Woods Country Cove

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Slow Times

Hello , Its been a while . Things have been quiet here for the most part and I have taken a break from blogging at the same time .
I have been enjoying the birds at the feeders from my windows most of the time and puttering about here and there .

Miggs has been layed up with a bad bout of her arthritis in her back legs and our walks have been non existent till a few days ago , the winter weather here has been  damp and cold the kind that gets right to the bone  and that plays havoc with her poor old body now, we have had more rain this winter then snow actually .

 In the evenings she sometimes needs a heating pad on her one leg to help it move about better , when we have had mild dry air she has been doing ok .

Misty is 10 and half now and has had both back legs operated on in the past , every night now we have to put her in her medical harness to get her up stairs to bed as a flight of stairs are hard for her to go up now but she can bunny hop down them ok with no aid . She is on pain and anti arthritic medication and will be for the rest of her days .  Her days of chasing , running and playing are over now as she now has slowed down due to her arthritis  but she is still a happy go lucky girl who always has a tail wag for every one and enjoys the odd walk on good days and wonder of the yard .
Both Miggs and I are  patiently waiting for spring and for the warmer weather , the sun is shining more now  as spring approaches and that helps , spring is around the corner with only 29 days till then and we are counting it down . I am looking and listening out for our Robins , Red wing black birds and Song sparrows to return , our Male Cardinals have already begun their serenading spring song and  as we are on the migration path in southwestern Ontario near lake Erie it shouldn't be to long till our spring birds  show up . 😊
                     If I don't post before Spring arrives     .Miggs and I would like to wish you all a
                                               Happy First Day Of Spring 🌼🌻