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Monday, February 28, 2011



There is a lot that I don't remember from when I was on the farm but I find that looking at these old photos a lot is coming back to me especially all the animals and their names. This is me with our cats Timmy and Fluffy .


I was my dads little miss muffet as he called me , I was also a little sneaker as you see me being caught in the action here reaching for my dads beer.


My dad made his own beer and wine back then and every now and then he would make me what we call a shandy , that's a touch of beer and lots of ginger ale in a very small beer glass once in a while . Guess that's were I got the taste for dads beer lol

As I said earlier about being a tom boy and hated it when mum put me in dresses and the fact that they never stayed on long cause I would rip them off I found myself hanging with my brother imitating him in his hockey gear, I grew up watching hockey as our family loved the sport , guess that was the Canadian part in us, even though mum and dad brought us up with a lot of their British traditions. My dad would make an ice rink in our yard every winter.


I also loved my tractor and rode it every were ,eventually growing older driving them lol


This photo was my first day of school and my first time on a school bus, I went to a public school up in the main town of Caledon called Caledon public school . It went from kinder garden to grade eight I attended that school right to grade 8.

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I still remember my bus drivers name Mr Dodd's he was the nicest bus driver there was. I have now idea what mum packed in that brown lunch bag but it looks pretty big lol


            My brother and sister and I all ready to go to school, they were in high school and took a different bus.

My parents were also very musically inclined and so were my brother and sister , here is my dad and I

I think he is trying to get me to play the guitar here , um I think it’s a bit big daddy.


My mum and dad every summer would have a pig roast and we would have family and friends join us and all have a good time. My dad and his weird western attire, ok dad pants on the out side of the boots!




The cattle in the back ground are our Herefords , Missy, Round head and Horns they were named. We would live off of our live stock and we had a butcher in a local town called Caledon East the butchers name was Billy Van. When it was time for our live stock to go my dad could not watch them being loaded on the truck.




                      We didn't take photos like we do now a days but all the photos I do have make for a good family story to show to our kids and grand kids when the time comes.

                            Stay tuned for the final chapter later .                                                                                

                                              Hope you all have a good day !

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Muffy's Marks said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. What a wonderful childhood.

Rob said...

Time passes doesn't it. When you look at the old pictures you can't help but wonder where it went.