whilst it was snowing, mother nature is really confused.


   I took these photos in a lower f stop of 5.6 and  shutter speed of 1/20 looks cool has sort of a bluish huge to it.



Well so much for seeing the grass anymore. I must admit it does look pretty though. It is a mixed bag of everything , rain, sleet, freezing rain, high winds and snow. I guess over the years of the same old same old we had to expect that the snow wasn't quite finished as it does this to us at this time every year  to us, teases us with spring by showing grass and having everything look so promising that snow is finally over, well that's Canada for ya eh!

                Until next time my blogger buddies keep your fingers crossed that spring will be here as it should be soon.

                                                                     Have a good day !

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The sky has a low cloud coverage so I don't think we will see sun today all though they say we will, lets hope. The temp isn't to bad a bit chilly but fresh. We seem to be having problems with our internet and we just got a new router and modem so Papa and I are a little tiffed and puzzled as to why and Papa is excellent at computers but cant seem to figure out what the heck is going on.

Miggy is doing well, sleeping on her couch right now, she just came in from being in her kennel enjoying the sights,sounds and smells of the country. We cant wait till she can run around the yard again and go for our walks.

So I leave you with a few older photos that I found on my computer and hope this internet doesn't cause me to not be able to post even if the post isn't about much or read other blogs.

July 30 2007 (46)


       Our family wedding photo wall . Top two are our parents ,left is Papa’s mum and dad, right is my mum and dad, middle is ours, bottom  left is my sister and her hubby, middle is my brother and his wife and right is Papa’s sister and hubby.


                                                 Miggy when she was a pup!




She even ran off when she was this tiny to explore so we had to put her on a long leash when out side.


                                                       Napping with Papa !


                                      She hasn't changed much that's for sure .



                    To this day she still naps with her tongue hanging out!


                                    We have hundreds of pup photos of  our wonderful Miggy.

                                        Hey the sun is coming out , YAAAHOOO !

                            Until next time my friends , Hope you all have a great day !

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