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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Bit Of Paint Here & There & A Surprise Critter

Hello all . Hope your enjoying this summer weather . It is a sticky one this week very humid  31°C
feeling like 38°C   or 84°F feeling like 95 °F or higher FEW !  so I have been taking in a few painting projects on the patio porch in the shade and in Papa's workshop  in the mornings as it is cooler .

I am in the midst of paining pickets for our new  family picket fence garden .  Papa made the pickets and the posts and I am painting them , white of course lol , Our family Picket fence garden will be in the back corner of our yard  , it is hard to explain the shape but it will be curved on both sides as it cascades down to smaller pickets at the end of the garden and it will have two levels of garden and eventually a small pond and a little waterfall and as  for the plants , they will be of our families favorite flowers and plants  ergo  the family garden . Right now I am in the process of painting and then both Papa and I will be digging and shaping the garden he does all the muscle work . we will be putting in the picket fence  and then  the edging and then it will be ready for top soil  then hopefully soon get some family plants put in it  , it will be a work in progress for the rest of the season well the pond and water fall will be  probably next year for them  .

 I also just finished a few of my dog garden decor as they were all faded and the paint was wearing off . So they got a freshen up .

         Much needed paint for sure ! The dogs were  worse off then the surface they were on so that was ok as a rustic look for me and some of it was tricky to get into with paint .

The pic doesn't show  the dogs  as well for it was taken with my phone but they turned out good better then I expected  .

 We are in need of rain and hopefully will get lots in the next few days , hose water is ok but nothing like rain water for the gardens and grass  .

Early this morning just  as the sun was rising Miggs and I got up and I seeing something weird on the outside of my window had to have a closer look .

                      Was it a moth , must be a big one to cast a weird  shadow like that . 

 Oh my , it was a bat  , how cool is that to have a bat  ok, ok I will stop the rhyming lol !
He wasn't very big but when I opened the window to get a closer look he made a very high pitch squeal , of course I spoke to him and told him he would be ok I wasn't going to harm him  then I grabbed my camera and he posed for me , more like he was snoozing . Papa said when he saw it at 4:30 am  in the morning  , no I am not getting up at that time to see him off to work are ya nuts I am retired lol he said it had it's wings spread out as if he had just landed there not long before Papa saw it. When the sun eventually beamed its light on the little bat he took off and that was that for the bat . Oops sorry rhymed it again lol hard not to .

 Any who so I have been busy here and there and yet not that busy at all if that makes sense  just taking in all that summer has to offer with my camera in hand  and my buddy Miggs by my side , who seems to like the new sod we layed down, like having a cool grass mat lol   .

 Oh and enjoying YUMMY ! garden fresh lettuce every week from our neighbors Mr & Mrs H  veggie garden for now , they have lots of other goodies they said we can have once they all are ready for harvest  YIPPEE ! 

                                                            Until next time .

                                       Country Gal


The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like you two are working far too hard!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You sure are getting lots of painting done, and your new family garden sounds lovely. Cute little bat. I've been painting some mandala stones in the cool of the basement on these hot sticky days. Stay cool and comfy.

William Kendall said...

One of my aunts is terrified of bats.