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Friday, February 25, 2011


We woke this morning at 6am like we do every weekday morning looked out side , CRAP! it’s a blizzard. Just what we didn’t want to see . It has been so windy, cold and snowy all morning. They say it is to get warmer and sunny later today, ya right  ! They are also saying it is to get warmer and we are to get rain now on Sunday, that would be good wash all this snow away and we will see green grass but I will believe it all when I see it ! So I decided as much as I have had enough of snow to take a photo of what it looked like this morning in the blizzard .


The snow was falling fast and furious and blowing around that I couldn't get my usual photo of the snow its self falling  ! All that haze in the photo is the snow ! YUK!

Miggy is doing well, spunky as ever, stubborn as ever and darn right determined to what she wants . She doesn't seem a bit fazed of the fact that she has a bandage type cast on  her leg and is still healing. We now call her speedy Gonzales on three legs, boy oh boy can she hop fast lol . One more week then she goes to the vet to get her check up and hopefully get the bandage off and her stitches out . Then the therapy starts.  As of tonight I get to sleep in our bed , we are taking turns , Papa sleeps in our bed during the week, I on the couch during the week  well on the couch cushions on the floor I find it more comfy for a full night but napping on the couch for me is ok. On the weekends I get the bed and he gets the couch. I guess its better then him getting the dog house hahahaha ! Even Miggy doesn't sleep in her dog house she doesn't like it , nope she has her couch spoiled girl no wonder she doesn't like her dog house lol . It’s funny, every morning Miggy insists on siting on me with her bandaged leg sticking out just before I get up and likes to cuddle, oh my she is heavy. Any who hope you all have a great weekend !

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Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Ohhhh you are getting the weather - thanks for visiting. Our Lil Miss is a purebred - her coloring is "pinto".. I always wanted a miniature pony - guess I now have one!

Faye Henry said...

Hi... My, that looks like a bad snow storm.. It is to come to the Maritimes this afternoon...Like you say it is something we do not want. It would have to rain for days to get so I could even see out my front window. (from all the shovelling off of the roof)..
I am glad Miggy is doing so well. If we could only recuperate as fast... lol
Take care and God Bless....

Patsy said...

Hope all is well for the week-end.

West Side of Straight said...

Yes, we're in for more snow tomorrow too! This winter is getting just too oo o o o long!!!!!!!
Hi to you too Miggy!

Alica said...

I found your blog this morning via a comment on Gail's blog 'At the farm"...saw that you mentioned growing up with holsteins! That's us right now! We just saw what we hope is the last of our snow disappear yesterday in the rain! Have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

We are in for warm weather and snow today then more cold! Yikes will this winter ever end???

Lorilee said...

Glad I am down south! I tilled my garden last weekend and hope to do some planting today!