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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Playing With My Smartphone Camera

I like to use my smartphone camera in a pinch as I always have it with me and some times its just easier than lugging about my large camera .

                                           This little bee was enjoying my Cone flowers yesterday

Then early this morning it was raining and the toads came out to enjoy the rain drops . We get lots of toads on our patio when it rains or gets damp .

We had rain all morning and when it slowed right down to a gentle drizzle I got out there and had fun taking rain drop photos in my gardens .

                            Everything looked so happy and fresh with rain drops on .

                        I love the fresh feeling and smell of a good summer rain fall to .

             I seriously can spend hours just roaming about taking photos , I find it so fun and very relaxing lol.

                                                          Until next time

                                   Country Gal

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Is On With This and That


Its been a while again lol . Hope your all enjoying the summer as much as we are . It is a hot and humid one today with thunderstorms on their way for later this afternoon and evening .
Over the weekend we dog sat Misty's cousin Jade , they had a blast playing and chumming about together .
  Jade is about 2 1/2 and is a very good girl , she can get a bit squirrely at times but she is still young Misty just looks at here as if to say really that's way to much energy for me lol  , Jade loves to run and fetch her toys and brings them back and could do this all day but Miggs well once or twice for her and that's that nap time lol ! We all had a good day .

The clouds have been wonderful for the past few days as rain threatens but seems to by pass our valley more often πŸ˜” hope we get the rain in these storms coming today .

                                           I just love clouds and cloud shelf's like this .
I haven't been taking to many photos as I have been busy with other things lately but I have managed to snap a few for this post 😁 My gardens are in full swing and everyone is enjoying them πŸ˜€

Nice to see all the wild life getting along at and under the feeders . I have lots of water features about for them all to as the  summer heat rises and I πŸ’“watching them play and splash in the water .Talking about heat I am soo thankful for AC as is poor old Miggs .

The Northern Flickers have been very vocal this past week and very active to up in our big old maple Manitoba tree  , I love the sound of them .

Mrs Robin is on her second batch of babies one of the many Robins we have nesting in our yard along with lots of other birdies as she stops for a well deserved rest with a beak full of goodies for the youngsters .

And last but not least I πŸ’“ the dollar store and this is where I fell in πŸ’“ with this printed  cotton table cloth , I had to have it as we all know I πŸ’” my butterfly's as well .

Well that's about all for me for now things are well as I hope they  are with all of you  .

                                              Until next time  have a great week !πŸ˜ƒ

                        Country Gal