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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I went to the Dr today and the Dentist, I found out I have an infection in my glands.I kind of knew that from the sore throat and the pounding in my ear and at the side of my neck.. The Dentist had to desensitize my tooth on the same side cause it was acting up again as well, go figure.  Last night I didn't know what to do, my hubby felt bad cause there was nothing he could do either. It was so painful that it felt like the left side of my face was going to explode, so I am now on pills, which I cant stand taking period! But if they do the job and clear it all up well all the power to them. So I will try to post something new and a bit more exciting lol tomorrow , as for now I will get my blanky , cuddle up on the couch , sip tea, that always makes me feel better , I will rest and let the meds do their work. Hope every one else out there is doing well and feeling good !

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