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Monday, January 17, 2011


I hung out my upstairs hall window to get these shots,  these were hanging off of our roof .I couldn't resist the beauty and strange shapes of them. I find icicles fascinating how they look like they are frozen in time !






I was a little stiff, stuck and twisted by the time I was done photographing these icicles out  of our tiny second floor hall window lol  .   I  guess I will do just about anything to get a photo !

                  Hope you all have a great day !Smile


fernvalley01 said...

They are so pretty , careful hanging out windows though!

Gail said...

Beautiful capture!

They're not dripping so that means, it's still cold there.

Rob said...

Its a good thing you didn't turn in to an icicle yourself hanging around out in the cold like that!

Crystal said...

those are very pretty! I love icicles as well.

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

They are so very pretty! Just watch out walking under those HUGE ones ... they look like they could be deadly if they landed on your head!

Lorilee said...

Lovely photos of the icicles. We don't have them very often in South Texas! I also love your bird photos. I love to spot a new bird in my backyard. We had an orange cat named Harley several years ago. He didn't show up for supper one night. We just recently adopted a grown cat that we named "Samson". He is a big cat!

Carol said...

Well, I get to see these great shots again! Still beautiful and cold!