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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I See The Light


Sun light that is . Finally after over a week of gloomy cloud , fog and rain the sun decided to grace us with it’s presents and I have been so happy to see the light of the sun  WOOHOO !

JANUARY 2017 (2 of 6)

                                        The temps yesterday afternoon were  warm it was like a spring day here !

JANUARY 2017 (3 of 6)

                                                               Miggs was happy and enjoying the sunshine to .

JANUARY 2017 (4 of 6)

Getting shaggy again isn't she ? Time to go to the groomers again for a spa day and get all cleaned up and a hair cut or in her case a fur cut  lol !

JANUARY 2017 (5 of 6)

It was so warm bugs began to emerge and the birdies were happy about that as I saw a few trying to catch them , extra nutrient treat for them this time of year . 

So we have had sun for the best part of the weekend but unfortunately as of Monday back to rain  ,  Oh well I guess it is what it is , at least we aren't freezing cold and buried in snow so I am thankful for that at least .

Not much has been happening here , it’s been  pretty quiet  . I cant believe we are starting the last full week of January already , my goodness how the time and days go by so fast . The next thing I am looking forward to now is Day light savings , clocks forward one hour on March 12th and then that will bring  earlier sunrises and later sun sets  WOOHOO!  and of course the return of Spring on   March 20th  OH YEAH !!! .

                                                             Until next time , hope the sunSun is shining where you are !

                                                                               Country Gal

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ok , Enough Rain Already !


It has been raining for days now , no sign of sun at all  just the odd bright spot here and there to make me think the sun will pop out but nothing . I don't mind the odd day of rain here and there but OH MY GOSH enough already , they also show rain all weekend and all next week  YIKES !  Please Mr sun  Miggs and I  need you .

                                               This is me from all the rain and gloomy dreary days .


                                                                       This weather is ok if your a


                                                                                 Please Mr Sun shine down on us


                                                                              No more rain for us for now pleeeease !!!


                                                                                        Country Gal 20140701073955_file_53b30e8b7716d_48