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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

We Have A New Family Member , The Four Legged Kind

Hi Its been quite some time since I have posted here , I seem to post alot on my Facebook rather than here.

We have a new furbaby join our family these past few weeks  . Her name is Skye and she is our second  rescue northern   husky mix and what a firecracker she is , she is now 10 weeks old and very fun and very smart . 

We have been busy for a few weeks now with the search of a pup and found this sweety  . 

We saw our youngest son James  and his partner Jessie  before they went off to a lovely trip to Punta Canna and they just adored Skye as they have all our fur babies ,  Jessie is a groomer and also is animal care worker . The had fun with Skye , Skye is a snuggle muffin lol .

  Since the covid stuff has settled down here and more has opened and mask mandates have been lifted and well all are just living with it  we have been able to see family a lot more now with we are so thankful for .

Our oldest  son David  and his little family came down for the weekend and it was lovely to see them . Skye and our grand baby Colton are soo cute together and Skye is very gentle with him even at her young age.


                    We cant believe how fast little man Colton is growing , he is 7 months now  .

    I  Grammy  loves getting down and playing and talking to Colton as he is such a happy giggly little  boy .

      Papa was making funny noises and Colton was trying to figure out where it all was coming from.

He really is such a happy little guy and really is doing well with everything , he will be crawling soon almost has figured it out but then he pulls himself up on things to so the crawling maybe obsolete and he may just go to walking . 

It is so wonderful to get back to life and have family around again  and we are blessed and lucky to also have found our little Skye to . It is Spring now which we are also happy about and are so looking forward to many more fun family filled days. Cant wait for the summer  to be out in the sun and about the yard with Skye and Colton . 😀

  Well that's about it for me for now  , hope all are well and enjoying getting back to a normal life and spending as much time as you can with family . 

                                                       Until next time .


                                      Country Grammy


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Just Recived Some Great News

More happy days ahead . We just received great news from our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan that we are to be grandparents again, WHOOHOO! They are expecting their first child , Leila wanted to get past the first few months before she told us and now we are looking forward to another grand baby . 


Our Son and daughter in law David and Cindee have our first grandchild a sweet little boy Colton and he is growing like a weed , he is now 5 months old and such a cutie pie . They come down and visit us once a month and keep us updated via messaging and video when they are at home .

Isn't he such a cutie and a very happy little guy to . We are Grammy and Papa to Colton and we just love having them visit and now we will soon have another little one to come and visit 🌝


We had our Christmas a week early with David,Cindee and Colton it was wonderful .
David /daddy and Colton 
Colton had just visited Santa for the first time at the farm .
                                                        Papa and Colton having a cuddle .


                                                    Colton has started foods now and he loves it lol . 

This is our daughter Leila and her dairy farmer hubby Dan  with Colton  as Leila and Dan came down to visit for the day .

 So lots to look forward to in days and months ahead with our little family . As for the weather  here it has its moments  , a bit of snow cold days then mild and rainy . I have been getting outside here and there to take photos and get some fresh air and enjoy the birds at my feeders , Spring is in 9 weeks and I am soo looking forward to it all . 

                                                            Until next time :


                                         Country Gal