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Friday, April 16, 2021

Taking It All One Day At Time

 My, my Its been a while , I didn't realize my last post was back in February  but then nothing has been going on really to blog about  either  thanks to this pandemic which I know we are all fed up with and have had enough of it all  . Just hope we all can get back to life soon .

Papa and I have been doing little odd jobs around the house as we can on the weekends as thankfully he still has been able to go to work  . 

Summer and I have been enjoying our walks and playtime/ training in the yard , she is growing so fast and is a remarkable girl, so smart , loyal, gentle  and very loving and she will be a year old  already next month . Summer loves to supervise Papa and I when we are out in the yard and she also loves to heard us when we are on the tractors lol she is full of energy and has quite the goofy character .

                                                                 Summer supervising  Papa

                                                    Summer loves to heard the tractor .

                                She also loves to sit by the camp fire and have quiet time .

Harley and Summer have become best friends now and follow each other around the house . Poor old Harley will be 14 soon .

Summers goofy side is rolling and then running about like a crazy dog and she loves to play fetch . She is mostly a quiet dog and doesn't bark unless you tell or ask her to but she can be very sassy and talkative .

Summer is our little jekyll and hyde with her ears and her two coloured eyes lol.


                                She really makes our days fun and keeps us active and busy .

All our spring flowers are have all bloomed  the trees and bushes are close to bursting , the weather is up and down all though we did have some summer like weather for over a week which was wonderful , all our spring birds have returned which is wonderful and we are keeping in touch with our kids via messaging , phone calls and video chats . Our eldest son and daughter in law David and Cindee are expecting their first child and our first grandchild in August and they have shared all they can with us through technology , it has been different but wonderful  they are having a boy and his name is Colton we are all soo excited and cant wait to meet him also we are hoping our daughter Leila who is marring her  dairy farmer Dan will be able to have their wedding in August as well  we are all hoping to be  vaccinated  by then fingers crossed and all get back to life but we are thankful for every second we can get  now  through modern technology.

         Well that's it for now from us here At Woods Country Cove  , we hope all are well and stay safe and hope we can all get back to being with and hugging  our families .

                                                                    Until till next time 


                                                Country Gal