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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Bit Of Sun, Snow & A Lot Of Fun


The sky’s promised  some sun today and that they did early this morning  and into the late morning . So as I love the look of the early morning sun I took a few photos .

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           Then I took Miggs for a walk and Papa  did the snow blowing , when we got back from our walk Miggs wanted to play so Papa finished the snow blowing and played with Miggs in the snow . I was watching them and giggling as it was cute to see them both playing in the snow then I said hang on I need my camera , So I popped in grabbed my camera and had fun  taking photos of Miggs and Papa playing in the snow whilst it was snowing a bit and  as the sun popped out every now and then ! 

                WARNING PHOTO HEAVY !! I am so pleased at how good these photos  of them turned out ! More to add to my Papa and Miggs folder lol !

JANUARY 2015 (21 of 66)

This is Papa’s I'm gona get you to Miggs as she stands her ground teasing whether to give Papa her rope ball or not lol !

JANUARY 2015 (23 of 66)

                                                 She likes to take off when you go to reach for her toy lol !

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                                         Miggs was trying to trick Papa into which way she was going lol !

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          This is Miggs shake, shake move to try and get Papa to let go  as all the fur of her mane like neck fly's lol

JANUARY 2015 (41 of 66)

            Papa gets her close him and gives Miggs a kiss on the head as she relaxes and lets go of the rope ball lol

JANUARY 2015 (42 of 66)

                                               Please Papa throw the rope ball ,I give you my paw !

JANUARY 2015 (44 of 66)

                                       Ready ? Papa is saying to her , Look at her concentration on that rope ball !

JANUARY 2015 (45 of 66)

   Go get it  Miggs !!! as she dashes after it lol ! Then she came back with it and teases Papa again with it lol !

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JANUARY 2015 (47 of 66)

             Papa is pooped out now, time for a rest Miggs !  I took lots of  photo series of this fun time with Papa and Miggs  .

JANUARY 2015 (66 of 66)

Well all done for now Miggs Papa is tired and time to go in for a bit as we have been out all morning . In the bit of sun , snow and having fun !!!! It has clouded over and we are in watching movies all cozy now  .

                                                    Joining in with Karen at My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday .

                                                                                           Until next time

                                                                                    Country Gal

Friday, January 30, 2015

From Inside My Windows


It snowed on and off yesterday at times and  it all started at dawn , through out the day  some snow was falling gentle with big flakes , then big flakes and lots of it the kind that you cant see across the road through, at other times it was fast and hard with sleet , then little flakes and slow  just a jumble of sorts . So First thing Miggs did  when she went out in the morning was this .

JANUARY 2015 (1 of 4)JANUARY 2015 (2 of 4)JANUARY 2015 (3 of 4)

                                                                                    Then she did this !

JANUARY 2015 (4 of 4)

                                                                                       Funny dog !

                                              The birds were feasting up their own storm as it was snowing !

JANUARY 2015 (3 of 16)

JANUARY 2015 (4 of 16)

The birdies were having a great time pecking chirping  , then suddenly flying up all together  in a cascade of feathers into the Cedars behind them at the slightest movement or sound  then all together back down to feast  this went on for hours lol !

JANUARY 2015 (12 of 16)

JANUARY 2015 (14 of 16)

                                        Come on guys no need to fight over the feeders I have plenty for every one !

JANUARY 2015 (13 of 16)

      Didn’t see to many squirrels in the snow storm at this  feeder which is for them to help keep them off of the hanging  feeders but the birdies sure did enjoy it lol !

This morning we woke to high winds blowing snow , drifting and biting cold  with the odd peek of sun through the harsh dark clouds we have hovering over the valley ! Miggs was not impressed this morning that her grass paths were all filled in this morning !

JANUARY 2015 (3 of 4)-2

Early in the morning at dusk  photos have a blue hue to them this is what we call the blue time of the day when taking photos lol not quite bright yet not dark but blue it is how the snow reflects the combination of  the light and dark  and how the camera captures it !

Any who I took a few more photos of the blue morning  as the wind was howling and snow blowing every where !

JANUARY 2015 (2 of 4)-2

          The street light helped take some of the blue hue away and it added the look of warmer tones to the snow and photo !  I didn’t see or hear the school bus go by I guess the buses might of been cancelled !

JANUARY 2015 (4 of 4)-2

                                    Some of this is indoor reflection and snow blowing off of the pergola lol .

The sun is shining through cracks in the clouds now and the snow is flying around in the winds  , the winds have been gusting up to 41 km/h  or 25 mph  and temps are -8°C Feels like –17 or 16°F  Feels like 1 . I am usually for some of the day  each day on the outside of the windows not this morning , I think  Miggs and I will just stay in and cozy on the inside of the windows  in hopes the wind dies down the sun shines more and we can go for our walk in the afternoon and again be on the outside of the windows lol  .

                                               So that is what it is from my windows , what’s it like from your windows ?

                                                                                      Until next time

                                                                               Country Gal

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This & That


Yesterday turned out to be a nice day all though cold in the morning as you may of  seen in yesterdays post  Wordless Wednesday . But the afternoon warmed up and the sun was shining all day  not a cloud in the sky till sun set . Miggs and I went for two walks yesterday and played in the yard and watched the birdies . I went around and took photos of frozen with sunshine .

JANUARY 2015 (12 of 49)

                                                          Little ice crystals on the finch feeder  .

JANUARY 2015 (14 of 49)

                         Sun shining through the Cedar hedge as a little of the ice on them twinkle ever so slightly !

JANUARY 2015 (16 of 49)

                                                            Icy snow on Papa’s Observatory roof  !

JANUARY 2015 (17 of 49)

                             Tiny snow ice crystals  shine in the sun on the arm of my little Cedar bench Papa made for me !

JANUARY 2015 (18 of 49)

                                  Trees in the valley slowly melt  ice off the branches as the sun warms them up !

JANUARY 2015 (19 of 49)

JANUARY 2015 (20 of 49)

Lots of different forms of ice all over the place  in the form of just ice or snow ice as the sun shines and slowly it all melts .

JANUARY 2015 (21 of 49)

I like how the icy snow crunches under foot and how it looks across the fields with the odd twinkle reflecting here and there as the sun hits it at just the right angle ! Some times hard to capture twinkle on white snow  but it was there lol !

JANUARY 2015 (24 of 49)

                I like how the snow crystals formed on this tree branch that is on the ground from a fallen tree and all covered in snow  gleaming in the sun shine  !

JANUARY 2015 (26 of 49)

                   Little crystals all over the tired brown wild grasses as the sun warms it all up ever so slowly  all just to melt a bit and then freeze again over night  creating new ice crystals !

JANUARY 2015 (30 of 49)

The sky’s were a brilliant blue yesterday and the sun was amazing and yet some things still remained frozen . This field is beside us .

JANUARY 2015 (31 of 49)

Not much snow on the sides of the roads  as the sunny days we have had has melted them down more and more each day . It is nice to have cleared dry roads to walk on  especially in the sun shine .

JANUARY 2015 (33 of 49)

Even the birdies were happy in the sun regardless of the cold air  the good thing was no winds  and that made it even better !

JANUARY 2015 (45 of 49)

JANUARY 2015 (48 of 49)

                                         Miggs .. well she loves the cold even more so when there is sun shining .

JANUARY 2015 (35 of 49)

This morning  is cloudy and gloomy and we are to be getting some snow falling , how much ?  well that depends , we always get a different accumulation in the valley then the higher ground folk lol sometimes we get more and some times less and some times none . I guess it is all up to mother nature . So Miggs and I are off for our walk before the snow sets in  then putter for the rest of the day .

                                                                       Until next time

                                                                 Country Gal

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


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                                                                                Country Gal