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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It is nice and sunny today but right now it is bitterly cold. The temp is to be going up to  +1 above zero. Not all that warm to me but at least the sun is shining that makes me happy. I am doing some laundry early this morning and just puttering around. Miggy is sleeping after she had her medications. I find myself constantly looking at photos of flowers,green grass and anything  to do with spring and summer. I have noticed a lot of bloggers posting spring photos to try to ward off the winter blahs I don't blame you. I have had enough of this harsh cold and lots of snow as well, it has been quite a long winter with  hardly any sunny days. I cant wait for the warmer weather and all the snow to be gone now. I haven't been able to do much photography as I have to watch our Miggy and not let her out of sight so she doesn't hurt herself  , the surgery and bandages don't seem to slow her down much and she is determined to get a little to hyper  and I have to remind her to relax and settle down, well you should see the look on her face when I do tell her ya would think she had just lost a best friend poor girl ! ears hung low and the look in her eyes is so sad as if to say (“ awe but mum I’m bored of being careful” ).

As for the spring photos that everyone is posting to ward away this nasty winter blahs . I have a few I would like to share with you all, just a few of my favourite things I love about spring and summer.

countrycove 12  (48)

                            Butterflies are my absolute favourite  to watch and photograph.

July 30 2007 (13)this took for ever to capture!


                                Also flowers and bugs ! or rather bugs stuck in a flower lol.

countrycove10 (55)

                                            AHAHAHA! Daisy’s My favourite flower .

                              There are hundreds of different types of daisy’s and I love them all !


                                  Morning Glory's come in so many colors they are all beautiful.


                                             I love the double mixed Daffodil's


                                                 Birds, I just love birds .

countrycove10 (62)

  The Robin is one of my favourite song birds , I love to hear his chatter and song at sunrise and sunset !


   What I like to do sometimes is listen to this cd whilst I am reading my books. There are a lot of  different nature cd’s all done by a Canadian, Dan Gibson here is their web site there cd’s are amazing !



                         Our gardens that provide color and different garden ornament's.

   Well that's just some of my favourite things about spring and summer I could go on for ever .

                                 What are your favourite things about spring and summer.

                                                            Have a great day !

                                                   Red roseCOUNTRY GALRed rose


Patsy said...

That made me feel better lovely photo's.

Nezzy said...

The sunshiny warm beautiful weather baby!!! This is one Ozarks chick that should'a been born a California girl...I could swim every blessed day of the year! Heeehehe!!

I so enjoyed your amazin' pictures!

God bless ya and have a beautiful day my friend!!!

Rob said...

Those Daffodils are very nice.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

These were just lovely to see, ELaine. I may have to reach back into my own photo archives for some spring pics too. Like you, butterflies are one of my favorite subjects along with the backyard birds. Glad Miggy is doing so well and hope you get a thaw soon.

Carol said...

Lovely! A nice break from the cold and snow! Beautiful photos of your butterflies and blooms CG!

Pandora's Cottage said...

Hello - Found you by way of Far Side of Fifty photos - and so glad I dropped in! Your photos are lovely. I'm now following so I don't miss anything!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Beautiful pictures!