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Monday, February 28, 2011



There is a lot that I don't remember from when I was on the farm but I find that looking at these old photos a lot is coming back to me especially all the animals and their names. This is me with our cats Timmy and Fluffy .


I was my dads little miss muffet as he called me , I was also a little sneaker as you see me being caught in the action here reaching for my dads beer.


My dad made his own beer and wine back then and every now and then he would make me what we call a shandy , that's a touch of beer and lots of ginger ale in a very small beer glass once in a while . Guess that's were I got the taste for dads beer lol

As I said earlier about being a tom boy and hated it when mum put me in dresses and the fact that they never stayed on long cause I would rip them off I found myself hanging with my brother imitating him in his hockey gear, I grew up watching hockey as our family loved the sport , guess that was the Canadian part in us, even though mum and dad brought us up with a lot of their British traditions. My dad would make an ice rink in our yard every winter.


I also loved my tractor and rode it every were ,eventually growing older driving them lol


This photo was my first day of school and my first time on a school bus, I went to a public school up in the main town of Caledon called Caledon public school . It went from kinder garden to grade eight I attended that school right to grade 8.

0017 0019

I still remember my bus drivers name Mr Dodd's he was the nicest bus driver there was. I have now idea what mum packed in that brown lunch bag but it looks pretty big lol


            My brother and sister and I all ready to go to school, they were in high school and took a different bus.

My parents were also very musically inclined and so were my brother and sister , here is my dad and I

I think he is trying to get me to play the guitar here , um I think it’s a bit big daddy.


My mum and dad every summer would have a pig roast and we would have family and friends join us and all have a good time. My dad and his weird western attire, ok dad pants on the out side of the boots!




The cattle in the back ground are our Herefords , Missy, Round head and Horns they were named. We would live off of our live stock and we had a butcher in a local town called Caledon East the butchers name was Billy Van. When it was time for our live stock to go my dad could not watch them being loaded on the truck.




                      We didn't take photos like we do now a days but all the photos I do have make for a good family story to show to our kids and grand kids when the time comes.

                            Stay tuned for the final chapter later .                                                                                

                                              Hope you all have a good day !

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


It all started when my parents came to Canada from England and settled in Toronto Canada with my sister  and then my brother was born they then moved to a small farming town in Brampton Ontario Canada were I was born March 1966.


They were in the small farming town for a year and then they decided to move north of this town to the country and try their hand at a hobby farm. We then moved in 1967 to this bungalow in the country in a area called Caledon. I think they thought it would be good for us kids to grow up in the country around animals and  the sweet fresh country  air.


It was a nice property with lots of potential, green pastures and space for us kids to play.  There was no barn or coop just a small animal type shed and a dog kennel for two. My parents had all kinds of plans and a lot of work ahead of them but they were never afraid of hard work. My dad worked at a steel company called Brockhouse that was in the city and my mum stayed home and attended to her gardens us kids and the farm whilst dad was at work.


My mum always had fresh veggies from her garden and always cooked home made meals and made  baked deserts .She would have so much food from her gardens that she would freeze them over the winters so she could have fresh veggies in the cold months to put in her soups and stews. We had chickens and we loved the fact that we could go to the coop and get fresh eggs right out our back door.


Mum feeding her guys and gals, and yes she always wore a apron or as the British called it her piny! even under her lumber jacket you can see the yellow of her piny peeking out.That's one of the things I remember most of my mum was her in her piny. We never had large herds of any animal just enough for my mum and dad to handle each year.


My dad and I with our new calves that he got from a local farmer for their start on the hobby farm.We were weird in a comical way at naming our animals these guys were named steak and hamburger . We did live off of our small live stock .I think my parents did a bit of both hobby farming for the pleasure as well to live off of . I was always with my dad whilst he was out with the animals, back then I had no fear and loved them all as I still do to this day ! There is a story in our family of me at the age of 4 swinging on these guys tails when they were fully grown! My dad said then he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me ! I was a tom boy to the core even though my mum tried to put me in dresses or skirts they didn't stay on long as I would  pull them off in no time. We had sheep, chickens, ducks rabbits , cattle , horses. dogs and cats and the odd stray every now and then.

0008 My sister and I . Mum always tried to get me in dresses  or skirts as I said they weren't on long lol I hated  them ! still do !


My brother with one of his sheep in there he named her Lucky, she was the first to lamb and always did a fine job year after year. We had always named our animals , there also was Jenny and Lucy, then Glen, Larry and Franco they were the rams.


Me with our spring lambs I was 4 years old. This photo was used as a add for another steel company that my dad delt with through his steel company Brockhouse.


  Dad ,I and his shepherd Tina. She was a gentle dog and I loved to play with her. We also had a beagle named Cookie they loved to play and run around the property when we were outside but my parents kept them in a kennel with plenty of room to move and house that was insulated to protect them from the weather and the heat and cold of the seasons.They were also aloud in the house the odd occasion


My sister and brother had their own horses . Their names were Tardy cause he took so long to be born , Sparky that was as my mum called him the little bugger cause he had a nasty attitude, and then there was my sisters horse Gypsy.

0012          0023

0033                00180024     

Well that is all for now I will post part 2 of my childhood on the farm tomorrow.

                                              Hope you all have a great day !

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Friday, February 25, 2011


We woke this morning at 6am like we do every weekday morning looked out side , CRAP! it’s a blizzard. Just what we didn’t want to see . It has been so windy, cold and snowy all morning. They say it is to get warmer and sunny later today, ya right  ! They are also saying it is to get warmer and we are to get rain now on Sunday, that would be good wash all this snow away and we will see green grass but I will believe it all when I see it ! So I decided as much as I have had enough of snow to take a photo of what it looked like this morning in the blizzard .


The snow was falling fast and furious and blowing around that I couldn't get my usual photo of the snow its self falling  ! All that haze in the photo is the snow ! YUK!

Miggy is doing well, spunky as ever, stubborn as ever and darn right determined to what she wants . She doesn't seem a bit fazed of the fact that she has a bandage type cast on  her leg and is still healing. We now call her speedy Gonzales on three legs, boy oh boy can she hop fast lol . One more week then she goes to the vet to get her check up and hopefully get the bandage off and her stitches out . Then the therapy starts.  As of tonight I get to sleep in our bed , we are taking turns , Papa sleeps in our bed during the week, I on the couch during the week  well on the couch cushions on the floor I find it more comfy for a full night but napping on the couch for me is ok. On the weekends I get the bed and he gets the couch. I guess its better then him getting the dog house hahahaha ! Even Miggy doesn't sleep in her dog house she doesn't like it , nope she has her couch spoiled girl no wonder she doesn't like her dog house lol . It’s funny, every morning Miggy insists on siting on me with her bandaged leg sticking out just before I get up and likes to cuddle, oh my she is heavy. Any who hope you all have a great weekend !

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


SNOW!!! that is . I have had enough already but mother nature hasn't. We are getting more snow once again over this weekend . I think I will be like the bears and hibernate till its all over and wake to warm sun shine ,green grass and flowers , I wish. If I get any more cabin fever Papa will have to send me to the Looney bin for it because I am going nuts with this snow and winter , short of pulling my hair out and ranting and raving like a total freak running around screaming.

                                               NO MORE SNOW !!!!!!!!!!

Daffy Duck Clipart

                     Kind of like this guy is doing lol . This is how I feel about snow now !

                             Even poor Miggy is going stir-crazy with all the snow !

                                                  COME ON SPRING !!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It is nice and sunny today but right now it is bitterly cold. The temp is to be going up to  +1 above zero. Not all that warm to me but at least the sun is shining that makes me happy. I am doing some laundry early this morning and just puttering around. Miggy is sleeping after she had her medications. I find myself constantly looking at photos of flowers,green grass and anything  to do with spring and summer. I have noticed a lot of bloggers posting spring photos to try to ward off the winter blahs I don't blame you. I have had enough of this harsh cold and lots of snow as well, it has been quite a long winter with  hardly any sunny days. I cant wait for the warmer weather and all the snow to be gone now. I haven't been able to do much photography as I have to watch our Miggy and not let her out of sight so she doesn't hurt herself  , the surgery and bandages don't seem to slow her down much and she is determined to get a little to hyper  and I have to remind her to relax and settle down, well you should see the look on her face when I do tell her ya would think she had just lost a best friend poor girl ! ears hung low and the look in her eyes is so sad as if to say (“ awe but mum I’m bored of being careful” ).

As for the spring photos that everyone is posting to ward away this nasty winter blahs . I have a few I would like to share with you all, just a few of my favourite things I love about spring and summer.

countrycove 12  (48)

                            Butterflies are my absolute favourite  to watch and photograph.

July 30 2007 (13)this took for ever to capture!


                                Also flowers and bugs ! or rather bugs stuck in a flower lol.

countrycove10 (55)

                                            AHAHAHA! Daisy’s My favourite flower .

                              There are hundreds of different types of daisy’s and I love them all !


                                  Morning Glory's come in so many colors they are all beautiful.


                                             I love the double mixed Daffodil's


                                                 Birds, I just love birds .

countrycove10 (62)

  The Robin is one of my favourite song birds , I love to hear his chatter and song at sunrise and sunset !


   What I like to do sometimes is listen to this cd whilst I am reading my books. There are a lot of  different nature cd’s all done by a Canadian, Dan Gibson here is their web site   http://www.solitudes.com there cd’s are amazing !



                         Our gardens that provide color and different garden ornament's.

   Well that's just some of my favourite things about spring and summer I could go on for ever .

                                 What are your favourite things about spring and summer.

                                                            Have a great day !

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