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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Septembers Changes & Nature Photography !


Oh Darn This Humidity !! That’s how I have been feeling about the humidity we have been having and still have now for  a few weeks  . It drains you , it makes you feel yucky and sweaty and can make breathing uncomfortable . Miggs and I just barley make it around the block on our walks it gets so hot and humid early practically as soon as the sun is up we are sweltering . But I said the heck with it and got out side yesterday afternoon instead of staying in and went hunting for Septembers changes  with camera in hand . It wasn't to bad provided the breezes kept blowing  and the sun hid behind the clouds every now and then  so off I went , Miggs stayed in the shade of  the porch  most of the time lol !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (2 of 51)

I hear one very loud grasshopper amongst all the  sounds of the other grasshoppers , crickets and Cicadas and went hunting for him as he was close . Oh there you are I said . He sat still as if to pose for me so I took a few photos . Thank you Mr Grasshopper .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (3 of 51)

The leaves are starting to fall and change colour now and  the change of colours are becoming more and more noticeable on the trees to .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (7 of 51)

Some flowers and plants are at the end for the season whilst like this coneflower bush is in between ,  a shame to see them go  but the birds will love pecking at this soon .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (10 of 51)

                        Then you get those who just don't want the summer to end and keep on keeping on !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (11 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2015 (12 of 51)

As I went searching I found what I call a generation of fungi as there is the new the old and the gone of each fungi that has grown here in this old stump !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (18 of 51)

             The sumac trees are also going through a change . This one is on our little hill down near the road !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (14 of 51)

                                      I find them lovely and interesting trees almost tropical like they are  !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (13 of 51)

The wild flowers are in the same predicament as some fade to brown all though still pretty whilst others  still flourish .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (19 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2015 (22 of 51)

I just love the wild asters and all the butterfly's , bees  and moths  that feed from them  and how they grow amongst the bright yellow gold of the golden rod !!

SEPTEMBER 2015 (24 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2015 (35 of 51)

                                      Such perfect little flowers on each stem of all the wild flowers !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (50 of 51)

It is funny cause every time I want to take close ups of butterfly’s or flowers  I have to time it all with the breezes  lol maybe mother nature is helping out with my photography I know for one thing nature photography takes patients  and when it comes to nature and being out there in it I have tons of patients as I love to watch, study and learn of it right from the source it’s self .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (41 of 51)

I photograph in raw  which is like a negative and it is easier to do what ever one wants to do to the photo  or not  . When I am done I then transfer my done photos to my computers  photo library as it is easier to take from for posts  they are automatically converted to JPEG  I still have the originals in Lightroom at all times which are called NEFS

NEF (Nikon Electronic Format)
NEF is the  Nikon's RAW data from the camera. RAW files are like electronic negatives that need to be processed in computer software to have white balance, sharpness, etc. (things usually assigned by the in-camera firmware to a JPG or TIF.)  a bit of info here for those that may still be learning as I am as well .

. I also like using Pic Monkey for some framing and water marking .  I have many external hard drives for my photos that I back them up to just in case .   I like messing about with some photos like this one  above were I took a lot of it’s contrast, saturation and bumped up the vibrance  a bit to give it a different look !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (48 of 51)

                    Same with this one I just took its saturation and vibrance down  and bumped up the shadow  .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (1 of 1)

As for this one I completely re adjusted it  gave it a black and white base added some softening to the edges took the temperature of the photo down as did the clarity and lowered the shadow affect  and this is what I got . I love the program Lightroom , not only does it do a lot it also catalogues all my photos as I load them from my camera straight into it , it also keeps a record of every thing I have done and takes all the info from the camera , date, time , what all the settings that were  used to take each photo like Fstop, ISO and so on   and recognizes the camera that was used .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (36 of 51)

        Finally are seeing more of these guys now that they are frantically feasting  and fuelling up before their long  journey . 

The changes of September can happen fast as the leaves change and fall , the butterfly’s , bees and other bugs fade into the sky's to their new destinations as do the birds who leave for warmer climates as other birds return  and grasses die off as do the wild flowers and gardens ,  so I love to get out there and take as many photos as I can as I enjoy the beauty  , sights and the sounds of this ever changing land !

SEPTEMBER 2015 (51 of 51)

This photo is of one of our hummers at the feeder who are also all feasting and fuelling up like mad as they prepare for their big journey home . This photo is what I call the not so perfect , perfect photo lol  ! It is blurry in spots  and dark which is what I wanted as I was going for the lighting of what I saw through my lens and not so much of the subject  it’s self as he hid from me lol !  A little adjustment to bring the light out more as it is bouncing off of him in spots and the feeder ,  seems to of worked out pretty good  if I may toot my own horn here lol  !  Bringing out the detailing of  light they call it lol ! There are so many different styles of photography .

                                And last but not least Miggs who patiently waits  and watches for me to be done .

SEPTEMBER 2015 (21 of 51)


                                        Ok Miggs I am done till another day  . Lets go in where it is cool !

                                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                         Country Gal


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your photos! I am so ready for fall!

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots! Here the humidity seems to have broken.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely series of images. It is hot and humid here today but cooler weather is suppose to arrive tomorrow. We'll see about that. Love your cute Miggs! Enjoy your day!

Linda Kay said...

Great post with the fall colors and the changing flowers still blooming. And Miggs of course. I like the dogs in the picture with him....cute.

Deb said...

Wonderful photos, Elaine. I love the fungi shot. I have the same growing on some stumps at the back of our lot. Interesting, to say the least. The sumacs are pretty here, too.
The humidity is gone now and the rain has moved in. That's just fine with me.

Dagmar said...

Just a lovely series of photos! Happy mid week.:)

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos and I am also ready for fall!

RURAL said...

I'm a big fan of Lightroom, and so glad that Adobe created it! It changed my editing process...pst don't tell, but I like it better then Photoshop...lol.

Great shots!


Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Oh! I see Miggs has got a friend. Yes autmn is just around the corner, Everything dying back, butterflies disappearing but wonderful colours will be evident soon.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

At least the humidity is gone today and the windows are open again - yay! I couldn't live in parts of the US where it is hot and humid for days on end.
I love all the signs of spring you found, goldenrod is my favourite fall wildflower and I'm hoping the large mums will be for sale this week.
Happy September!

NanaNor's said...

Beautiful! Our weather is showing signs of fall-cool nights and brisk mornings, but no color changes yet. We know the Cicadas are around town, but again we haven't heard them. On last nights news, the weatherman said that because we had so much rain this spring and summer, the trees have a new fungus which is preventing the leaves from changing color. I always love fall and look forward to the changing colors.
Have a great Friday!
Hugs, Noreen