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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mild ,With A Fresh Dusting Of Snow


Woke this morning to a cloudy morning with a new dusting of snow  but it was mild . I puttered  around for a bit in my jammies had my cuppa tea then got dressed and Miggs and I went for a nice walk . It was so mild we went for our long walk started at 8:30am and got back home at 10 am I get so lost in the nature sights and sounds in this valley   .  We then played in the yard for a bit and and  I went and got my camera , It can be a blessing or a curse when one sees things  as images  at this angle and that , with this background or that back ground lol.   So I went around and took photos .

JANUARY 2015 (2 of 39)

Mrs Cardinal was very skittish darting her head about watching Miggs and I so I had to take her photo from a distance !

JANUARY 2015 (5 of 39)

                                           I just love the look of fresh fallen snow on everything , looks soo pretty !

JANUARY 2015 (8 of 39)

                       JANUARY 2015 (10 of 39)

                            Even things that aren’t that pretty look pretty with a fresh dusting of snow , like this log !

JANUARY 2015 (7 of 39)

JANUARY 2015 (15 of 39)

                                    Lots of bunny prints and birdie prints in the fresh snow around the feeders !

JANUARY 2015 (16 of 39)

JANUARY 2015 (18 of 39)

The I noticed the clouds were moving out and spots of  blue sky were showing , a promise of sunshine maybe .

JANUARY 2015 (24 of 39)

Mr Squirrel   or as we call him Speedy  was on the look out and taking a chance as he didn't see Miggs in the back yard cause she was in the front at the time  ok Speedy your safe … for now . JANUARY 2015 (36 of 39)

                                                                           What ? squirrel ? where ?

JANUARY 2015 (22 of 39)

                      Still a chance of sunshine here and the birdies were chirping it on from the Cedar tree  tops !

JANUARY 2015 (35 of 39)

Then a few big dark clouds came over and the blue sky disappeared as did the sun behind it all as it was still  trying . Looks like the moon in a night time shot doesn’t it ?

JANUARY 2015 (31 of 39)

JANUARY 2015 (32 of 39)

         And guess what  ? the sun won WOOHOO ! it is mild and sunny out now and the sky's are blue with the odd big white puffy clouds  .

JANUARY 2015 (39 of 39)

I  was out for quite a long time this morning  with Miggs enjoying  the sun  , sounds and sights then started to get a bit chilled I came in for a coffee and to give Miggs her mid morning cookie and loaded these photos to my computer and then noticed this on my desk shelf glittering and shining in the reflection of the sun shine .  Can you guess what it is ?

                 Almost lunch time here so I am off to make a sandwich and later go back out into the sunshine and snow and enjoy more sights and sounds of nature  and maybe go for another walk with Miggs  even though it is mild and sunny there is a dampness over the land believe me I can feel it lol  . The sun is getting stronger and warmer now cause when we went for our walk the roads were covered they aren't now as some of the  new fresh snow is melting  . I like the fact that the sun is rising earlier in the mornings and setting later in the evenings .

                                                                         Until next time .

                                                                   Country Gal


Buttons said...

Oh please send that snow here I am missing it and it is cold:) Hug B

Linda Kay said...

The fresh snow is lovely, and obviously Miggs is enjoying it as well. I have no idea what the green round thingys are.

William Kendall said...

I've no idea either. Mrs. Cardinal wants to keep a close watch on Miggs at all times.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We have had cold weather in New England, but not a lot of snow which could change this weekend. Your shots of the snowfall, birds, critters and Miggs are wonderful, Elaine.
Those green things look like the glass "pebbles" I used to put at the bottom of a vase to weight it before adding fresh flowers.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think that sometimes the least amount of snow can produce some of the most interesting and best photos--I think that's exactly what you did.

Snow is predicted for us this weekend, we'll see! Take care, and stay warm. And the last photo, it almost looks like grapes... :-)

Margaret Adamson said...

These images are so gorgeous with the dusting of snow and that is a great portrait shot of Miggs.

Amy at love made my home said...

Freshly fallen snow really does have the effect of sugar shaken over everything doesn't it. Beautiful! xx