Woods Country Cove

Monday, May 31, 2010


This weekend was more of a relaxing weekend, we just puttered around took pictures and took the dog for a walk.



This is the bird house Hubby built, he cut from logs, put a hinged door on the back for easy cleaning and added the cedar pieces and the twig. I love it! what a great job honey!         

             Hubby trying to relax, Misty still thinks she is a lap dog !

Misty and me! say cheese ! uh-oh better not pup loves cheese .

         Hubby taking a picture of me taking a picture of him, silly !     

Misty stealing dad's chair ! sneaky pup !

            Hubby quietly taking photos !

            All in all it was a great relaxing weekend, Hubby will have some great photos to add later !



Friday, May 28, 2010


Today we finished some planting of flowers, put some of the flowers in 2 of our gardens and all of our planters.We still have to sort and organize our back garden .Yesterday we put mulch around our new bushes and filled the gardens and planters with new top soil. The weather the past few days has been very hot and humid but today was cooler.We bought some new bird feeders as the squirrels could get into the old ones even though I put bowls of food out for them , we have a total of 12 feeders, 4 Hummingbird feeders , 2 which are in my hanging basket's, 2 Oriole  feeder's , 2  Niger feeders, 2 sunflower feeders , 1 song bird mixed and a wood house feeder with mixed and peanuts, then I put out 3 bowls with sunflower seeds, peanuts and mixed , my goodness we have to remortgage the house to feed our critters lol. We do the same in the winter as well. Its great to watch all the birds and critters ,to see the butterfly's fluttering from flower to flower to hear the song birds in the mornings and evenings as they fliter about from feeder to feeder. We have a family of cotton tail bunnies living under my potting shed and they come out to graze early morning and in the evening as the sun slowly sets, its wonderful! The wild life that goes on around our Country Cove is fantastic! So after all that we both sat on our patio , relaxed  , did some reading and hubby did some of his carving as nature around us was busy and entertaining us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    We had a good time at the antique shop, I found my ceramic butter dish which is now hard to get and a utensil holder , the funny thing is I already had the milk jug that has the same pattern on it that I got from my mum's place 2 years ago. Hubby found a really nice wood carving set from the 1920's in great condition and the old brass kettle from before, what a great find.   


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was our pups first time in our boat, she loved it and did very well. We were a little worried that she would be scared and maybe get sick, but she was great. She sat proud the entire time and loved the wind in her fur. We bought a doggie life jacket for her and she wears it well. Even though she wanted to go swimming we didn't let her as we wanted her to just take getting used to the boat first, next time she can swim with us. We will have pics next time. Earlier We went to the antique shop and we both got some really nice things, hubby found a old wood carving set , he is now trying his hand at wood carving .He is quite the handy man and very good at making things. Hubby had a good Birthday and we had a good day all round.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today is my wonderful husbands birthday .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  I love you with all my heart and soul, more then all the stars in the sky. you are my moon, my sun  , my world.                                   

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today the weather was great. Our son is down for the long weekend. We put our boat in our marina and went for a fantastic boat ride for hours touring the lake . The water is still a bit chilly for tubing, so that we will do in a week or two when the water has a chance to warm up. We have another boat that's smaller that hubby is refurbishing and that boat will be our fishing boat for up and down the river, cant wait! So earlier today we went a bought fishing gear, we can fish in our big boat but that one has to be used on the lake as its a heavy boat and requires deep water to run in.We will be taking our cameras with us next time and get some shots of the lake and the wild life.

Friday, May 21, 2010


This little guy was living in our front yard. He is so tiny our son and I named him tea cup,he was small enough to fit in one. We gave him a huge carrot and it took the little guy forever to eat .


I love to take close ups of flowers, sometimes you can really see their detail and how remarkable they look inside.          


This is our kitty Harley.She is  one and half years old. Hubby's parents found her as a tiny kitten wondering their home, so mum fed her and gave her a bed to sleep in in their garage, unfortunately they couldn't keep her cause they already had a cat and a dog so she asked us if we could take her,WELL! as soon as I saw the picture mum sent us I fell in love with the poor little thing and we took her into our home. We called her Harley cause she purs so loud like a Harley Davidson motor bike running, which I love Harley Davidson's. She is a very cuddly kitty and loves to sit with us and in the open windows and watch the birds and squirrels. Misty and Harley get along pretty good with a few acceptations of Misty wanting to chase her around the house and play but Harley is to quick for Misty but Harley sits just far enough to tease Misty and it starts again, a mad house at times!




Thursday, May 20, 2010


We are in the midst's of training our pup to stay on the property. We have the pet fence with the collar that if she goes to close to the boundary it gives her a little jolt to teach her to stay with in the boundary. It is working so far and she loves the fact that she can be with mum & dad and not always in her kennel. She is a very excitable pup and we sware she has dogie A,D,H,D . But she is a very lovable girl. She is mixed with Schnauzer, Border Collie, Shepherd and Golden Retriever, all working breads and hipper breads. She is a happy pup and does aim to please thats for sure.                                                                                      


We went to an antique store yesterday, and the stuff there was amazing, a definite return for us. There was so much to look at it would take hours to see everything. I saw this brass kettle and fell in love with it so I had to have it .  Hubby collects spoons from around the world and he found a bunch of them that he doesn't have, so he hit the jack pot as well lol. We will be going back soon with lots of space in the truck and time to really go through the store. I love antiques, the history and the stories they have to tell, its amazing .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is our rain barrel, It wasn't tall enough so my hubby rigged something up.We use the rain water from it to water our flowers.


  This tree wasn't doing well and it was kind of dangerous to leave, so we had it cut down . We made it into a planter, didn't want to cut it right down. We thought it gave the area and the stump some character.


     This is my potting table hubby built for me, isn't he wonderful!                                                            



 Sun is shining , its a beautiful warm day today. We love to garden and create with some materials that we have around the house. This tree is over 100 years old and we love it, so we decided to give it a pick me up. Hubby cut logs in half  and used  them for the edging of this garden, we then filled it with soil and planted our flowers.           

 This old tree provides shade, homes for the birds and beauty for all to see.                                                                                    

Our small garden we made around the birch tree.                           

       Small garden around our blossom tree .                   


  Our blossom tree.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I went to the Dr today and the Dentist, I found out I have an infection in my glands.I kind of knew that from the sore throat and the pounding in my ear and at the side of my neck.. The Dentist had to desensitize my tooth on the same side cause it was acting up again as well, go figure.  Last night I didn't know what to do, my hubby felt bad cause there was nothing he could do either. It was so painful that it felt like the left side of my face was going to explode, so I am now on pills, which I cant stand taking period! But if they do the job and clear it all up well all the power to them. So I will try to post something new and a bit more exciting lol tomorrow , as for now I will get my blanky , cuddle up on the couch , sip tea, that always makes me feel better , I will rest and let the meds do their work. Hope every one else out there is doing well and feeling good !

Monday, May 17, 2010


I would like to share this pic of the waterfalls that I took last year, with the old point and shoot. The falls are called Spencer falls. We like to hike and take all kinds of nature photography, all though you know that lol  we are the SNAP HAPPY COUPLE  lol  !

    You can almost hear the water splashing over the rocks and smell the sweet fresh air.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


We added a audio player  at the end of the the blog. Hope you listen while your browsing and enjoy the sounds of nature and what we hear  around OUR COUNTRY COVE  every day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MAY 15th 2010

Today is our one year anniversary of when we bought this house. We have done quite a lot in the way of gardens , planting and a few odds and ends around the place. We are still working on getting the inside done, we have done some decorating  but that's more of a winter project, the outside is what we are concentrating on now.

This is our house last year!

                                                                                                    This is out our back yard last year.

This is the other part of our back yard. We have 1 & 1/2 acres.    I will put pictures of what the property looks like now  later!   We love our little home and the village we live in.           


Friday, May 14, 2010


This is just a little funny , I thought the ladies out there would like!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I started getting into photography about 25 years ago . Back then I used a Minolta 35mm when you had to take your film in to get developed or do it yourself. I took thousands of shots back then. My hubby has been doing photography for 10 years using digital cameras. I stopped photography for some time due to not having much time on my hands, but now I am well back into it. I started up again now that digital is the thing. I had a point and shoot at first for some time and took some great shots, but just not happy with it,my photography bug wanted more lol so I bought a Nikon D60. I am still learning all its features but just love what it can do and how clear and sharp my photos are. My hubby has been teaching me the tricks of the digital trade as he  has the Nikon D90  and we both have plenty of different lenses to choose from between the two of us. Between the two of us we are what I call the SNAP HAPPY COUPLE lol. Both of us enjoy nature photography and hubby also enjoys his Astro photography of the stars ! I also enjoy photographing old buildings in black and white, I find that black and white photos of them tell the story and the history of the old buildings, takes you back into time when you look at the pictures. The only problem is, I need to carry my camera everywhere with me for I always see great shots to take when I dont have my camera, shots that you just need to take there and then cause they wont be there if I run back to get it lol the kind of shots that are the moment shots ! Hope all you picture takers out there have a wonderful snap happy day !

My camera - Nikon D60

The difference between the two camera's 
are his has video, 11.2 AF and live view!


Hubby's Nikon D90

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We have had alot of rain the past few days, good for the plants and animals. The temperature has been chilly, had to have the fireplace going, aaaa one of my favorite things, the smell and sound of a fireplace. We also have a camping fire pit out in our back yard that we love as well. I love to have the fireplace going, sip on a cup of tea , read my book, work on here or do some of my creative writing while all snuggled up comfy and cozy! What better way to spend on a rainy, chilly day !      

 <Our camp firepit!                                  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well we put in some of our bushes. The weather hasn't been very co operative , its been very chilly , windy and rainy, but we managed to put some in. Here are pics of some bushes, I will put the names of the bushes with the pics.

<dwarf burningbush!

japanese dappled willow!>

< purple leaf sand cherry 

Placement of bushes>

<Marmalade Corel Bells

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well , I had a wonderful mothers day. My hubby and I went to a huge gardening centre today and bought a wack load of  flowering bushes to put at the top of our hill. I think they will look great. We will be planting them tomorrow, pics to follow ! Our kids called today to wish me a happy mommies day ! it was great to hear from them. We  have two sons, they live with their bialogical father and hubby has a daughter that lives with her mum. But we see them quite a bit even though they live a 2 to 3 hour drive away  . They  stay for the odd weekends, some holidays and for most of the summer . Our eldest son is David 21, Our youngest is James 14 and my step daughter , Our daughter I prefer to say is Leila 17 and its a mad house when they are all here but we love it. So between the kids and pets well you can imagin lol.

                                          OUR KIDS !

Our son James on the tractor!

      Funny how the boys are on tractors in these pics, I guess dad got them to help him do some chores!

Our eldest son David !

Our daughter Leila, taking in the country view!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mom's out there ! Thanx for who you are and all that you do !


Last night we had an amazing thunderstorm. My hubby and I enjoy watching the lightning and photographing them. Here is a fantastic photo my hubby took of lightning.   ( CLICK ON PIC) to see in its glory!


This is our boat.We bought it last year. We are going to paint it and put a name on it, just have to figure out the perfect name. My hubby and I love boating and fishing or just traveling from port to port to visit the different sites as well as take photos. Our marina is only a 6 min drive from our house, guess you could say we live a bit of cottage life as well lol