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Friday, November 30, 2012

Cold Evening Moon


The  nights here have been cold  .  I saw the moon out the window the other evening when I was on my computer and just had to go out and take photos .

Cold Moon (1 of 1)

Up above the moon slightly to the left there was a star shining ever so brightly  that is Jupiter . Jupiter stands above the Moon on the 1st, rises soon after nightfall, remains out all night, and reaches its maximum brightness of the year by month’s end.  The clouds were moving at a fair clip and I didn't want to miss capturing them in the photo .

Cold Moon (1 of 1)-2

I have always found the moon and the night sky’s  fascinating .  Papa and I haven’t had a chance this year to get out in his sky shed to view the night sky's with our telescopes as there has been so much cloud and fog the past few months in the night sky’s . The best time to view the night sky’s is in the winter months as it is mostly clear and crisp due to the cold air. I love the look of clouds forming around  the moon and it’s brightness shining on each clouds formation .  Can look eerie yet beautiful at the same time .

Today the weather is cold , damp with a rain snow mix . Miggs and I will stay in get cozy and putter ! I think I might bake some Blueberry muffins .

                                       Until next time hope you have a good day !            

                                               Country Gal

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Cold November Sun Set


I was waiting for Papa to come home from work when I spotted the sun set and clouds and how pretty it looked , knowing me I grabbed my camera and went upstairs to our hall window as it was cold out and by the time it would of taken me to bundle up the clouds would have moved on and the sun set wouldn't look the same .


Then I saw a plane in the sky , well the vapour from one and decided to see if I can capture it in the reflection of the sunset !



Our big tree was hiding most of what I was seeing as I was in side so I decided also to just grin and bare it and hope for the best and focus between the branches !


It was quite windy up in the sky and the clouds were just rolling along so I took a lot of photos that may look the same but are a fraction of a difference due to the clouds shifting in the winds.


Looks like a fire ball through  the tree , well the wind blew the tree around as I was focusing through it ! I decided to keep this as I thought it looked interesting !


Then I had some time to pop outside and take photos of the sunset as the clouds were now slowing down a bit  and the sun was sinking lower  on the western horizon !

                  I love sunsets shining through cloud formations and the colours it portrays !

                            Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                       Country Gal

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Miggs & I Playing In The Snow


Just a little video of Miggs and I playing in the snow that now is all melted away !  Papa was in the kitchen when he videoed us and I didn't’ know for most of our playing . Sneaky Papa !

Miggs didn’t want to drop her toy so I could throw it for her , you can faintly hear me telling her to drop it  a few times here lol what she usually does is gets us to chase her to get the toy .

        To hear this video you may want to turn up your computer volume as it was taken from inside .

I am sure it will snow again soon by the looks of the clouds out there this morning . The air has a bit of a bite to it .  

                       Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                              Country Gal

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Snowy Sunday


We had a nice day yesterday the temps weren’t to bad and  it was snowing . I took some photos from the kitchen window then went out on to the porch to take a few more .


                                                       Miggs was watching a bird on the feeders .



                                      NA NA BOO BOO  ! mum you cant catch me !


                    This Blue jay was stuffing his face as usual !


  Miggs sat up looking in the house waiting for some one to come out and play with her !  But Papa and I had other ideas at the time so we got her to come in for a bit . This video is of  our wet dog ritual we go through every time . Hope it works been a long time since I put up a video .

                                     Miggs and her vocals whilst being towel tried . She gets pretty loud at times ,


After Papa, Miggs and I spent a bit in doors I went out with Miggs and played with her . Papa took video of us , I will post them some time tomorrow . Then we went for a little drive so I could see the Ojibwa sub in the flesh well ok in the iron then lol . Then we went for a little walk and came home and like the video again went through the wet dog ritual once again .

                        Until next time hope you all have a wonderful day !

                                             Country Gal

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ojibwa Sub Comes To Town



Initially to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Elgin Military Museum is proud to obtain, preserve and operate HMCS Ojibwa, a cold war Oberon Class submarine, as part of a Museum - reflecting our naval heritage for the benefit of future generations. A new branch of the museum, the Elgin Military Museum of Naval History will open in 2014, the one hundredth anniversary of the Canadian Submarine Service. HMCS Ojibwa was the first submarine built expressly for the Royal Canadian Navy (although there were submarines in the Canadian navy since the Great War). The process took longer than expected; however, we are now the proud owner of this former cold warrior. Museum of Naval History

Moving HMCS Ojibwa from the Atlantic Ocean to the north shore of Lake Erie (from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Burwell, Ontario where it will rest and stay for all to see and enjoy as our new Museum of Naval History ! 

ojibwa part 1-1

Putting the tug Miti Mo in the water to position the barge to off load the sub.

ojibwa part 1-3

ojibwa part 1-2

                            Ojibwa is 300 feet long  5 stories tall and weighs in at 1400 tons .

                                   click here for more  History Of The Ojibwa

ojibwa part 1-7

It was cold and windy by the lake yesterday when Papa went down to take these photos .  When she is all set and locked in place and all the workers gear is out of the way we will go down and take more photos of the  Submarine Ojibwa .

Panoramic photo Papa took from the other side of  the canal .

ojibwa scene-1

                                  Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                  Country Gal

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wintery Feeling Day


BURR !!   It is windy cloudy, cold and we have had a few flurries . The weather has changed so fast from the  nice weather we had during the week !


I took this photo from our spare room facing south . Don't those clouds look like the have snow in them ?


The winds are howling and the air has an icy feel to it . I think it’s  safe to say that winter is now upon us if not for it’s snow then for it’s cold air and winds .


Weather doesn’t bother Harley all she does is sleep anyways . She just got up to yawn then back she goes for another nap , Lazy kitty !


                                         Oh look a sausage with legs !!! In side joke here at the Cove !

Harley is 4 years old and has always been an indoor cat . She was found around here as a stray kitten . Never been the ambitious type that’s for sure, well  maybe on occasion when it is dinner time that is lol   .

As for Miggs well she loves the colder weather and likes to sleep out side on the swing as most of you have seen photos of that .


          But on the odd occasion if she gets too cold she like’s to come in a curl up in her bed !


The weather affects everyone that's for sure . Papa went down to Port Burwell today a 6 min drive all bundled up to get photos of a Historical Submarine being brought in and placed on shore as a museum  , photos and more info of all that  later .

                          Other then that today is a putter day and staying cozy !

                                Until next time hope you all have a cozy day !

                                        Country Gal

Friday, November 23, 2012

Changing Weather


The past week the weather has been quite warm and sunny during the day but at night it has been dipping down with frost in the mornings and fog . The winds right now are roaring with warm air but that is to all change later today . The temps are to drop and we are to be getting flurries , this is to be on and off most of the weekend .  I just finished putting together a beef stew in my slow cooker for tonight's supper .

Miggs and I have been able to get out most of the week and take our walks as the weather had been nice .


                    Early in the mornings it has been frosty with fog but so crisp and fresh .


                            We just love walking in this field that is seconds from our house .


So much to photograph in this field as the seasons change .  It’s peaceful yet wonderfully noisy with nature .



In our village valley park here there is the river in the back and that day it was foggy and frosty with the sun shining it’s bright beams of light through the fog .


                                                Want to go for a swing with me ?


Our village valley park is lovely with forest in the back with the river running in the back as well .



         Frost melting off of the tree  in the sun as fog rolls through in the back over the river and forest !

It is amazing how fast the weather changes here , just the other day it was sunny then all of a sudden thick fog rolled in over the valley the sun was gone and that was that , it was like being in a spooky movie !

                               I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the US yesterday !

                                      Until next time hope you all have a good weekend !

                                                  Country Gal

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Time


           I would like to wish all my American bloggers a




                                  Country Gal , Papa , Miggs & Harley  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday












                                                                    Have a good day !

                                                            Country Gal

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hazy Moon


When I went  out to put the garbage out yesterday evening at about 7:30 I looked up and saw a very hazy looking moon , lots of moister in the sky. The nights have been cold , very damp and foggy   reminds me of England ‘s weather , it’s the  same in the mornings   but the sun rises and it all disappears and has been very pleasant each day !

I went  in to get my camera and try to see if I could get photos of the hazy moon . With the thick haze  in front of the moon I couldn't focus on just the moon so I decided to take photos of the moon behind our  big tree so that the camera would have something solid to focus on !

I played around with the photos after wards and this is what I decided on . I think it looks  eerie yet interesting !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)-2

                                                    The sky was so thick with fog !

Foggy Moon (1 of 1)

I like trying all different ways to photograph things  , sort of a challenge for myself  at times. Night shots can be tricky no matter what the weather . I will tweak here and there with my photos but most of the time I like to leave them just as they are . I may change a photo from original to say antique looking with layers of  different adjustments  but the photo has to suit the change .

   Thick fog lifting this morning as the sun is trying it’s best to burn through it ! Another pleasant day in store for us today .

                                      Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                  Country Gal

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunny Days


The weather has been beautiful this past week . Lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures . The nights have been cold and damp but by the mornings as the sun rises the land has light frost over it and the mist rolls through the valley .


                                    Yup me out there again in my PJ’S taking photos .


I love the cool crisp air early in the morning as the sun rises and how the sun has an orangey glow !


                         Miggs watching a crow up in the tree as she sits on the frosty grass !


I put peanuts out for the Blue jays and apparently Crows like peanuts as well  as they are scoffing them down and squawk back and forth to each other, such scavengers they are ! Miggs does her best to chase them away !



       The temps are to get up to 10ºC or 50ºF today, that’s warm for this time of year I am not complaining about it at all I love it like this , makes it nice to be out side with out freezing .


Later this morning Miggs and I will take our daily walk and enjoy this remarkably warm sunny weather !


                                   Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                         Country Gal