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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

From My Windows Yesterday & A Bit Of This & That

It was rainy , windy and chilly so I spent the best part of the day inside puttering and taking photos of the outside lol !

OCTOBER 2018 (6 of 31)

Every day and evening for the past week we have been getting flocks of Robins arriving in our yard feasting on grubs and worms from the ground then they take to our trees and cedar hedges for the night .

OCTOBER 2018 (14 of 31)

The Turkey Vultures have been soaring about over  the valley in a  huge  flock . Did you know that when you have lots of them it is called a  committee, venue or volt. In flight, a flock of vultures is a kettle, and when the birds are feeding together at a carcass, the group is called a wake.  Interesting  so we had a huge kettle of Turkey Vultures .

OCTOBER 2018 (3 of 31)Miggs couldn't care less at the time she was snoozing on her swing on the patio porch  , rain or shine Miggs loves it there her fave spot to be outside  .

OCTOBER 2018 (15 of 31)                                           The weather is quickly becoming snuggly blanket weather for me lol !

OCTOBER 2018 (17 of 31)

                          Leaves are falling more and more each day especially with the winds we have been getting !

OCTOBER 2018 (18 of 31)                                                                     It was a day of dark clouds here and there .

Then just as the late evening was here the sun had showed its light with my favorite kind of clouds in the midst of it gleaming their pretty silver and dark linings .OCTOBER 2018 (25 of 31)OCTOBER 2018 (19 of 31)

                                                                               A brief moment of clear skyOCTOBER 2018 (26 of 31)

                                                                   for me to see the moon and take a photo of it .

                                                                                    Then it was back to clouds .

OCTOBER 2018 (27 of 31)

The sun has been shining today but winds have been chilly . I have just a bit left of gardens to put to bed before for the next coming season then I am done . 

                                                        Hope all are enjoying this colorful time of year   .

                                                                                         Until next time

                                                                                            Country Gal

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pretty Colours , Clean Up and Wild Life

Hello all . I hope all my fellow Canadians had a lovely Thanksgiving .  We sure did  Smile

The weather had been hot and humid again the past few days but now that humidity has gone thank goodness and it is nice and cool with fresh  cool breezes .

The colours down this way have slowly been changing , in the forests there is a mix of colours with still some greens as some trees are slower to change than others but all soo pretty .

OCTOBER 2018 (1 of 1)-10When Miggs and I go for our walks  in the mornings I like to snap a few pics of the colours in and around our valley with my phone .

OCTOBER 2018 (1 of 12)                                                         The pic  above and below are from just behind our house .

OCTOBER 2018 (4 of 12)

OCTOBER 2018 (10 of 12)

                                                                                          So many pretty colours about.

OCTOBER 2018 (12 of 12)

  We have had lots of birds about to as they all Migrate to and from and I was able to get a few photos  with my larger camera of these Juvenile Eastern Blue birds hanging out with a few Pine Siskin at the tippy top of our Blue Spruce trees in the back  .

OCTOBER 2018 (2 of 27)

OCTOBER 2018 (4 of 27)

                                                       OCTOBER 2018 (5 of 27)

                                               Mr Blue Jay here  was to busy pigging out on the suet lol !

OCTOBER 2018 (13 of 27)

                                                                        As was Mr Squirrel under the feeders .

OCTOBER 2018 (11 of 27)

I have been busy in the gardens and yard putting summer away and getting it all ready and tucked up for next coming season , with all the moisture we have had between the rains and the humidity there have been lots of fungi growing.

OCTOBER 2018 (17 of 27)OCTOBER 2018 (19 of 27)

                                                             I just love how each and every one is so different .

OCTOBER 2018 (20 of 27)

Well that's about it for me for now I best be getting out there and continuing with my gardens and yes leaves  every where lol !

OCTOBER 2018 (24 of 27)

                                                                                      Until next time   

                                          Country Gal