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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well Miggy and I are just hanging around once again. There isn't much we can do. For one she cant walk properly yet and we are still working on her therapy for another it has been raining since yesterday. Don't get me wrong I don't mind the rain , a heck of a lot better then snow that's for sure but it is just hard cause she wants to go on the grass so bad but she cant yet, she still isn't stable enough to take the unevenness. We have to take her into the vet again Sat but hopefully this eve we can I have to call because one of the sores from the bandages is getting worse and we have done and tried everything to prevent her from licking it , nothing works, everything from a cone around her head from the vets, that doesn't work she gets around it to a cotton sock over her wound and a full faced mesh muzzle well at night some how she gets the sock off and try's to get at the sore through the mesh muzzle, well that's no good either it’s making it worse. I have to be at her every second of the day and night at this rate for it to heal properly, I am already not able to sleep cause every time she moves I wake up to make sure she isn't licking or at the sore, I am sooo tired !!!!!! What sleep I have got all though not much I have also been sore from the damp , sore knee that never truly healed from when I hurt it a few months ago and I slept on my arm funny and now cant lift it properly. OMG I am falling a part ! I dare not close my eyes during the day to have a nap or she takes full advantage that I am not watching her, cheeky monkey! She is smart ! I have to have her on the leash and with me every second of the day even when I have to go to the bathroom, now that's odd to me, but it stops or at least helps her to not lick or try to lick her sore!  I am tired of hearing my own voice now saying LEAVE IT ! or NO! I can imagine Miggy is quite fed up with it all as well. The vet gave us cream but it isn't working the poor dog, it looks like she has a gouge out of her leg were the front of the ankle is were it bends  , OOO OUCH ! Right now we are at our wits end of what we can do for her and for us.

Happy moment, when Miggy and I were out for her to do her business I saw 7 big fat Robins and by now we all know how much I love the Robin lol. I even saw the same two Robins together that I saw yesterday, I  think their a courting , so I like to call them Mr & Mrs Robin.It was great to hear all the birds chattering, chirping and singing early this morning. There was a flock of Canadian Geese flying over head honking and were so low I could hear the wind flowing through their wings, whoosh,whoosh it sounded like . The roosters were crowing from the farm down the road, the ducks were quacking, sheep and goats were baaing the occasional dog barking in the distance and at the back of us a block away on another farm I heard their donkey heehaw heehaw, we sometimes hear them and their horses whinnying it was AWESOME !!!!!!!! I love all these sounds any time of the day but to have these sounds greet you early in the morn is the best ! The best alarm clock ever to me !

Any who, no photos today just a bit of a rant, rave and happy moment  .  I hope we can get Miggy all sorted out this eve for all our sakes.

                                                        Hope you all have a great day !

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Rob said...

My goodness you sure are havung a tough time at the moment. Its hard to know what to suggest about the licking as you seem to have tried everything I can think of. I hope things get better for you soon.

Patsy said...

Spring is all most here and that will make us all feel better.

fernvalley01 said...

Feel better and hope the weather straightens out. As far as Miggy licking,I use Penaten(diaper cream) it is a mild thick zinc ointment , put it around the wound.The dog licks it ,gets on thier tounge like peanut butter and they seem to get busy worrying about it and not the wound.Good luck

Verde Farm said...

Could she wear one of those e-collars around her neck to stop the licking? My dogs are big lickers too--just can’t let them go without the e-collar or they will make it so bad. Sorry Miggy is struggling and you too!!
Spring is coming soon-we all need it :)
Thanks for sharing with FFF!

Buttons said...

Oh I am sorry you are going through this just think about Spring. Love the quote I am falling apart I feel that way today. B

Gail said...

Some say, dogs will heal themselves with their licking.