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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was getting bored of the old blog look and wanted something simpler but nice looking and that had more room for our Country Cove photos. My other blog set up I  customised it  when I started blogging , “a newbie lol”  and now I found it was to busy with all the color I was using, so I changed it to a simple template and find it nicer on the eye’s, and it really make’s photos stand out better. It took me 2 hours to change everything, sometimes blogger just doesn't want to work with ya lol.  I use Windows Live Writer 2011 version  to do my posts and photos and I just love all of its capabilities and what I can do with it. I find simple is better !

So blogger friends, be honest, tell me what you think of my new blog look !

I have read and I follow so many blogs and they are all set up so wonderfully , a lot of thought and hard work goes in to these blogs and gives you the chance to be as creative as you like. I enjoy reading all about other bloggers and what goes on in their neck of the woods , their photos and their  ideas and set ups . It truly is a great thing blogging, you can see and connect  with so many nice people and as my mum would say, have a nose around their lives and what they enjoy and are doing .

Every morning I am at my computer for a hour or two posting and reading  what all my blogger friends have been up to, we are all at different time zones so some I have to look at later in the day. I do enjoy blogging very much and find it quite wonderful to share our simple country cove life and photos with all of  you  as you share all your photos and life with us!

The sun is rising right now and it looks like the weather is to be nice, cold  but if the sun is out I don't care what the temp is the sun makes me a feel happy Smile I need the sun in all the seasons !

                                                 Hope you all have a wonderful day !

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Laurie at Turner Farm said...

LOVE IT! I've been wanting an update for mine and really need to get moving on it. Your makeover motivates me to want to get it done. It looks fabulous! Hope your safe and warm. We got yet another +18 inches, with another coming Saturday.

fernvalley01 said...

Looks great.KISS(Keep it simple Sweetie)is a good way to do most things

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i love it! and i love your cute signature. i need to update my banner and create a signature but i get lazy on my blog...have a great day!

charlene said...

ITS! GREAT!!! WORK!! JUST CHECKIN IN! miss ya love ya I hope your knee is better? I REALLY!!! love the pics very njoyable!!! GREAT! JOB! keep it comin....