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Monday, December 31, 2018

This & That

  Its been a while since I last posted  , things have been quiet here now that Christmas is over . Our Christmas was wonderful  and lots of family time  the only thing that was  missing was  snow , yes we were snowless  we had a green Christmas . It snowed the other day but not a lot and it is now melting as the temps are very mild and today we are in for a big rain storm as  a  Special weather statement has been sent out to all of our area  .

I have been taking the odd quick  photo here and there with my smartphone camera .

December 2018-074031

December 2018-080530

We haven't had much sunshine, most days have been cloudy and gloomy some times the sun popped out every now and then  but when we did see the sun it was at sun set and the sky's to the west were  so beautiful .

December 2018-163911

December 2018-081739

A quick blurry pic of Miggs through the sliding door as she was on her way back from rolling in the little bit of snow we   got  lol , Miggs misses the snow but we both are enjoying the lack of it  for our walks as the roads have been clear and mostly dry .

WOW ! a new year is upon us already , how fast it all goes by . So on that note we here at Woods Country Cove would like to wish you all a  safe and very  Happy New Year .

                                                                                           Country Gal


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Bit Of This & That

Well it’s been quiet around here so far and the weather has been cold with a bit of snow here and there and very damp . As we all are busy getting ready for  Christmas that's not that far away  WOW ! this month seems to be flying by  and winter officially starts on Fri December  21st  all though from what I am seeing and hearing we down here may not be having a white Christmas but a wet rainy one instead as well as the winter may not be very snowy either for us down in the southwestern part of Ontario  but one really never knows what mother nature plans on doing either do we ?! but before we know it we will be starting a new year .

I haven't been taking many photos , just the odd one here and there as the weather hasn't been very enjoyable to be out in and we haven't seen the sun that much at all either , it has been gloomy cloudy and just .. well plain  boring out.

December 2018-092208

Our little Christmas tree out on our front lawn taken from inside the window after last weeks dusting of snow .  Papa decorated the outside again this season with pretty lights .

December 2018-7128

The Christmas decorating is done all though we don't go all out now a days like we used to , we find simple and less is more kind of our thing  now  and it is all we need , we have a little Charlie brown Christmas tree now to which for us suits us just fine  lol .

December 2018-085958These pics were from last week after a bit of snow fall , most of this snow has all but melted and we are pretty much green again .

December 2018-090005December 2018-090031These pics are also  part of where Miggs and I like to go for our walks every morning that is just behind our house  , it is so pretty in all seasons .

Talking about Miggs , she has been keeping busy on her outings chasing critters from the yard and then  she comes  in and snoozes till the next time she goes back out  lol .

December 2018-7121And now she is waiting for Santa paws to come and fill her Christmas stocking .  As soon as I put it up Miggs checks it every day and knows that soon Santa Paws will leave her a new toy and treats , Harley has a stocking to but she doesn't seem to care about it all as much as Miggs does lol !

December 2018-7131December 2018-7132

Well that's about it for me for now . Papa and I will be busy over the Christmas holidays  celebrating with family so we are looking forward to all that .

                                                 So if I don't get back here to post before then we would like to wish you all a very

                                                                                              Merry Christmas      





                                    Country Gal ,Papa,Miggs & Harley

Monday, December 3, 2018

December Already ?!

    WOW ! I cant believe how fast the months are flying by.

November 2018-7988And what a great start to the month it has been for us , why yesterday was amazing weather , sunny and the temps hit a high of 16C or 62F  WOW  it was so warm the bugs were out and about .

Miggs was enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps yesterday  to , maybe just a little to much lol , no dignity here with her lol ! 

December 2018-7100

December 2018-7099

It was more like a spring day than a late fall day . Papa had the chance this weekend to set up our outside Christmas lights and a few decorations , I am yet to get out in the dark and take photos of it all probably this week some time or wait till we get some snow   all though  doesn't look like it will fly here any time soon and stick  according to the weather people  but they have been wrong more times than not , mother nature will what she wants or not wants  .

December 2018-7101

I haven't been out taking many photos as the land has been in between its changes for the seasons  and there hasn't been that much to photograph really , either that or I haven't looked hard enough , yeah that's probably it lol !

December 2018-7102

                  Miggs your a goofy girl  in front of the camera  , at least she gives me lots of poses  to photograph and she is very photogenic  , good thing for me she loves the camera to lol !

It will be a busy time now for lots of us as we all get ready for  Christmas and family get togethers going on  with lots of fun , laughter and yummy goodies  and lots of Christmas music and movies going on as well .

                                                                                So I would like to say to you all

                                                                                     Happy December Smile 

                                                                                             Until next time .

                                                                                  Country Gal