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Monday, March 21, 2011


We had rain during the night so it was a bit fogy this morning when we got up at 6am, but by the time it reached 7:30 am the sun was rising and burnt all the fog away. I was in awe as I am at every sunrise and had to photograph it.  Whilst I was photographing the sunrise all the birds were sing , roosters at the farm down from us were crowing, squirrels were running around and two bunny’s went by me so fast I didn't get a chance to capture them , looked like they were playing tag. It was a perfect spring morning.





                 I caught two birds in flight enjoying the scenery from a higher view.


       And of course I cant resist getting pictures of my favourite bird the Robin as he is bob,bob bobin along across the road from me.


These photos were test photos I took using the  sunlight from the sun as it was rising .I thought that it looked pretty cool , I like using different natural lighting when photographing . No that's not dust on the lamp lol that's how the sun light reflects off of every inch of glass and how it shadows the glass lol I cleaned it yesterday lol.





Well  that's all for today . Miggy and I are just going to putter around and enjoy the nice sunny warm day, she is getting better every day and soon will be frolicking around the yard again.

                        Until next time my friends, Hope you all have a wonderful day !


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Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Looks like a glorious first day of Spring in your neck of the woods!

Nancy's Notes said...

What awesome photographs! I love that beautiful robin! Thanks for sharing! Have a great spring day out with Miggy~


fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful pics!

Patsy said...

Love your bunny, glad you are in to spring.

Janet, said...

I am so glad spring is finally here. Love your pictures, especially love your kerosene lamp and your bunny rabbit header!

Rob said...

I like the trees against the morning sky.

Gail said...

Awesome shots! Morning light is my favorite.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good morning Elaine, I agree that the early morning light is so wonderful and the end of the day is my next favorite time to take photos as the colors are more vibrant it seems. Your table lamp is wonderful. We have an oil lamp on our DR table and use it every night when we have dinner and we also dine by candlelight. Good ot know that you and Miggy are getting out. Wish I could send some of the numerous robins we have your way since you enjoy them so much.

Sall's Country Life said...

I could almost hear Curly singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning! Ha! What a gorgeous sunrise, hope the rest of your day was as fun!