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Sunday, March 13, 2011


YAAAWHOOO time has sprung forward for spring

Yesterday my mom in law myself and Aunty Marilyn went to the small village of Sparta. We went to a few of the country shops and had a really nice look around. The weather wasn't that great but we had fun regardless. Sparta has a lot of history and old buildings. It is a very small village and is very cute.We stopped at my favourite tea shop had a huge pot of tea and some home made desserts mmm yummy. I was going to bring my camera to get photos of the tea pot collection in my favourite little tea shop/restaurant but I thought that they may not like me to photograph the inside of their shop, some times people don't want that, but when I spoke to the lovely British couple that own it and run it to ask them if they would mind , they said of course not, especially as I am a fellow collector . So next time I will take photos. They have hundreds but they didn't have one that I have, the one I got from England, I thought that was great that I have a collectors tea pot that they don't. I didn’t find much that I wanted in the shops but a few things did jump out at me and it was nice to walk around and look at all the nice things. Sparta has a lovely candle shop that is well known with in Ontario .I get my candles from there but this time I didn’t need any Papa and I the last time went nuts and bought tons lol. They make their own candles and so much more. All these shops are in old farm houses and general stores of past with the lovely smell of the wood and the wonderful sound of the creaky floors . This village of Sparta is only half and hour from us so we can go anytime and we will as two of my favourite shops are there.

I have a few photos of the things that just jumped out at me !


I found this scrapbook recipe book that I just fell in love with, it is all so organized for all my recipes and looks soo cute. Here is Susan Branch’s website




Then I found this cute sign for our house ! Papa  hung it in the kitchen over the sink for me!


                                         Then I found these cute bead bracelets !


                 All in all we had a nice time! Always worth a return to Sparta !

If your interested on the history and the  shops in Sparta here is a web site that tells all !         They have ghosts with in the tea shop ! see live footage of mediums/ psychics from a popular  TV show !


                                        Hope you all have a great day !

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to visit!... I would love to see their teapot collection, and how fun that you own one that they don't!... I love your new recipe holder book too... Susan Branch is one of my favorites!... wishing you a beautiful Sunday... xoxo...Julie Marie

Gail said...

What a perfect day!

Verde Farm said...

How cool-I absolutely love the recipe book. That is so cute!! Ghosts in the tea shop? My kinda place ;)

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great place. And a fun day