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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Bit Of This & That

Well  hello there !

Hope your day is going well .

Good news here on the home front , Miggs had her stitches out yesterday afternoon and the vet is pleased with how well and fast she has been recovering and we found out she has lost a total of 10 pounds from when we took her in to get the surgery and that's a good weight loss as it will help her with her recovery her legs and her Arthritis  and being able to get back to her old self  and once we can get back to our walking even better. She no longer has to wear her jammie sock and there barely is a scar it healed so well and it is smooth and not lumpy at all , Our vet again did a wonderful job .
Miggs still needs to wear the harness for the next few weeks  to help her up and down stairs till her leg gets strong enough to support her weight enough to take the stairs on her own but so far she is doing wonderfully.

                                                    Looks good huh no scar at all .

                                       We are very pleased at how well she is doing .

The weather has been a flip flop of all sorts with cold and mild temps but I just realized this is the last day of January WOW !  that went fast  I welcome February to the mix and it is a short month to only 28 days long WOOHOO ! Looking forward to March where the season springs forward an hour time wise on the 11th and Spring arrives on the 20th so not long away 😊 I know pushing it along aren't I but I am soo looking forward to March  as it is a push to my favorite seasons  .

The birds and squirrels have been busy at the feeders .

                       This is a few days before we got snow bombed again lol !

This squirrel below is from today , cheeky things are getting onto the feeder and just before I went out to refill no dought I was able to capture his shenanigans lol !

                                   Has that look of mischief  on his face doesn't he lol !

                                                         Well the look did said it all lol !

They are loving the freedom of the yard cause Miggs cant be out on her own and off leash for a while longer so they are taking advantage of it all lol ! Oh well .

We received this lovely gift from my mother in law  for our sign on our front lawn . A sweet stained glass Chickadee . Isn't it pretty .

My mother in law has made us lots of other stained glass things like lamp shades and so on she does them in her shop she has set up in their house .

 Well that's about all of This & That for us here for now , again I welcome February  and thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy day to pop by here for a visit and or comment .
                                                             Until next time



Monday, January 29, 2018

Update On Miggs

Hello !

Things have been going well , Miggs is healing fast and  walking on her leg more now just every now and then she holds it up but she is coming along just fine . Miggs gets her stitches out tomorrow late afternoon  so the jammie sock can come off and stay off now WOOHOO !

She has  a few meds to take for this recovery and then she is all done them . She will still need to keep the harness on for a few weeks just as a precaution and to help her up and down stairs till her leg has fully healed and can take all her weight on it , talking about weight Mama and Papa were to heavy handed with the treats in the past and our girl was a rolly polly when she stepped on the scale but we have backed off on the treats and is only aloud a few a day  she has healthy treats to little  baked Holistic all natural heart shaped ones in many flavours  like Blueberry and Duck her favorite and Sweet potato and Duck  and on and on lol so many flavours to choose from lol ! She has lost weight and needs to loose a little more so all is good  . she is finding it a bit easier to get about each day and is getting stronger each day now to , she can get up from a lying and sitting position on her own better now .

This is her not so impressed look as we just had nice mild weather 10C or 50F yesterday  and sunny the past few days and all the snow is gone and green grass everywhere makes it easier for her to get about on leash when nature calls for her but we are to get cold again and dumped on with lots of snow BOOHOO ! Times like this when she wishes she can go out and play in the snow or just play outside  she gets a little sad as do we and we are all getting a little crazy with cabin fever as our outings have to be short .

But all in all Miggs is recovering well and will be back to her old self in no time so we are all happy with  how well she is doing , she is such a strong determined girl  , can be a good thing and a bad thing at times but this time it's good .

Miggs  , Papa and I would like to thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy days to leave a comment and all the well wishes  for her , she sends WOOFS ! and KISSES !

                                                                  Until next time .

Monday, January 22, 2018

Miggs , Recovering Well

Hello .

It has been a tough week for us all before and after Miggs had her surgery  last Monday and came home the next day Tuesday .  The surgery went well and she did very well and is continuing to do well . We have been taking turns sleeping in the living room at night with her as our room is on the second floor and she can not take stairs even with help for next week so Papa does weekend nights and I  week nights as he has to work   and when Papa is home we do everything in shifts . We have the cone of shame we call it to put on her to stop her from getting at her stitches but like the last time she had this on her other leg she gets around it so Papa made a sock for her out of old sleep pants that attaches to her harness for the times we cant watch her or when I am on my own and cant have eyes on her 24/7 .She has a special harness on that helps us help her to get up and to steady her and hold her up to give the operated leg a bit of a rest and not to have a lot of pressure on it  for now and when she is out doing her business or at her bowls in her feeding station and when she has to take the small step up back into the house  .When  she is to go out to do her business she is to be on leash and that is all she is out there to do till her leg gets stronger . The swelling has gone as we give her a deep massage 3 times a day and she has her very own bag of peas as a cold compress lol they form better for her leg . We also do a range of motion a few times a day with her leg  !

                                                           The day after surgery .
 They don't bandage them any more like they did on her other back leg she had done 7 years ago , for it helps heal faster this way .

This is Miggs today .

                    Don't you just love her snazzy jammie sleeve Papa made for her lol, beats the cone of shame that gets in the way for her as our old farm house has lots of small areas and and not a lot of space for the cone really, it doesn't work for her in both aspects but her sleeve works like a charm , when we are with her the sleeve comes off to air it out and we can watch her more closely but she is a licker so ya better be fast lol !

She gets the stitches out next Monday January 30th WOW  the ends of January already that went fast . We had a big melt down with  warm temps and rain again for the second time this season and our snow is the odd few patches here and there , lots of green grass around again . Miggs enjoys the little lime she has outside when she is out to do her business but we both really miss our walks a lot but in the next few weeks we will be able to take small walks about the yard and go up the street more and more each week . By spring she should be fully recovered and we can enjoy our daily walks again .

  Well that's it for us for now , lots of TLC for our girl as always and getting and keeping her on the road to recovery .
                                                     Until next time .


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update On Miggs With A Bit Of This & That

Miggs had her  surgery yesterday , it went well and she did well to . We are going to pick her up later this afternoon . Now for the next 6 to 8 weeks of recovery and hoping by spring Miggs will be back to her old self . WOOHOO !

Now for the bit of this and that lol !
Weather ! what WACKY weather we have been having , more snow this year for us then we have had in years and cold BRR down right nasty cold , but just a few days ago we had high temps and major melt down  with lots and lot of rain which was nice to have the warmer temps and to see lots of green grass again .  The high temps and melt down we had has sent the rivers into a frenzied chaos as huge chunks of ice and debris  cause all kinds of flooding and blockages some of our port towns by lake Erie had to be evacuated due to it all . Our river here seems to be ok so far.

Now we have just had more snow fall all though temps aren't that bad and the grass is once again all white but the temps are to climb again as the week goes on and we are to have two days of rain again , gona be another mess for our water ways .

These two birdies have been good at sharing the suet for a few days now . So cute to see and watch them all every day .

Junco on the left and a Downy Woodpecker on the right . Our Juncos are getting smarter as these birds usually are ground feeders but the ones here this year are sitting on the feeders and feasting more  , some have even learnt to balance on the Nijar feeder and feast  which  is odd to see .

Mr Squirrel lives in our big old  tree that this garden wraps around and I often see him coming home with special treats as he stores them in the tree and often sits on my pick fence and  enjoys those treats . I used to feed them peanuts but it got to a point where they were taking over the yard for them so I had to stop but looks like they are getting goodies from our neighbors MR & MRS H and bringing them here to feast on  lol !

Well that's about it for me for a bit here . Miggs will be home later today , resting and getting more TLC  . We will have her set up in a special harness  to help her walk and keep the pressure off her operated leg till it heals and gets stronger gona be a challenge for us all . Thanks to you all for your well wishes for our Miggs she sends you all tail wags and kisses !
                                                    Until next time
                                                                Country Gal

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Bit Of This & That

Not so much going on here as the weather has been quit the flip flop and Miggs is not able to go for her walks or play outside due to her injury which she will be going in for surgery this coming Monday . She is doing good considering but I do feel for the poor dog not able to be the active playful dog she was just a week or so go but we will get her back to her old self in time and recovery.

On another note this winter and weather has been crappy  with very cold days more snow then we have had the last few years and now we are in a bit of a melt down for a day or two with warm temps rain then by the weekend it will all be going down hill from there for there is a big storm on its way with freezing rain and more snow . The warmer temps and rain that is to start later today and through tomorrow has the county trucks about and front end loaders scooping up the mountains of snow at the ends of the streets and roads so we don't get big floods with the warm temps and rain .

I haven't been able to get out much and take photos but I did take these few over the past week here and there .

 The birdies have been very busy at the feeders the past few weeks . It is nice to see them every day .

  Over the holidays I was playing about with my camera at night with one of our  kaleidoscope lights we have in the back yard and how it makes the snow look like water .

 Even though we have had lots of snow and cold it is nice to have the sun shining every day but the air is hazy with dampness this morning as I took this photo from my window . I am enjoying the sun sets getting later and the day light lasting longer to . I am soo looking forward to spring now and  Miggs and I getting back to our daily walks when she is all better  .

      But for now we are hunkering down for this mish mash of storm heading our way .

  Miggs still enjoys the odd cool off in the snow but now has to be on leash  till her leg is healed and she cant be walking for long periods  but like the last time she had this type of injury to her right leg she still has her happy go lucky disposition and a tale wag for all . 

                                                            Until next time .
                         Country Gal

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Tough Start To The New Year

For poor Miggs .

 She is layed up due to her injuring her back left leg doing what she has always done chasing critters  and  ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL – similar to the ACL in humans. This ligament connects the back of the femur (the bone above the knee) with the front of the tibia (the bone below the knee). The CCL is responsible for keeping the tibia in place beneath the femur and stabilizing the knee joint. So Miggs will be going in for surgery very soon and is now on very limited activity and has to be on leash when she needs to go out to do her business. She did this very same thing to her right leg 6 years ago but her knee joint was damaged with it , this time it is just CCL her knee joint is in good condition . She will be layed up  from now till after the surgery for 6 to 8 weeks with a cast on very much like she was 6 years ago but after all this she will be right as rain . The vet checked  her out more like her heart lungs teeth and what not and said she is healthy other wise and this kind of thing  can happen to any age of dog and very active dogs as well  which she generally is . So we have lots of mats and runner mats about the hard wood floors now so she can get about on her good legs with out slipping and take some of the strain off of her . Miggs is still very young at heart and in her mind ,  she is now 8 years old  and  is now considered a senior  in the dog world but she is a strong determined girl always happy go lucky even when she had all this happen 6 years ago and still is with this injury . So we are at her beck and call for the next 2 months or so as we help her get back to being her old self . I will be here on and off  as much as I can to update on Miggs recovery .

                                                              Until next time
                                 Country Gal