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Monday, May 17, 2010


I would like to share this pic of the waterfalls that I took last year, with the old point and shoot. The falls are called Spencer falls. We like to hike and take all kinds of nature photography, all though you know that lol  we are the SNAP HAPPY COUPLE  lol  !

    You can almost hear the water splashing over the rocks and smell the sweet fresh air.


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eyewitness said...

One of the benefits of photo blogging is that you can be an eye witness to the beauty in your surroundings and can easily proof how beautiful our world really is.

I have not seen a natural waterfall so far in my life. Thanks for capturing and sharing.

With so much nature photographs I truly feel that you serve your visitors lot more than what the cattle above could contain.

I hope I will be back to see more.

Thanks so much.