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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I looked out the window this morning and saw the sun faintly rising and thought I would go out and capture me a nice winter sunrise.Miggy was already outside running around. I got all bundled up quickly cause the sun does rise fast , grabbed my camera and started photographing what I thought was to be a great sunrise, well it wasn't, darn it ! I proceeded to snap anyways in hopes I would capture some thing. Then all of a sudden the sun disappeared CRAP ! clouds rolled in so fast and it began to gently snow, oh well I said to Miggy another time ! I put my camera away at that point and filled the feeders for the birds , by that time poor Miggy’s paws were caked with snow balls and she kept trying to get them off so we came in and I had to trim all the long fur from her paws and in between them so she doesn’t get so much snow trapped in the fur of her paws, well I tell ya that was a chore and a half, she just wouldn't sit still, more so she wanted to lick and nose the scissors, she is a very nosey inquisitive dog and wants to know all that's going on all the time. After all that I loaded what few photos I had of this not so wonderful sunrise and came out with some not to bad looking shots!




I am posting the rest of my photos from yesterday of birds and Miggy on our K & E Photography blog , if you would like to visit  click on our logo !

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Hope you all have a warmCoffee cup, safe   Camera  snap happy day !Open-mouthed smile


troutbirder said...

Beautiful glow to that sunrise. Good job!

Patsy said...

It is good to see the sun at your place. Our snow is just patches now.

Rob said...

I can imagine what a job it must have been trying to trim Miggy's feet.

fernvalley01 said...

How pretty

Gail said...

Sun...beautiful, I would love to see more of it here.

Crystal said...

I like the pink, I think they turned out great!

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