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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold But Sunny


Woke this morning to frost and temps were -5ºC  or 23ºF . I like the crisp cold frosty mornings when the sun is rising makes a very pretty scene .

Miggs and I have been going for our walks later in the mornings when it is a bit warmer .

Yesterday we were out playing in the yard then I went around and took photos .


            Miggs just love’s being out side . She stays out all day then comes in for the night !


        I found some more  different looking fungi on one of our trees . I like how fungi takes on all different shapes and forms and creates different patterns on them as well  .


We have two of these Nut hatch around and they are not shy at all  they practically run me down going from feeder to feeder  , they fly so low and close I heard him swoosh past my ear !


Seeds on our Cedar trees . I love how these Cedar’s keep their green through out the colder season  looks so pretty when there is frost or snow on them .


                                              Leaves frozen in a puddle of water !


                                The other Nut hatch in our tree cracking a seed !


My feeders are below this Blossom tree and all the birdies just fill these branches as they sit to rest .


The wind picked up and was cold so all I saw were little puff balls of feathers with feet as they try to keep warm in the sun whilst  the cold winds blow  .



As all  the trees are bare now  I can see the nests that once were tucked away in the leaves . This is a Robins nest in the tree that's between our sheds .

As much as I am not a winter person I must admit I like it for the  white wonderland it creates and that it gives me a new canvas to photograph.

                                  Until next time hope you all have good day !

                                            Country Gal


Primitive Stars said...

Morning....sweet Miggy running around.....Love the birdies, great pictures.....Still dreary here once again......cold and windy to.....Keep cozy warm.....Blessings Francine.

Muffy's Marks said...

Beautiful photos, I especially like the frozen leaves!! Stay warm, and give my favorite dog a hug from me.

Patsy said...

It is sunny here today and we had our first frost this morning.
Great photo's of your crisp and cold day . Hug Miggs for me.

Gone Country said...

Such pretty photos! We still have leaves on our trees but they are beginning to thin out. Bundle up & stay warm by your nice wood stove!

grammie g said...

HI Elaine..We have snow freezing rain and wind this morning YUCK!! If it would do just one our the other !!
I love the fungi, that is a real pretty one! There are so many different kinds!! Nice one with the leaves !!
Your little balls of feather are so cute, yes a new we can see the bird in the trees without leaves and nest..I have seen some where I walked by so many
times : ) !!
The older I get the more I dislike winter, but I get used to it after about 4 month ; ) lol!!!!!
Love the Miggy, she makes me
smile : )!!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Okay so I froze a little just looking at your photos and reading the words, but hey... at least they are gorgeous photographs!
Have a great up coming weekend!

Heather said...

Great photos! Thanks for taking us for a lovely walk with you and Miggs, it's nice to see the view from someone else's backyard! Cheers.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Love the bird shots and the frozen leaves! So cool! Say hi to Miggy for me :)

Julie Marie@Idyllhours said...

Your photos are sooo beautiful!... I love them all, but especially the leaves frozen in the water... xoxo Julie Marie

Crystal said...

I agree that winter is rather unpleasant, but it does look pretty especially when there is frost and snow.

fernvalley01 said...

Come on out hon! we got white stuff EVERYWHERE

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

No snow yet? But it will come...poor birds.

Miggy looks so happy always, she's a real upbeat personality.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, enjoyed all the photos and chuckled after reading the comment that you were not a winter person especially considering whe you live.