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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today is Spring , FEW FINALLY! We all have been looking forward to Spring, now I have lots to do. Replant my indoor plants, plan our gardens and Spring cleaning. Papa is having his work shop a Dutch barn style  built  by  an Amish company called Wagler Barns, they do amazing work, he has it all ready staked out for them to put it in place, what they do is build it on their site and bring it in pieces and put it all together here were Papa has it staked out. Papa has them building it with a loft for storage and we are planning a little garden under the window of his work shop, we cant wait for it to be here as we both are eager to get the wood working creativity going.

Miggy is getting better every day and is putting more weight every now and then on her leg. The vet said her knee is in beautiful shape since the surgery and it moves nice and smooth now. Her sores that she had from the previous bandages are healing nicely, soon they will be all better. I cant wait for her to get back to running and playing with us in the back yard and to go for long walks.

Today Papa and I are going to get out there as it is to be sunny and warm and clean up the gardens and yard from the winter.

                              So I leave you with a few Spring painted pictures that I found and like.






                                                  Hope you all have a wonderful first Spring day !

                                                           Red rose   COUNTRY GALRed rose


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Happy Spring to you, and I am so glad little Miggy is doing better. I want her to be able to enjoy this beautiful weather too.

Gail said...

Enjoy the day!

fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful artwok! It is snowing here, typical for the first day of spring