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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Corner Picket Fence Garden

Just a small post as  we have been busy lol !  We have put up our picket fence for our  family corner garden and I had finished painting it after we put it up . We still have a few things to do to it like edging in the front properly and under the fence to keep the top soil in that we have in the trailer waiting to be put in  that will hopefully be done tonight , on top of this we have been planning a  surprise  well I cant  really say for who or what it is for  in case they read this but it has taken lots of phone calls emails and planning  with all the guests family and friends  looks to be a good turnout   and Papa and I also want to get this picket fence garden looking a bit more respectable by the time folk arrive lol !

 I think Papa did a wonderful job at making it all, done by his hand , his creation and design !

So needless to say we are pretty crammed for the next few days with getting everything completed and getting this party on the go this coming Saturday . I will be taking photos and will share after .

We have been getting lots of lovey different veggies from our neighbors Mr & Mrs H  veggie garden , lots of fresh  lettuce has come our way every other day YUMMY ! and now the yellow and green beans are in harvest WOOHOO !

It has been so nice of them to share their fruits of their labor with us  and they have told us to just go over and pick what we want when we want  AWESOME ! thanks Mr & Mrs H .  Oh by the way they got a new puppy his name is Tucker and oh he is soo cute  , he is chocolate brown and a mix of Poodle and Australian Shepherd a Aussiedoodle  . He Looks similar to this I  haven't taken a pic of him yet  but I am sure I will be  taking  lots lol !

                              Tucker is 10 weeks old  and Miggs and he are now best buds .

Any who that's about it for me  I have lots to do still and hope the weather cooperates for the big pardo .

                                                        Until next time .

                                          Country Gal

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Little Of This & That

It has been pretty quiet around here , not a lot going on at the moment  puttering mostly . The weather has been very humid and sunny but today it is overcast still humid though  , we have been waiting for rain whilst everyone else is getting rain we are as dry as bone here funny how it seems to miss us a lot and either go above or below our valley over the lake . I am glad I soaked my gardens last night and early this morning or I may not have any flowers left at this rate . The weather network is ticking me off as they have been so wrong more often then they should be  and well .. lets just say it must be the only job one can keep being wrong 99% of the time ..  GEESH !!  Us gardeners and photo nuts  need to know if and when it is going to rain lol !

Any who . I have just been enjoying our birds and creatures with camera in hand and trying to capture as much as I can .

I planted some  Gladiolas 90 days ago they are an August flower  and their pods developed last week and now are slowly bursting with flowers and they are very tall to  .  I planted  yellow  ,red, white ,  pink, purple and orange ones to  so far these yellow ones are the first to soon be in bloom  cant wait for all of them to bloom .

 A wee bit of foolery going on at the feeder here as this years first batch of baby Baltimore Oriels play about and show off for me , my how they grow fast .

 I have been seeing lots of different Cabbage moths like this one above and butterfly's and yes trying to capture them all , a bit tricky to do mind you as one has to creep ever so light footed about them as they feel vibration in so many ways very easily and take off .

                                   Above is a very weathered looking Painted Lady 

                                                    Above is a Wood Satyr

                                                         This  above is a  Swallow Tail

        Not just birds , bees and ants like home made sugar water from the feeders , some butterfly's enjoy it to .

Every evening the Swallows , this is a Tree Swallow sit on the hydro wires across the road and preen them selves ,  chit chat like mad and fly about playing ,  all so cute to watch and listen to  .

                              Lots of visits to the fountain on these humid days .

 And to the other bird baths as well  . These two have been about since spring ,  I named them Ghost and Spirit and they are quite friendly ,we seem to get more of theses doves about every year now .

Daddy Cardinal feeding baby . We have lots   about with babies now . The Cardinals  like to come to the feeders just as the sun sets when all the other birds have gone to bed !

 We are blessed with lots of beauty and nature here and all though I say nothing much is  going on I mean with us  lol  but there is always something going on in the yard   !
                                                           Until next time .

                                        Country Gal


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Bit Of Paint Here & There & A Surprise Critter

Hello all . Hope your enjoying this summer weather . It is a sticky one this week very humid  31°C
feeling like 38°C   or 84°F feeling like 95 °F or higher FEW !  so I have been taking in a few painting projects on the patio porch in the shade and in Papa's workshop  in the mornings as it is cooler .

I am in the midst of paining pickets for our new  family picket fence garden .  Papa made the pickets and the posts and I am painting them , white of course lol , Our family Picket fence garden will be in the back corner of our yard  , it is hard to explain the shape but it will be curved on both sides as it cascades down to smaller pickets at the end of the garden and it will have two levels of garden and eventually a small pond and a little waterfall and as  for the plants , they will be of our families favorite flowers and plants  ergo  the family garden . Right now I am in the process of painting and then both Papa and I will be digging and shaping the garden he does all the muscle work . we will be putting in the picket fence  and then  the edging and then it will be ready for top soil  then hopefully soon get some family plants put in it  , it will be a work in progress for the rest of the season well the pond and water fall will be  probably next year for them  .

 I also just finished a few of my dog garden decor as they were all faded and the paint was wearing off . So they got a freshen up .

         Much needed paint for sure ! The dogs were  worse off then the surface they were on so that was ok as a rustic look for me and some of it was tricky to get into with paint .

The pic doesn't show  the dogs  as well for it was taken with my phone but they turned out good better then I expected  .

 We are in need of rain and hopefully will get lots in the next few days , hose water is ok but nothing like rain water for the gardens and grass  .

Early this morning just  as the sun was rising Miggs and I got up and I seeing something weird on the outside of my window had to have a closer look .

                      Was it a moth , must be a big one to cast a weird  shadow like that . 

 Oh my , it was a bat  , how cool is that to have a bat  ok, ok I will stop the rhyming lol !
He wasn't very big but when I opened the window to get a closer look he made a very high pitch squeal , of course I spoke to him and told him he would be ok I wasn't going to harm him  then I grabbed my camera and he posed for me , more like he was snoozing . Papa said when he saw it at 4:30 am  in the morning  , no I am not getting up at that time to see him off to work are ya nuts I am retired lol he said it had it's wings spread out as if he had just landed there not long before Papa saw it. When the sun eventually beamed its light on the little bat he took off and that was that for the bat . Oops sorry rhymed it again lol hard not to .

 Any who so I have been busy here and there and yet not that busy at all if that makes sense  just taking in all that summer has to offer with my camera in hand  and my buddy Miggs by my side , who seems to like the new sod we layed down, like having a cool grass mat lol   .

 Oh and enjoying YUMMY ! garden fresh lettuce every week from our neighbors Mr & Mrs H  veggie garden for now , they have lots of other goodies they said we can have once they all are ready for harvest  YIPPEE ! 

                                                            Until next time .

                                       Country Gal

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Past Few Days Here

It has been pretty quiet here really . Miggs and I have just been enjoying each day as it comes . The weather has been a bit up and down but it has been the typical summer for us . Hot humid sunny cloudy cool breezes the odd rain fall here and there pretty much what I had expected from our summer weather . I cant believe we are flying through July already before I know it it will be August , man the summers go by just to darn fast don't they?!  But for now I will just take it all in as much as I can .

 I just love getting up before the sun this time of year and as I make my morning cuppa tea I am greeted by the sun rise . I just love it  , all the birds singing and the frogs still signing to  which are Grey tree frogs  we have around the fields and forests here in the valley .  They have the croaking sound  .

Speaking about frogs , we have lots of these Toady's this year again  . When Papa cuts the grass I am on TOAD PATROL !!  lol  I have a garden spade and bucket to scootch them into as Papa sees them hopping about the grass to get away from the vibration of the tractor and I put them back into the garden in the back where they nuzzle in under the plants till he is done lol !

 Some times Papa even sees they tiniest frogs , babies hopping about the grass when he is cutting the grass , we have saved many a toads over the years lol ! Every evening they come out on to our patio , Miggs was interested in them in the beginning but now just looks at them gives them a sniff then walks away lol !

                                                                    I like Toads !
 Miggs has been on squirrel patrol in between cooling off in the house as it has been humid . I had to live trap one as he was being a nuisance and was getting up on our roof as well as getting to cheeky  challenging Miggs to much  so I trapped him and Papa relocated him to a nice area away from us along the river and forest  .

                                                      I'm not impressed look she has here lol !

 One of the many baby birds we have about the yard calling for Mama and getting all excited when she brings food .  I try to get photos of the Barn Swallow babies on the  hydro wire in front of the house but the parents  don't want anything to do with me as they protect them and being dive bombed by them is not much fun , they get very close , so close I can hear their beaks snap at me , so I leave them alone  .. for now till they are used to me  being near them  and know I will not harm them .

 This was the other day in the evening as the sun was setting and the dark clouds were once again rolling by not raining on us . The sun set rays were shining through the clouds  , the photo really doesn't show the beauty I saw with my eyes  .

Looks like something from the bottom of the sea doesn't it ?! I love this plant the Liatris  and it is huge this year and has soo many flowers about to pop on it that are feather like .

My Bee Balm is doing well again  , all my flowers are doing well again this year thankfully and we are enjoying them thoroughly as are the bugs  both good and bad ones .

HOLLY Japanese Beatles  . These things are a pain in the  ***  they devour and desecrate  everything and they are bad this year to I have no choice but to knock  them off my flowers  and well get rid of them . 

 It is a on and off rainy humid muggy day today , so we are in where it is cool and I was able to do  and share this post ,. I  haven't been in blog land much as I have been outside most days from sun rise  till at least after sun set .  Talking about posts I just realize in the 7 years I have been blogging I have done 1,980 posts  WOW ! not bad  and I have all of you to thank ,  for following and coming back to visit  to see whats going on in our neck of the Woods Country Cove even if there isn't  much going on or that exciting  for you  , So  Thank You !

                                               Until next time  .
                               Country Gal


Friday, July 7, 2017

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

Hey , was sup ... Yeah ok not me well I tryed lol !  Any who , hope everyone is having a good summer and enjoying as much nice days as you can . I certainly am .

The days have been filled with sun shine and humid air and the occasional rain fall with thunderstorms actually there is a sever thunderstorm watch in affect right now so I will make this as brief as I can just incase we loose power lol !

 Harley in this pic really loves to sit in the window sill and watch the bugs and butterfly's flutter about  and growl  and swap her tail about every time she sees one of the many feral cats we have in the area  cross the road  from their mousing in the fields .
  Flower gardens have been blooming nicely again this year and all the different colours have been so lovely all mashed in together .

 Lots of baby birds about with mama getting all excited when she shows up with food and swoops by and plops food in their tiny beaks talk about fast food lol   the celebration of it all is very cute when they flap their little wings in anticipation .

Miggs has been hanging around watching the yard and getting a bit of squirrel chasing in but after our walks in the mornings she is usually pretty pooped and just naps most of the day now !

 Feeders are busy as are the bird baths , I love watching the birdies flap about in the water washing them selves having a grand ole time lol !

  I have seen lots and lots of these pretty Cabbage moths this year again some are white and some a light pale yellow and all so pretty !

Lots of smaller breeds of butterfly's have been plenty as well and so wonderful to watch and enjoy on the flowers !  Our hummers have been busy here and there and are avoiding the camera very well I must say  lol !

 We have this home made aircraft that likes to fly over our house and in our valley for the past few evenings , quite the remarkable machine from what I can see . The scenery of the valley  must be spectacular from up there .

 This was taken Thursday  that was yesterday evening  I loose what day it is now being retired lol  as the sun was setting .  This phase is Waxing gibbous Visible: 94%  in this photo , tonight's Friday will   still be a Waxing gibbous but  Visible: 98% then Saturday and Sunday full moon 100% Visible  I hope it wont be cloudy   so I can take  photos of  the full moon  this weekend  .
                                              I do like the moon   !

Any who  that's about it for me for now the sky's are getting dark as the storms roll in. 
                                                             Until next time  . 

                                  Country Gal

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July Already ?!

WOW ! what a great long weekend we had for our Canada Day weekend . It was full of fun for us on Canada Day as Papa and I went to our local towns fair grounds for a Truck and Tractor pull competition . I haven't been to one in years and we had so much fun with our friends Don and Diane there to  .

We did get rained on and a bit damp but oh well all comes with enjoyment of out door fun and entertainment  right ?!

 The quality may not be that good as I was using my phone just one of the many videos Papa and I got on our phones lol   but you get the idea lol   . I haven't posted a video in blogger template post before  hope it works , if it does  make sure your speakers are down it is loud , we had to wear ear protection for most of the pulls as these trucks and tractors are very loud cause they are so powerful . Both Papa and I posted other video of this live on our  Facebook  page here is the link if your interested  Truck & Tractor Pull Canada Day . It was a fun day and night with Don and Diane and of power .

The rest of the long weekend we just relaxed and enjoyed our yard . Hope all my fellow Canadian bloggers had a good Canada Day long weekend to  and now I wish all my American bloggers a Happy July 4th  Independence Day 
                                     That's it for me for now . Until next time  .
                              Country Gal