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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long Time Corrie St Actress


          Anne Kirkbride  who played Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street that has been on air for over 50 years passed away last night at age 60 she had been with  Corrie over 42 years and started back in the  early 70s on the show !

I couldn't believe what I read this morning , I had a feeling Anne may of been ill as  she was off of the show for some time . I have been watching this lady since the beginning on  Coronation Street  , I have watched Corrie as us fans call it for over 40 years . 

We Corrie fans  are soo sorry for  the loss for her family and cast member's we the fans will miss her !



Anne Kirkbride

It is with great sadness that David Beckett has confirmed tonight that his beloved wife and Coronation Street actress Anne Kirkbride has passed away peacefully in a Manchester hospital after a short illness.

                                                                          RIP Anne .

                                                                 Country Gal


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I'm saddened to read this, I use to watch Coronations Street for many years, but unable to view here in Tennessee.
Such a sad loss, and will be missed by many.

carolann said...

oh hubby and I watch the program 6.30 P.M here. Fav program.

I was wondering where she went.

I also wondered where Tina went as she was leaving to go into another career. She was a fantastic. Actress.

oh the program is so off your seats now. David and Kyle.

The other couple got married Beth.

Poor Roy. Not good for him.

Steve is Pathetic.

So thanks for sharing this. I will phone my friend Shirl to tell her
about Deidre.

DeniseinVA said...

That is sad news. I remember her character but wherever I have been in the U.S., I have never seen Coronation Street on the air. My family and I always watched the show in its early years, before marriage and moving to the States that is. R.I.P. dear lady, so sorry for her family.

Margaret Adamson said...

a great actress. She will be missed.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is odd because it isn't a show that I do or have ever watched, but these things just become part of life don't they, so it is so sad when someone dies. xx

Linda Kay said...

Characters and actresses on favored programs almost become like family, so sorry for your loss of a good friend.

Jane of Levant said...

Yes she was a great actress and brought a sparkle to Coronation that will be sorely missed Jane UK

William Kendall said...

Imagine being on a show that long.

I know the Canadian airings are some months behind the British airings.

Crafty Gardener said...

I was shocked and sad to read this news yesterday. Dieter brought her own type of humour and wit to Corrie and will be greatly missed.

Linda said...

Hi Elaine...
You know how I feel about this.....