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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It all started when the sun came up the sky was clear, a pretty blue not a cloud in sight , the air was warm and every type of bird you could think of was singing. Miggy wanted to go out side, so I let her out in her kennel so she could go and lay on her blanket I put down for her. She has to have her cone on when we cant be with her all the time to watch and make sure she isn't licking her bandages and a baggy for her foot so it wont get wet. I looked at my bird feeders and saw they needed filling so I did that whilst Miggy was laying in her kennel. Then I thought to my self, poor dog she wants to be out on the grass so bad, so after I had finished filling the feeders I went and got her leash, took her cone off  put her leash on and went for a little tour around the yard and house. We have to keep her close on the leash as it will help her balance and slow her so she doesn't over do it as she hasn't had much movement of walking on her leg. She was soo happy, her tail was wagging the entire time and she kept looking up at me for approval. We have a small blue box with her out door toys in and when we walked past that she quickly wiped out one of her ropes she likes to play with so I let her carry it for a bit, it broke my heart that she couldn't play with it like she wanted to ,the look she gave me when I put it back  just choked me up and brought a tear to my eye, all she wants to do is be the dog she once was running and playing in the yard. I said to her soon Miggy soon we will get you all better, she looked at me with a panty smiley face and ears perked as if she really knew what I had said. 

We went on the grass were it is a bit more even for her to walk on and her nose was stuck to the ground sniffing all the smells that she has missed for 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden she laid down , I thinking she was tired, then there goes Miggy rolly polly  on the grass, she was having a ball being a dog for that moment it was great to see.I wanted to take photos of her but it is too hard whilst I have her on the leash. Then we walked around for a bit more and I noticed every now and then she put pressure on her leg and  would take a step with it, that was progress for her . It is still hard for her to put weight on the leg because her muscles are still week and the bandages are all the way down over her paw and she cant fully balance on her paw , but it was a start. We both enjoyed our little outing and tour. She gets tired fast so we came in , she got a treat, I got my coffee and now as I type this Miggy is sleeping. We will do it all again this afternoon. She is going to the vet today to have a check up and her bandages changed.

               Until next time my blogger buddies, hope you all have a good day !

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Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

I'm happy to read about Miggy's progress, although slow. You must both have patience! You are such a wonderful pet owner ~ hugs!

fernvalley01 said...

Slow and steady , Glad she is doing well

Lorilee said...

I'm so glad Miggy had a nice day to get outside. You are taking such good care of her!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I am so glad little Ms Miggy is continously getting better. I honestly do think they know what we say sometimes. Sophie looks at me and will twist her head from side to side. I don't know what I would do without my little fur baby!