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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well some may say either or lol. I went out early this morning to fill the bird feeders hobbling along cause of my knee that's in a brace, in my PJ’S  with coat, gloves, hat and boots  of course , just didn't feel like getting dressed at the time and I really don't think the birds cared as long as they got their food, all though one was looking at me weird and from a head tilt, as if to say, hey guys check out her pink fuzzy pants with sheep on them , NAAAA, who cares Betty our food is here !Oh , oh ya right !  So I filled their feeders and it was soo nice out, mild, softly snowing big snow flakes and peaceful, tranquil like, as the birds jumped from feeder to feeder getting their fill. So I, being as nuts as I am thought, got to get my camera, so off I go hobbling with my dickey knee( British phrase) in a brace to the house to get my camera. I stood leaned up against the post under the porch so I can get some photos, now I have tons of photos of birds, right! Well I haven’t been able to get the Cardinals cause they are so skittish this year , so I finally got a few photos of the female Cardinal but the male never showed up, to bad for me, but the entire time Miggy was laying in the snow beside me as I am in my PJ’S the ones that are pink and fuzzy with sheep on them, leaning against the post because of my dickey knee  in my favourite red lumber jacket taking photos, now would you call that  PLAIN NUTS or PHOTO DEDICATION!

                                           I call it both lol  


                 The Cardinal that was looking at me from the head tilt laughing at my pink fuzzy sheep PJ’S


                                            Still puzzled at my PJ’S




                 Well that was my little adventure today, now I am going to rest my dickey knee.

                                  Hope you all have a great day !Open-mouthed smile


Patsy said...

Sorry about your knee in all that cold you need to hurry in and out to feed and take pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

fernvalley01 said...

take care of that knee.I love Cardinals , we don't have them here , but I have always been fascinated by them esp the bright red males