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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


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Monday, September 28, 2015

It Was A Nice Weekend


BOOHOO !!  we didn't get to see the Harvest Blood Moon last night as the thick clouds rolled in . Oh well . I saw photos of it over the internet  and from the weather channel  it was beautiful .

Any who , I cant believe it was the last weekend  of September already . Papa and I had lovely weather and were out side all weekend . Saturday Papa was in his work shop with the doors wide open cleaning it up and organizing it and I puttered about .  Papa had lots of extra bits and pieces of wood to be burned so we had a camp fire going .

The trees leaves are changing some are already changed and naked whilst others are half and half .

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Over the weekend we had a few private small aircraft fly over . There are a lot of these small aircraft clubs in this area, some fly newer ones and others fly the vintage  aircraft .

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Sunday Papa and I were busy re  building  our wood sheds  for our wood piles . Papa strengthened the frames and put sheet metal he gets from work on the sides and for a roof to keep the wood dry   later he will tarp the front so it is easy to get to .

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                       I helped by being the gopher of the tools he needed and the screws and what not lunch and refreshments  lol !

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This is one of  the wood sheds behind my potting shed , Papa has one behind is tool and  tractor  shed to and we have two opposite them in front of the hedges with the walkway in between  ! We still have some tidying up and lots of log splitting to do  but it will get done before the next season of W ..  I wont say it nope not yet  lol !!!

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Some of the wood back here we had to move to build these and I got some to start the Chiminea and get it going for the day to enjoy the smell and sound of it crackling  . Papa and I have a standing joke between us cause I am a burn it type of person I love to have a fire going out side when we are working or just relaxing  and it helps to get rid of the pieces of wood that aren't good for the inside wood stove and my favourite  tool to get the out side fires going is a small canister  blow torch  Papa always jokes about me and my little  blow torch  lol  !a966ce37-b56a-4c83-a31e-aa8b4c2a32b5_300

             We have the camping fire pit out in the yard but   I love this Chiminea  . We have it far enough from the patio porch to sit and enjoy  yet not to far to feel its heat on a cool fall day !.

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       My knee is feeling better  however Miggs still cant run like she used to as her knee is still a bit sore but she is doing better . 

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                                                                        So that was our weekend !

                                        Some of our bushes and plants are still thriving so we have left them for now.

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                  Today is a rainy on and off day , Miggs and I just came back from our walk as it started to get drizzly  .

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                                        Hoping for a bit of sun this afternoon then over night possible thunderstorms .

                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal

Friday, September 25, 2015

This & That & That & This


Well the weather has been wonderful , warm sunny days cool nights and mornings . I have been busy cleaning both inside and out , gardens are about 75% done , still some colour happening with my Marigolds  and I will be bringing in the Geraniums soon  who are also still  in full bloom.

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                                                  At least they go with the colours of Fall lol !

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                                                       I put up my fall garden flag the other day !

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Sad to say the hummers have now gone , I took all the nectar feeders down cleaned them up and put away for next year .

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        Chippy and the squirrels are busy collecting and hiding food for the next season UGH ! winter .

Miggs and I have also been taking short walks this week as we both seem to of done something to our knees, I probably twisted mine in the garden or stepped wrong ,yeah know the kind of OUCH ! that shows up a day or so after and just lingers  lol !  Miggs had a knee operation a few years ago as some of you who have been with us here for a long time may remember my posts about her recovery  and has been doing so well since  that you would never  of known she had her knee reconstructed  but she seems to of pulled or hurt the same leg and is resting for a day or two, it is soo hard to keep an active dog still I tell ya , she can walk on it just not run , she bunny hops instead on her good legs so  if her leg doesn’t improve we will be taking her to the doggy Dr for them to have a look just in case .

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                            The birds have also been busy feasting and being at their watering hole .

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                                              Thirsty work eating and flying from feeder to feeder .

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                I cant believe this is the last weekend of September already , where the heck did this month go ?

The odd butterfly , bee , Dragon fly and Cicada are still around as well , the crickets are chirping up a storm all day and night  .

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Some trees have changed already but most are still green , even though it is officially fall , summer is hanging on and I think some of mother nature maybe confused . I am enjoying having the windows open all day and night and waking to the freshness of the air each morning , the sun rises and sun sets are soo pretty this time of year  to but it is beginning to get dark earlier now and that I do dread  so I am taking in all I can get from the sun for now .

  This weekend Papa and I are finishing up the garden clean up and a few odd jobs that need to be done and enjoying the lovely weather we are to have more of ,   maybe have a camp fire in the fire pit or one in our Chiminea by the patio .

I am keeping an eye out for this Sundays  Super Moon the Harvest Blood  Moon  I hope to be able to capture it on the horizon as it is rising or at least over the top of our valley ,  I've got to time it just  right   lol !  I hope it is a clear night fingers and toes crossed for this lol !

                               Any who that's it for me for now. Until next time . Hope you all have a good weekend .

                                                             Country Gal

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wishing You All A




                         Country Gal

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Over Already ?


Saturday was a bust for being out side as it rained all day but we needed it so that was ok .  Papa spent the best part of the day fixing our toilet so it doesn't wobble when you sit on it lol . Yesterday as it was such a beautiful sunny cool day we were out  in the yard doing some clean up . Papa did the leaves with the leave blower/ mulcher  and then did the grass . Then we both went about the gardens cutting down any plants that are all done for the season  . 

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We have two Japanese  maple trees that were doing well in the first few years but this year they just didn't sprout leaves and the trunks and branches  were grey instead of the nice red they are supposed to be  ,we fingered that last  years harsh winter caused their damage , they had grown  and sprouted at the bottom of the trunks so we cut it all down to the new growth and hope this winter will be easier on them and they will thrive again next spring .

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          My tractor Betsy was put to work yesterday hauling all the cuttings . As you see to the right of the photo I still have some flowers in the gardens and I have my Geraniums still outside hanging up but soon it will all have to be taken out and Geraniums brought in . SEPTEMBER 2015 (3 of 11)

                        Two hummers are still here fuelling up like crazy but I expect they will be leaving soon .

                          Our weekend felt short but we got some of  the things done from the  list so that's good .

I cant believe Fall /Autumn is a day away  .  The temps have been chilly at night and in the mornings now but the day time has warmed up nicely with cool breezes and is quite pleasant . This morning as I got up and our windows are open for the fresh cool air  I smelt wood smoke from one of the neighbours fire place that was soo nice to smell that with the fresh air . Then as I was making my cuppa tea  I spotted a deer at the last second walking across the road , they must of been in  field across from us for a change so I ran and grabbed my camera and tried to get a shot from in side but it was a flop they moved to fast and the hydro pole and porch got in my view and the camera wasn’t set for the light of the morning as it was still dusk but I managed to salvage the photo and play with it a bit , at least I can see it is in fact a deer and not a dark spot in the photo it originally looked to be lol . Oh well ya win some and ya loose some lol !

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The deer here are very quick and skittish and it has taken me 6 years to get this glimpse of them on camera as they don't come to the yards that have dogs , they stay in the fields away from people and dogs and only come out in the dusk of the early mornings  . But this is a start I now know they are about again and next time I will be hiding in the hedges  with camera in hand  quietly waiting to get their photos ! yes in my jammies and boots no doubt lol !

         Well that was our weekend ,quiet yet productive . I have some more cutting back still left to do in the gardens then that is all done , Then next is the wood piles .


                                                                   Until next time .

                                                              Country Gal

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Bit Of This & That


Well I must say I have been busy now with the clean up of gardens , cutting back plants that are done and deadheading those that are still going . The weather has been wonderful . Chilly and foggy in the mornings with the sun rising and cool breezes every day .

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The hummers are still hanging about fuelling  up like mad before their big journey . The Blue Jays are very active and noisy with all their squawking , Robins are chirping , Chickadees are playing in the trees as are the Sparrows , Gold finch are few at the feeders and on the cone flowers now and the nut hatch , Downy woodpecker have returned , the Eastern Blue birds are flying about like they don't know if they are coming or going and the Crows are plenty cawing in the fields and trees. It can be quite here with just crickets chirping and the odd Cicada buzzing  or it can be very noisy with all the birds chatting singing and chirping at once  . The starlings are flying and landing in droves , I do like their  chatter  and song to . The bees and butterfly's are also plenty as they fuel up for their big journey as well whist others have left weeks ago .

I have been watching this Sparrow hawk who has been hanging about trying to peg off the birds as they are at the feeders . He comes in fast undetected swoops down draws his talon's out and.. Missed every time . I have been wanting to get his photo for quite some time but he just keeps in the thick of the trees and blends in very well with the bark or the trees as well . Until yesterday  I was able to get a few photos of him as he was siting in the open of our big tree !.

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He doesn't look that big now but when his wings are open and he is flying at warp speed to catch his pray his wing span is amazing .

He knew I was way under him and he had me in the side of his eye until a dove came in behind him in the tree and he turned to look .

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He did come down twice to get a drink from the fountain and I missed my photo opp as Miggs saw him and of course she ran towards him so that was that lol . But I am happy with these photos  better then no photos of him I say lol !

This time of year we get a lot of pray birds about as some migrate and we live close to the migration path and 2 places  called Hawk Cliff close to us just on the north shores of lake Erie and Point Peele just an hour south east of us where there is a sanctuary so we get all kinds landing and flying about the valley .

                                                                         Like this Bald Eagle

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All though he was very high up and far away I was able to at least capture him and you can see what type of pray bird it is lol once they catch air in those huge wings WOW ! do they soar in the sky fast , they stay far away from the houses and only land or fly over the fields and tops of the valleys . We have seen them land in the fields when we were out in the van going some where and that’s when I don't have my camera  , figures eh? lol !

Miggs and I have been enjoying our morning walks as it has been cooler . She loves to run through the wet long grasses though . A pooped wet  pooch !

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                                                         Always on the alert for squirrels though .

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A few Rose of Sharon I got from Papa’s mom  , they are whites and pinks  so I have to get them planted soon  . Will be getting more clippings of other plants from her soon to put in my gardens  !

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Well that's it for me for now . Things are changing readying for the new season we all call Fall /Autumn to arrive next week . WOW ! time fly's doesn’t it? I will be out enjoying the weather busy in the gardens and of course walking with my Miggs and taking lots of photos  as time fly's by so fast .

          I would like to thank all of you who send well wishes for Papa as he was down and out with that rotten head cold last weekend ! Papa is all better now and glad that’s over with .

                                                              Until next time .

                           One can find beauty in every season if you take the time to really look !

                                                                Country Gal

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Quiet Weekend With A Sickie


Yup we had a quiet weekend , didn’t  get the out side stuff done we wanted to as it rained all day Saturday and yesterday was cloudy and cold , speaking of cold, Papa has been down and out this weekend with a bad head cold and has been resting , he never gets sick but it got him this time  he woke this morning still feeling YUK !   no going to work today for you Mr , call in and take another day of rest , chicken soup and sleep , so he did .

I have been puttering about . Took a few photos , went for a walk with Miggs when the weather cleared for a bit , nothing to exciting  .

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One lonely mini sunflower left around the big tree . We had a few but they have gone now ,  I think they are from the small oiled sunflower seeds I feed my birdies all though it is the first time they have ever grown and bloomed  .

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                        Mr moth seemed to be happy to just hang around on our living room window for a while lol !

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                                          All weekend the Goldfinch have been snacking on the cone flowers !

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We saw the sun yesterday just a few moments  before it set , as I was doing the dishes from supper and I saw the sun set shining on the trees in the valley in the east . I can see the leaves on these trees just starting to change ever so slightly .

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Then I went out and caught what was left of the sun set shining in the clouds in the west just before it sank into the western horizon .

Today the sun has come up the ground is dewy as the temps dropped to 8C or 46F  I had to turn the furnace on this morning to get the chill out but the day time temps are to be nice with the sun still shining and highs of 23C or 73F so that's a plus . Well of to check on  the sickie lol Papa before I go for my walk with Miggs and get my day on the go .

                                                                                   Until next time

                                                                                 Country Gal