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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, as you see I love photography lol. I enjoy capturing country life ! I love the simple life of the country, the sites and sounds around me, the smell of sweet fresh country air, sunrises , sunsets. The sound of the night creatures and sitting on my porch or swing, with a nice cup of tea watching my garden grow.To the warm summer breezes and the rainy days or nights, to the sounds of a thunderstorm in the distance watching the  lightning in delight,  it's a simple life for me, to hear the echo laughter of  children at play, to the farm animals talking to all , the birds singing and chirping till the end of the day, when night falls and all is a sleep, only to wake by morn and start all over again, , to sharing each of these moments with a loved one, for the wonderful family and friends, its a wonderful simple life for me!

I also enjoy creative writing and poetry !

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