Woods Country Cove

Monday, December 9, 2019

Busy Days Of December

 Well hello there its been awhile  , my how time fly's when one has been busy , especially this time of year .

We have been busy getting all ready for the Christmas season , Papa and I have been decorating the house inside and out , doing some Christmas shopping , getting an early start with neighbors/ friends for our annual Christmas brunch get together and I have  also been dog sitting on and off for a neighbour / friend . We have a small community of neighbors who are also our friends who all have been living in the area for many years and we all get together every summer for a big BBQ and at  Christmas , most of us are dog owners and we see each other almost every day as we walk our dogs , stop and chat and all the dogs get along to ,  its nice to have such wonderful neighbors/ friends in the community . Also preparing for our big family Christmas dinner and get togethers, I so look forward to this every year .

 I have  taken a few photos in between this busy time of ours .

                            I love the Christmas  lights at night they look soo pretty .

 Every year Harley investigates the tree and sits under it with her look of  aprovel   or she's trying to look like  an ornament lol !
 This is our neighbors /friends  dog I look after from time to time , meet Bailey he is still a pup and at only 9 months old he is full of energy and keeps Misty on her toes lol . They get along well and enjoy each others company .

We did have a bit of snow last week but it has since melted and the temps have warmed up and it has been a  mix of sunshine and rain from then on . Not to sure if we will have any snow for Christmas yet but a dusting would be nice just to give it that bit more of a Christmas look and feel .

                        Today it is mild and rainy .

The birdies at the feeders have been busy feasting and keeping an eye out for this guy who has also been busy hunting in and around  our yard .

Everyone from critters , birds to us have been and will be busy for the next few weeks and before we know it , it will all be over and we will be into the new year .

             So I wont have time to post  till the new year, so we here at Woods Country Cove would like to wish you all a safe and very   


              Country Gal , Papa,
                                Harley & Misty