Woods Country Cove

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Its Been A Busy Time

 We have been busy with building and I training our  puppers Summer every day .

 Summer is doing very well with her training since day one , she is so smart and is easy to train and picks it all up very easily . I  don't know if I have ever mentioned this before lol but many years ago when I was younger I got my certificate for  Dog behaviorist , agility trainer  and have trained  dogs for police K9  units , the odd show dogs and fun dogs in the agility competitions and have applied my skills and knowledge to our own dogs as well as other family members friends and neighbors over the years . I have been very pleased with Summers progress  since she joined our family . When she came to us she only knew how to sit and now she knows how to , sit , stay , fetch, bring, follow, come here, leave it , never mind, rollover, lay down , up , dance on her hind legs with someone , bed time , quiet time and of course the word treat and no lol  shake a paw then the other , and speak softly and when I cant hear her I say pardon and she speaks louder , Summer loves to go for walks and is wonderful on leash and off as I have been training her with a remote collar in the yard and she knows her to do business place perfectly and she asks  to go out if need be  and she is only turning 5 month October 13th  WOW !   I see a lot of our old Miggs in Summers character and demeanor  , Summer is placid , kind , loves people and other dogs and gets along well with all of the dogs in the family and neighborhood , she loves to cuddle  give kisses and lay by our side , she is very loyal and loves everyone just like her older sister Miggs was , whats the chance in a life time to have two dogs with the same kind loving character , she is goofy and fun  and such a joy . She is very vocal at times and can be quite cheeky and when she is vocal I say to her now don't you give me any sass  then  she vocalizes more then I say sassy Summer  then she stops lol  , We just 💗 Our Summer Time , that's her full name .

             I cant believe how much Summer has grown since the day she came to us to her forever  home .

I have forgotten how much energy a puppy has lol but I am loving it and on occasion I have tuckered her out .


Summer and Harley are still figuring each other out though , more like Harley doesn't want a young whipper snapper to bother her lol and Summer is very good when we tell her to leave Harley alone , it will take time for  old Harley to warm up to Summer but she will in time .

Papa and I have been busy building our porch up for screening . We have had to build a frame and a railing and paint it all , its a lot of work but we enjoy working on projects like this together , and our kids have been down to help with the painting and playing with Summer lol 

                                                  Oh and Summer loves to supervise lol !

              Well its almost done we just have to put in the screening  and to the far left of the photo right by the house Papa will be building a small  shelving  unit at the bottom , he also put in a ceiling fan and light before he even started to do the framing ,  its hard to do these kinds of projects and get them done as fast as we want them to be as Papa works still during the week and only has the odd evening and weekends to continue but its coming together nicely and we so fan have enjoyed it even with out the screening so far lol !

           So this is whats been a busy time for us  between our planning , building and pooch training . 
  We have been pretty much staying at home and keeping to our bubble of family during this second wave of covid and when the kids come down we all love to sit out on the porch in the evenings and play cards to pass the time away and when we meet our neighbors on the street walking their dogs the dogs meet and greet but we humans stay six feet apart and chat  about things then off we all go on our walks and home. I am so glad for Facebook Messenger  as I have been able to keep in touch with everyone and touch base and even share a pic or two or video chat , modern technology has defiantly been a god send in this isolated time . 
As I am writing this  in our computer room on my PC  , Summer is right by my side on her blanket snoozing as the weather outside is windy chilly and  a rainy  fall  afternoon.
Well that's about it for me I could ramble on but I wont want to bore you lol ! 
Hope all are safe and well . Until next time  .

                                 Country Gal