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Monday, December 31, 2018

This & That

  Its been a while since I last posted  , things have been quiet here now that Christmas is over . Our Christmas was wonderful  and lots of family time  the only thing that was  missing was  snow , yes we were snowless  we had a green Christmas . It snowed the other day but not a lot and it is now melting as the temps are very mild and today we are in for a big rain storm as  a  Special weather statement has been sent out to all of our area  .

I have been taking the odd quick  photo here and there with my smartphone camera .

December 2018-074031

December 2018-080530

We haven't had much sunshine, most days have been cloudy and gloomy some times the sun popped out every now and then  but when we did see the sun it was at sun set and the sky's to the west were  so beautiful .

December 2018-163911

December 2018-081739

A quick blurry pic of Miggs through the sliding door as she was on her way back from rolling in the little bit of snow we   got  lol , Miggs misses the snow but we both are enjoying the lack of it  for our walks as the roads have been clear and mostly dry .

WOW ! a new year is upon us already , how fast it all goes by . So on that note we here at Woods Country Cove would like to wish you all a  safe and very  Happy New Year .

                                                                                           Country Gal



Anvilcloud said...

It was a close call, but we had a white Christmas -- barely, but we made it. I haven't really been out with the camera either.

William Kendall said...

Happy New Year!