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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Goodbye To October & Welcome November !

 I cant believe October is already on its way out for this year WOW ! The months are just flying by .

 Our weather has been chilly rainy and down right gloomy , perfect for setting the mood for  Halloween all though I don't think to many kids or parents will be taking on the high winds we are to be getting this afternoon through the evening on top of  all the rain and cold to go out trick or treating.

 I have seen a few of these webs hanging about the yard , and no I did not make them for Halloween actually garden spiders made these   , mysterious how they knew these would be fitting for this time of year .

                                     I found this guy in one of them just hanging around  .

 When the weather is less then desirable and keeps me inside  I do enjoy creating on my computer when its a  celebrating time of year .

 November 1st  ,  now the rush for Christmas will be starting for most . All the Christmas movies will be starting on the Women's Net work channel and Hallmark channel as well and some will be brand new  , I like watching them  .

 Our gardens have all been put to bed now and the birdies have been busy at the feeders we just have a  bit more of raking up leaves this coming weekend as the winds will be high for this afternoon and evening then all the trees will be bare .

The warmth of blankets , a crackling fire , cups of tea , hot chocolate and bowls of home made soup and stews are well enjoyed this time of year  and the smell of  scented sandalwood and cedar candles fill the house with a warm soothing cozy smell and the odd apple cinnamon crumb pie in the oven MMMM !!   I do love the cozy smells of the seasons , don't you ?!

                                So I will say Goodbye To October & Welcome November

                                                         Until next time


                            Country Gal

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Just Enjoying The Season

WOW !   October is just sailing by soo fast . I  hope all are enjoying the fall as much as I am  .
 The weather has been quite decent with the odd chilly day here and there but mostly it has been sunny warm and pleasant here for us .

Miggs and I have been outside every day either going for walks , I have been doing some yard clean up and I have been taking  photos of this pretty season of fall ,

 Lots of Our fall birds have returned including our Juncos but they seem to be quite illusive when I have my camera lol .

The evenings at sun down and as it reaches dusk all around the feeders have been busy as the birds try to get their last of the days food before they turn in for the night .

 We are on the migration path and this time of year we get lots more Robins about as they flock to the lawns to feast on bugs as well as some sumac seeds and crab apple berries .

Lots of cotton tail bunnies about to , this one was taking a break from feasting on the grass and sat still as I approached to take his photo . Then he took off under our cedar hedges as he had enough of me being soo close .

  We had rain over night last night and through out the morning and now the sun is shining . So now Miggs and I can go for our walk .

                                                                    Until Next time 

                       Country Gal



Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Thanksgiving & The Fall Is Moving Along Fast

 Well things are moving along fast so far this season . We just had a lovely  long Thanksgiving weekend with all kinds of yummy food and laughs with family and friends.  We had our Thanksgiving  dinner up the road at my in-laws house and  family and friends joined us there to for Saturday dinner . We did sort of a pot luck dinner , my mom in-law did some cooking of a ham, veggies and a desert, my sister in-law made the stuffing and buns and I cooked the Turkey at home the day before and Papa carved it and we took it over the day of the dinner and heated it up and my  mom in-law made the gravy from the drippings I saved . 

 Our niece set a lovely table at Nannies - in laws


and even did a little riddle for every one to figure out  carved into  the  little pumpkin  sitting on the table , smart girl she is .

           It was a lovely day and weekend and to top it off the weather all though chilly was sunny .

Sunday night  was the full moon known as the hunters moon .When I looked out side I saw it hiding behind the clouds.

So I  waited for a bit and the clouds parted and I was able to get a photo it  .

 Then was able to catch the moon again the next morning as it was setting in the western horizon.

 The same morning I saw the sun rise and had to get a photo or two as it was a frosty morning and the sun rise always looks so wonderful when the air is crisp  and chilly.

A Jet flying taking altitude as it leaves behind a contrail that picks up the cool air crystals and light from the sunrise .

                I like making my photos look like they are already framed on the computer lol .

      Yesterday when Miggs and I went on our walk as the light  frost had formed all over everything .

Over night last night we had a thunderstorm with lots of rain  and the lightning was amazing as there was a lightning strike warning out , it was the white lightning that is fast and furious  and lights everything up like an old photo negative WOW ! lots of lightning bolts to . The rain has since subsided for now and the temps are to warm up again , which is good cause Papa and I still have some yard and garden cleaning up to do .

                                                             Until next time .

                                    Country Gal


Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Jumble Of This & That

Hello , its been awhile , I have been both busy as much as I can be with putting gardens to bed for the season and getting through physio therapy for my shoulder  .

At the beginning of the summer I was diagnosed with Osteopenia which is the beginning stages of Osteoporosis they say I have moderate bone loss , so I am on a monthly medication for a year and am having to take certain supplements as well so far so good have to go back for a bone scan next May  then a few weeks ago my left shoulder was very stiff and sore and I literately  could not move it and it was painful so I went to a specialist and found out I have what is called frozen shoulder , I had lost all mobility in it , and it extended from mostly in the rotator cuff  . Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive Capsulitis , Bursitis and Tendinitis and seems like every other itis they could throw at me lol   it is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint yeah no kidding 😩 it dropped me to my knees it hurt so much and when the specialist started her therapy WOW  !! I was in tears , hence the saying no pain no gain , well that's true in my situation , It has taken weeks of twice a week going to physio therapy , its not just the specialist working out the stiffness and knots out and moving my arm about she also uses a  machine that  pin points all the inflammation so she can work on particular areas I have it with in the shoulder muscles  , shoulder blade and all down my arm . I have exercises to do at home as well  
Then to top it off she diagnosed me with Myofascial Syndrome ... oh great☹️
This  refers to pain and inflammation in the muscles and soft tissues of the body. This is a chronic pain which can exist either at the site of original injury or as a “referred” pain elsewhere within the patient’s muscles because the condition affects the fascia, which is the connective tissue that covers the muscles themselves. This referred pain is caused by the development of a trigger point at the original site of injury, which then causes pain elsewhere. Patients diagnosed with myofascial pain disorder will experience muscle pains at specific trigger or tender points that can increase with activity or stress. Active trigger points  are characterized by extreme tenderness when pressure is applied and remain tender at all times; latent trigger points have the potential to develop into active trigger points, they are tender only when pressure is applied or when they are aggravated by overuse, strain or injury. Both active and latent trigger points can suffer from muscle weakness or restriction of movement. So on that note I have been trying to keep it all together and just carry on the best I can but I am finding it all very physically tiring ...  Then I realized I have it in my same side under my arm along my ribs and  chest  found that out quick , boy sneezing hurts now I tell you .

ok so now on to better things lol .
 I have been however enjoying  what the fall season has to offer all though not many of our trees have changed yet as lots are still green just the odd one has changed . I have been able to roam about and take photos and take in the season as best as I can still being outside from  sun rise to sun set as the days have been soo lovely .

  And looks like I am not the only one that has been enjoying the sunny days either lol !

 I have been noticing these wonderful different coloured fungi about the un cut  logs we have in our log shed and they are really amazing looking  .

 It was nice to have a fire today of scraps of  wood and yard waste from the days clean up .

 I am surprised at how many moths, butterfly's , bees and other bugs are still about this season as in the past they were long gone before now same goes with some of my flowers that are still going strong .

 We have winterized our pond now and found that the two frogs big and small are staying in there and I saw a Mr Toad as well ,we leave some water and plants in it for them and just cover it with a clear flexible plexiglass like they use for some green houses and anchor it all down with some of the large river rocks leaving spaces for frogs to come and go as they please and for some air circulation  so they are all snug in there for the winter .

Misty and I have also been enjoying  our walks as usual in the chilly but fresh  early mornings and some  lazy afternoons  on the patio as well .

              WOW that was a winded post FEW !   my fingers are tired now from typing lol.
 This is our Thanksgiving long weekend and I am cooking the Turkey here carving it and taking it to my in-laws up the road as the rest of the family helps out with a pot luck sort of supper when we all arrive and gather there dogs and all  , looking forward to it .

                                           Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians 

                                                              Until next Time


                                      Country Gal