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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have hundreds of collectables but it would take days of posts to show them all so I will make this the last post of photos of them. My header photo is of some of my bits & bobs.


                                    I also collect Holstein ceramic cows!




                 My Holstein cookie jar and a few more bits and bobs with it!




                                           Holstein wind chimes !


                            Holstein door stop , made out of iron !



            Dollar store finds! I also have a sugar bowl that matches the pear creamer there !



                   My mother in law gave me this tin , it has a wood hinged lid !



               This jug was my mum’s ! I also love collecting jugs of all kinds!


                  The wooden box was made by hand by my father years ago ! You could say I collect to what catches my eye and speaks to me ! That can go for antique country furniture as well !

                               If it looks country and I like it well ya know I have to have it !

Well that's it for some of my collectables Hope you enjoyed seeing another one of my passions besides photography lol.

Miggy is doing well, and is taking baby steps every now and then on her leg. We are having a problem with one of her sores from the bandages, the cone that we had been putting on her to stop her from licking the sore is useless , she is to smart and can get around it , so now we have to have a full faced mesh muzzle on her and the tube of a cotton sock  loosely around her lower leg gently sprayed with the bitter apple that dogs hate the taste and smell of, sorry Papa your white tube socks are being used  for Miggy lol that's ok he never wears them they just hang out in his sock draw ! We couldn’t find a full faced muzzle so Papa rigged one with the one we got, his mom picked one up for us when she was in town and another piece of mesh witch Papa sowed on the end of the muzzle with fishing line to complete it for a full faced muzzle , he’s such a handy man at everything, Lucky me ! We called the vet and told them all of this and they said it is part of the theory process and that we are doing everything right by Miggy and her sores and leg it will just all take time.

Miggy practically has to go were ever I go cause she has to stay on the leash as part of her therapy, right now she is sleeping beside me as I type this, Good Girl ! There are days like today I just stay in my jammy’s cause she cant go up stairs  so I can get dressed with out the two of us  and she has to be watched 24/7.  Its a long haul but she is getting there. We are to be hit hard with tons of rain for the next few days.

So on that note, I will leave you all today as Miggy and I putter around and just take it easy

Hey I just saw two fat Robins just a bob ,bob,bobin along our road ! I bet its Mr & Mrs Robin !

                                         Hope you all have a wonderful day !

                                           Red roseCOUNTRY GALRed rose


                                                        Dog faceMIGGYDog face


West Side of Straight said...

Love your collectibles-especially the holsteins. Is that a bread box that your mother gave you(the one with the hinged top)? That looks real interesting. Heal soon Miggy! Makes you kind of worried when it all doesn't heal right away, but I'm sure it'll be all fine. Have a great day, and hugs to Miggy. jo

fernvalley01 said...

So, you like cows? LOL great goodies and glad Miggy is feeling doing well

Nezzy said...

I just adore your 'bits and bobs 'round the house.'

God bless and get to feelin' your old perky self girl!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Elaine for showing some of the things you enjoy. Glad Miggy is doing well, even if it is a 24x7 job for you both to watch her. Staying in jammies all day long on a rainy day - what's wrong with that!

Alica said...

Those are the best behaved Holsteins I've ever seen! :) I especially like the Holstein doorstop!