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Friday, March 24, 2017

Happy Birthday



Yes  , I am tooting my own horn and   wishing myself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,  Awe heck why not LOL !



               Papa bought me a lovely cake decorated just the way I like it with spring colours and flowers  ! Thanks Papa Red heart

As of tomorrow Saturday March 25th or if you are reading this and it is Saturday I am now  51 ,  to some still young to others  old as the hills lol  but to me  just plodding along realizing that the days, weeks , months and years go by faster with age  and try  not to miss a thing  amongst it all  .

         The weather was lovely with  warm sunshine and the temps reached 14C or 56F as of the overnight into Saturday and most of the weekend rain , rain and more rain oh well it is spring after all . Papa and I are just puttering about this weekend , Miggs has been sick with a tummy bug we think or she ate something out side  that doesn't agree with her  , lord knows what that could of been .

                                                                                       Until next time .

                                                                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Picture Perfect Spring Day


Yup that's what is was for sure today . This morning gave promise in the sky's of a nice sunny day .

MARCH 2017 (3 of 38)

                                                                                   Sun rise at 7:25 am .

MARCH 2017 (2 of 38)

                                                                        Early morning moon  .

MARCH 2017 (1 of 38)

                                                        As the Robins were singing the praises  and greeting the sun .

Lots of other birdies were chatting away  and that it was the start to a picture perfect day. We had  warm sunshine , temps were comfy , Miggs and I went for a nice long early morning walk then  sat out in the sun for a bit in  the afternoon  and all the birds , Miggs and I  are  happy happy happy  , it is spring after all lol !

MARCH 2017 (11 of 38)

MARCH 2017 (12 of 38)

MARCH 2017 (15 of 38)


MARCH 2017 (19 of 38)


MARCH 2017 (18 of 38)

Yup the fly's are out and about to just a couple here but the house was covered in them in the sun shine all getting warm on the house  and they are in the grass to and the birds have been snapping them up !

MARCH 2017 (20 of 38)

                                                                        I put my spring flag up yesterday !

MARCH 2017 (32 of 38)

Birds are making nests now , Papa and I are bringing out his barn bird houses he made over the years this evening for the birds to nest in again .

MARCH 2017 (24 of 38)

                                      Lots of songs going on from all the birds as mating season is in full swing !

MARCH 2017 (26 of 38)

                                                                              And feasting at the feeders to !

MARCH 2017 (27 of 38)

MARCH 2017 (35 of 38)

                                                                And laying upside down in the sunshine !

MARCH 2017 (36 of 38)

                                                     Enjoying a fresh drink from one of the watering holes !

MARCH 2017 (37 of 38)

                                                                     Watching the temps rise bit by bit .

 MARCH 2017 (38 of 38)

I hope for lots  more picture perfect spring days like this now with lots of sunshine  and even warmer  temps !

                                               Nothing like Spring when all comes alive and is new and fresh all over again !

                                                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                                              Country Gal