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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The weather this winter has been so up and down. We had a bad snow storm before Christmas and it didn't let up for weeks and dumped so much snow on us everything was closed and at a stand still . It was windy and super cold and caused so much kayos every were. Then it settled but still cold with the odd day of sun ,gentle snow fall and now this, RAIN ! The temperature is 1 degree above zero the warmest day yet  and the snow is melting and a layer of  ice now is developing over the snow as the rain hits the snow and freezes from the cold of the snow. Now it’s forming ice on the roads and drive ways, if the temp drops at all we are in for a huge ice rink every were and that aint gona be pretty , slip slidin away we will be. As the snow melts from the eves troves of the house it is forming lumps and sheets of ice on the walk ways, time to lay down the salt, pet safe salt that is so it wont burn or hurt Miggy’s paws . Before I could take photos of the icicles from yesterday  to catch them in dripping action they had either fallen off the roof or already melted, DARN !  It’s amazing how fast the weather changes and how it affects everything, but here's a little something for all of us who have had enough of the cold and snow, SPRING is only 8 weeks away and this February has only 28 days a leap year  this year, so on that note it will be here faster then we think WOOOHOOO !!!!!!!!!

   Here is a picture to help us get through this weather and to keep  us plugging for spring !     




           The Robin, my favourite bird and the first sign of spring when he returns !

                      Red rose  Have a good day to you all !Red rose


Patsy said...

That mess could be dangerous to drive and walk in so be very careful. Couldn't help but be old mother hen.
8 weeks should go fast I hope.
Come on Spring for

Verde Farm said...

Oh my-we are melted now with lots of rain--I actually like the snow better. That is a wonderful picture-so crisp and perfect. Love it. Stay warm :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We are in the middle of freezing rain. No school today. Maybe a delay for tomorrow.

Crystal said...

Wow its gonna be a long 8 weeks, but I wish it was tommorow!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Elaine, I stopped in after reading Mama Bug's recent blog post (pound cake). ENjoyed reading about your snowfalls as we don't have any right now here - VA eastern shore. I will be back again and invite you to drop on over to our little blog place - we enjoy visits. I plan to check out your photo blog next.

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!!! Just another day away from Spring baby! I'm sooo not a snowbunny but we have a winterstorm movin' in! UCK!!!

God bless ya and have a beautiful winter's day filled with 'warm' blessings!!! :o)

Rob said...

I have a Robin watching for grubs and worms while I am digging the garden. I think that is a great picture.

Mama-Bug said...

Elaine, love the robin photo. They've arrived here in Florida in the past few weeks. They are so skinny right now; give them a few more weeks and they'll be fat and sassy. I always hate to see them leave to migrate back to the North, as we only get to see them here during the winter.

West Side of Straight said...

I'm ready for spring too, but we still have a lot of winter yet to get through!!!!! Love your header pic of the cardinal, altho also looking forward to seeing robins!
Hugs, jo