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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well , I had a wonderful mothers day. My hubby and I went to a huge gardening centre today and bought a wack load of  flowering bushes to put at the top of our hill. I think they will look great. We will be planting them tomorrow, pics to follow ! Our kids called today to wish me a happy mommies day ! it was great to hear from them. We  have two sons, they live with their bialogical father and hubby has a daughter that lives with her mum. But we see them quite a bit even though they live a 2 to 3 hour drive away  . They  stay for the odd weekends, some holidays and for most of the summer . Our eldest son is David 21, Our youngest is James 14 and my step daughter , Our daughter I prefer to say is Leila 17 and its a mad house when they are all here but we love it. So between the kids and pets well you can imagin lol.

                                          OUR KIDS !

Our son James on the tractor!

      Funny how the boys are on tractors in these pics, I guess dad got them to help him do some chores!

Our eldest son David !

Our daughter Leila, taking in the country view!

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Debra said...

I have so enjoyed looking at your blog! it looks like you have a wonderful place!