Woods Country Cove

Monday, January 31, 2011


It is really cold out. When  Papa left for work the tires on the van were just crunching and squeaking on the snow  BRRRR ! This is how cold it is today.



I collected more wood for our indoor wood box and put the wood stove on early today. We are in for a dilly of a snow storm  weather channel and website said there is a sever snow storm heading our way tomorrow and into Wednesday  I’ll  have to keep the fire burning .I thought I would put my new 55-300 mm lens to the test and take some photos of the wood stove in action.





                                        Looks so warm and cozy !

Tonight Papa and I are going to our photography club meeting.We  are members of  The Photographers Of The Otter Valley that consist of most members from our village and valley area but of course any one from any were is welcome. Papa is doing a presentation about the difference of Photo shop verses Gimp the pros and cons of each program for our club, have discussions  about equipment help each other, ask and answer questions  everyone share”s their photos and maybe new equipment, a few laughs and some goodies to munch on.

                Hope you all have a wonderful Coffee cupwarm day !

Friday, January 28, 2011


Papa bought me two new lenses for an  early b-day present . I have had my eye on these lenses for quite some time. I have a Nikon D60 and already have Nikon NIKKOR 55 –200 mm VR  and a Nikon NIKKOR 18-55 VR  now I also have a Nikon Micro NIKKOR 60 mm 2.8 VR and a Nikon NIKKOR 55-300 mm VR so now I can really go nuts on my photography WOOHOO! thanks Papa.  We also bought  element covers each for our cameras so we can take photos in the rain or snow and our cameras wont get wet ! I also got a new camera bag the back pack type. Papa already had one and I loved it, it was comfy to carry so now I have my own so I am all set to go totally snap happy !

Papa also bought for us to share a Sigma 150-500 mm lens  he has a Nikon D90 and has lenses that he likes and uses. I don't think I will use it much as it is a heavy lens and I don't use a tripod to much  but ya never know lol so that was our day to treat ourselves !

I had a fun day picking it all out from one of  our favourite stores Henry’s, it is the top notch camera equipment store here in Canada  !

   Hope you all have a great day ! I know I did ! Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had to use hubby’s lens and sneak it out the door whilst hiding with door just open enough to get the lens through!






                                     It’s about time Mr !


Well some may say either or lol. I went out early this morning to fill the bird feeders hobbling along cause of my knee that's in a brace, in my PJ’S  with coat, gloves, hat and boots  of course , just didn't feel like getting dressed at the time and I really don't think the birds cared as long as they got their food, all though one was looking at me weird and from a head tilt, as if to say, hey guys check out her pink fuzzy pants with sheep on them , NAAAA, who cares Betty our food is here !Oh , oh ya right !  So I filled their feeders and it was soo nice out, mild, softly snowing big snow flakes and peaceful, tranquil like, as the birds jumped from feeder to feeder getting their fill. So I, being as nuts as I am thought, got to get my camera, so off I go hobbling with my dickey knee( British phrase) in a brace to the house to get my camera. I stood leaned up against the post under the porch so I can get some photos, now I have tons of photos of birds, right! Well I haven’t been able to get the Cardinals cause they are so skittish this year , so I finally got a few photos of the female Cardinal but the male never showed up, to bad for me, but the entire time Miggy was laying in the snow beside me as I am in my PJ’S the ones that are pink and fuzzy with sheep on them, leaning against the post because of my dickey knee  in my favourite red lumber jacket taking photos, now would you call that  PLAIN NUTS or PHOTO DEDICATION!

                                           I call it both lol  


                 The Cardinal that was looking at me from the head tilt laughing at my pink fuzzy sheep PJ’S


                                            Still puzzled at my PJ’S




                 Well that was my little adventure today, now I am going to rest my dickey knee.

                                  Hope you all have a great day !Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


If it aint Papa with aches and pains its me !

Well, the past few days my knee has been acting up and I have been hobbling  around very carefully. I damaged my knee years ago when  I played  hockey and had to stop because of it. It acts up every now and then but this time its worse then it ever has been. I think I have twisted it,  lord knows how I have done it . I haven’t  done anything strenuous  to it at all, Guess old age is creeping up on me sooner then I  like it to lol.I wont go into gory details but lets just say it feels like it wants to crack or pop all the time like its stuck or something and aches like a son of a gun ! I have to be careful as to how I step and position my leg because of my knee, see not to gory ! lol As my British mum always used the phrase for times like this  YA   POOR OLD COW ! lol  So I go around saying that all the time  out loud ! yup crazy country folk, hillbillies lol . yeehaaww !


Papa was putting a support beam up in the house on Sunday to help with our sagging roof, old farm houses huh ! he got it all tightened up fitted and what not, so he thought ,well when he walked past it later that day it fell , see the floor is springy and therefore it moved the beam from its position and it came crashing down right on Papas back of his shoulder, well a few choice words were used , then we both laughed, between the two of us and our injuries we were joking that we will need walkers soon at this rate lol or put us in a protective room RUBBER room lol Papa’s shoulder is ok not even a bruise which is odd considering the speed and weight of the beam when it fell on him,a bit sore it is but as he said or we always say he will live! Thank goodness!  Its funny at times with all our aches and pains and ailments that we don't go mad lol maybe that's next lol  AHAHAH hence the Rubber room lol I usually just say  PA GET THE SHOT GUN ! and put me out of my misery PLEEEAASE !  he always says NO!  great, I say  to him, now I have to keep sufferin here , thanks lol We always are joking around like this eases the tension to every situation and besides we are country bumpkins !  NUTS ! at times lol.

So I am just taking it easy and being careful watching every step and slowly am on the mend, if it doesn't get better by rest and support of a tenser bandage or a knee brace then I will suck it up and go to the Dr.Still wont stop me from going out to do my photography, ya I’m stubborn like that   !


Hope you all are in better shape then I am right now lol

                Have a happy and SAFE ! day !Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Papa,Miggy and I were out side . Papa and I were  filling all the bird feeders. After we were done Papa decided to get his camera out and took a photo or two of Miggy and I . It seems strange to me as I am the one always behind the camera !

Elaine and miggy (1 of 1)

Elaine and miggy (1 of 1)-2

                       Hope you all have a great day !Smile

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is what our cat Harley does every time we have our woodstove going, she just loves it.


                             AAAAAA ! nice and warm !


                    WHAT !  MOM !  stop with the picture taking !


                 She”s  yawning !  such a ruff life hanging here near a nice warm fire on a cold winters day !

                             Hey Harley ya want to play !



                          NAAAAA ! I just want to sleep !



                                      Time for a  nap again !!!!!!!!!!!



                                             Have a relaxing day !   Cat face

Friday, January 21, 2011


I got a call from Papa on his way to work telling me that the moon is out cause he knew that I wanted to get more photos of it. I was going to get photos of it last night but the clouds rolled in and it was snowing so no moon for me last night.Sad smile This morning I got the best photos I have ever taken, mind you the wind was blowing and it was freezing, but well worth it for the crazy photographer that I am. Thanks Papa for telling me. Here are just a few photos I took the rest are on our Photography blog, more room on that blog to post them as it is a different set up then this blog.
                        These photos I took one after another to show the clouds  moving in front of the moon.
After this last photo the clouds thickened up and the moon disappeared !   
  I have more photos of this moon taken earlier on
                              K & E Photography blog  !     
                    Hope every one has a great day !  Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, January 20, 2011


When I went up stairs something made me look out of our small hall window, well!!!!! I saw one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, the moon setting off in the western horizon just behind a big old tree, well ya know I had to run to get my camera and try my best to  get photos, again to take the window screen out like I did to photograph the icicles and get a photo of this amazing sight, I was balancing on the window ledge with my elbows still in my PJ’S praying these photos would turn out. I had to do a lot of adjusting my camera for the lighting and the moon was lowering faster and faster  and I noticed  my batteries were dying  CRAP ! hang on just a bit longer I was saying to my self , they did and the shots I did manage to get turned out not to bad a bit dark but heck trial and error for next time lol! I just wish I had caught the moon up a bit more and took timed exposed photos of it setting ! But maybe another time, I will have to keep my eye open for that to happen again next January ! Maybe  I will follow the moons fazes and get even better shots !





I forgot to mention thanks to Papa that last night was a full moon called a Wolf  Moon !

I don't know why I didn't mention it  as I love the moon and wolves  . There's a folklore about the wolf moon ,  northern Native Americans named it after packs of singing wolves they once heard during the winter month of January”    That's were the phrase howling at the moon came from.

         Here's a picture I love and found of  wolves howling at the moon .


                          Red rose   Hope you all have great day !Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The weather this winter has been so up and down. We had a bad snow storm before Christmas and it didn't let up for weeks and dumped so much snow on us everything was closed and at a stand still . It was windy and super cold and caused so much kayos every were. Then it settled but still cold with the odd day of sun ,gentle snow fall and now this, RAIN ! The temperature is 1 degree above zero the warmest day yet  and the snow is melting and a layer of  ice now is developing over the snow as the rain hits the snow and freezes from the cold of the snow. Now it’s forming ice on the roads and drive ways, if the temp drops at all we are in for a huge ice rink every were and that aint gona be pretty , slip slidin away we will be. As the snow melts from the eves troves of the house it is forming lumps and sheets of ice on the walk ways, time to lay down the salt, pet safe salt that is so it wont burn or hurt Miggy’s paws . Before I could take photos of the icicles from yesterday  to catch them in dripping action they had either fallen off the roof or already melted, DARN !  It’s amazing how fast the weather changes and how it affects everything, but here's a little something for all of us who have had enough of the cold and snow, SPRING is only 8 weeks away and this February has only 28 days a leap year  this year, so on that note it will be here faster then we think WOOOHOOO !!!!!!!!!

   Here is a picture to help us get through this weather and to keep  us plugging for spring !     




           The Robin, my favourite bird and the first sign of spring when he returns !

                      Red rose  Have a good day to you all !Red rose

Monday, January 17, 2011


I hung out my upstairs hall window to get these shots,  these were hanging off of our roof .I couldn't resist the beauty and strange shapes of them. I find icicles fascinating how they look like they are frozen in time !






I was a little stiff, stuck and twisted by the time I was done photographing these icicles out  of our tiny second floor hall window lol  .   I  guess I will do just about anything to get a photo !

                  Hope you all have a great day !Smile