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Friday, February 11, 2011


We got our Harley  in November of 2008 .We figured she was born in August so we made it the 16th so that's her Birthday. Harley was a tiny little stray wondering around Papas parents place here, at the time we didn't live here . Papas mom saw her and felt so bad for her being out in the cold and all alone so tiny and helpless so she put a box with a blanky in it and some food & milk down in their garage, at the time Harley was soo scared of everything but eventually she stayed in the garage and slowly got used to her surroundings and people. Papas mom was talking to him via computer and told him about the kitty and said she cant keep her cause she already has pets and was thinking of taking her to a shelter, WELL ! she showed us some photos and that was that , I said we will take her, she was soo cute and tiny. DSCN1249

Papas mom said she's very friendly now loves to cuddle and purrs loud like a motorcycle hence the name I gave her Harley  and boy oh boy does she ever purr, you can hear it though out the house whether its quiet or not . She is a good cat and when we used to come down here to visit my in-laws we brought her with us, she traveled well for a cat, she would sit on my lap on her blanket the entire trip 2 hours. I have photos of her as a kitten to now we figure she is 2 & 1/2 years old. She has quite the character, when you pretend to chase her and say gona gets you  she runs and hides and then waits and jumps out at you with a big fluffy tail  entire body puffed up walking sideways trying to look tuff, its funny, and if she hides and you find her and say peek she runs and hides some were else . She is active at night when we go to sleep, she has toy mice and literally tosses them around with her mouth . Papa and I hear it and say there she goes mouse tossin time lol. She has a thing for the sound of dishes clanging , especially from the dish washer when I am putting the clean ones away, she cry's, it’s weird sounds like a banshee , she also talks to you with a half purr meow thing and a course brrr sound and when she sees birds from the window she goes right out of herself makes all kinds of strange meows and banshee sounds. We have nick names for her as well : Harley roo, Rooboo  , Peanut and Spunky monkey and she responds to them all. When we got Miggy, Harley wasn’t impressed , Harley has a full set of claws, never has scratched anything but her post and she has never used them on Miggy she just lightly bats her nose when they play. She tells us when Miggy wants in , Harley meows and when Miggy went to the vets and stayed Harley would wonder around calling for her. Harley is a indoor cat, to many here go missing or become well road kill don't want either.  Harley is a wonderful cat and we love her just as much as we do Miggy they are our fur babies, our girls.

ballerina kitty

                                               Above : Harley as ballerina kitty !

                                     Kung Fu Kitty

                                                    Above: Kungfu kitty !

such a lazy day !

                                           Above:   Garfield impression !


                                            Above:  Queen of her castle!


                          Above:   Had a mouse in the house, Harley was investigating!


                                        Above :  Enjoying the warmth !

    ain't I pretty !!!!!!!

                                                           Aren't I cute !!!!

                                              Harley is also our sunshine we love our Harley!

                                                    Red roseCOUNTRY GALRed rose

                                          K & E Photography


Janet said...

I saw your comment over at mama bugs, so I thought I'd hop over and visit. We are not really into cats, (our son and his wife have 2), but your Harley is something else. She is beautiful and quite a character. . . move over Garfield!

fernvalley01 said...

What a great little cat!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh I love Harley so much!!! My hubby has a Harley he rides, how cute you named her that!... I am entering her in Tess's giveaway, you didn't put her name on your comment, but she simply must be entered!... I love her as a ballerina and also as Kung Fu Harley (look out Walker Texas Ranger!)... kitty kisses!... xoxo Julie Marie

Faye Henry said...

What a dear cat and those pics are lovely!!!
I need a

Michaele said...

Awww I am now in love with Harley too. Great photos!

Nezzy said...

Ahhhhh....Harley caught air!!! I love the pictures.

God bless and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!!!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Harley is very photogenic and I love the action shots!

Verde Farm said...

Harley is quite the character. That ballerina photo is amazing but so are the others. I just love him too. Thanks for joining us for FF Friday :) Love the post :)

Heritage Farm Village said...

oh how i love sweet little harley! she is adorable and i cannot believe you got a shot of her standing straight up! i am so glad you took her in. so many kitties suffer...what a wonderful person you are! jill