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Saturday, March 5, 2011

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN !!!!!!!!!


                       GET THE WELLIE’S OUT !!!!!!


It has been raining all day and really hard to, we have huge puddles in our back yard and a small creek flowing down the road. Papa was out in town this morning and said most of the roads were swimming in water and the fields look like lakes. Well its better then snow that's for sure . The weather is cool so the dampness gets right to the bone , kind of being in England it reminds me of , cold and wet brr! With all this rain I hope it brings the flowers to the surface .Speaking of flowers lol Miggy is doing well, she has to have a cone around her head so she doesn't keep licking her sores from the bandages hence the flower look lol or we could say we have a new satellite  dish , hey a sequel  to the movie cone head lol. Poor dog eh!  WOW! they must of wrapped it with 60 feet of the stuff seems like it took for ever for them to remove it . They also took the stiches out it looks good . The vet surgeon felt her knee and said it feels great and gave us instructions as what to do daily for her therapy and gave us cream to put on her sores to heal them.  It is driving the poor dog nuts cause she cant lick her leg , other then that things are going well. It wont be till at least May before she can fully run around but they said she will have 100% movement in her leg  with the therapy we have to do.  Papa and I can get back to sleeping in our bedroom now as the vet said that we can put the towel under her girth like we do to go out side over the step and help her up the stairs as its just a once up rest for hours then down rest for hours type thing!


When we first put it on we said  AWWW  look at our Miggy daisy ! We have a spring flower already!

Miggy had this look as if to say ,( I am not having this pic of me in this thing posted on your blog mum)


She wont go out side to do her business with it on , gives a look as if to say (HEY! I am not going out in public lookin like this !!!!!! )


                                  YEAH !   NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL !!!!!!!!!

             Sorry Miggy but ya know mum has to post you looking as cute as a button !!!!!

                                    Hope you all have a good weekend !



A Brit in Tennessee said...

Aww, she looks like a Morning Glory flower, and as pretty as one too !
Love the picture of the little piggy, it made me smile.
Rain here too, at least the Spring flowers are smiling;)

Lorilee said...

Aww poor Miggy looks so humiliated! Love the piggy in galoshes. We had t-storms this morning with a cool front. Now it is sunny and very windy.

Gail said...

So glad Miggy is doing well. She does look like a flower, but don't tell her, I said that!

Vicki said...

Poor pooch! She looks so sad but I am sure you are taking good care of her! You have a beautiful blog!

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Miggy is cute as a button and her expressions are PRICELESS! We've had rain all day here ... yucky!

fernvalley01 said...

Poor thing! she looks cute ,but miserable! Glad she is mending well.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WHat a pretty flower you have in your Miggy, Elaine. Good to read that she is doing well. As for the rain, we are getting it too - all day long with some gusting winds as well. Gave us a good excuse not to go anywhere today, not that we needed a reason with rising gas prices.