Woods Country Cove

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Visit


Our daughter Leila came down to visit us. It has been a long time since we have seen her as she attends University way up north of us ! I took photos then Leila took over the camera I was no longer on the other side of it , boy did that feel weird !


                           Miggy just wont give up her ball that easily as Leila found out !




                                        I took tons of photos of them playing !


                                  Papa and I had top soil to top up our gardens with !


                    I have no idea what I was doing Leila said it looks like I was in deep thought !


                     Now I know why I am the photo taker ! I do not like Having my photo taken !


This is why I don't like being on the  photo end of the camera ! I have no idea what to do !


        So now its my turn to have photos of Miggy and I playing !



                    Miggy herding Papa on the tractor again !

DSC_6581       Papa and Leila folding up the tarp that had the top soil in it in the back of the truck . We made another little garden around my Forsythia bush I will show that later !  All done for the day !

                       Leila is going back today and we will see her some time during the summer .

                                   Until next time Hope you all had a good weekend !

                                                 Country Gal

Friday, April 27, 2012

This & That At Country Cove


Yesterday was a  strange day weather wise , warm one minuet chilly the next then cloud and sun on and off all day . The sun has just risen and it is cold out the temps dropped down freezing last night . I have lost most of my Daffodils and my Hyacinths don't look to good either !

But on the plus side I got my camera batteries charged and am locked a loaded to take photos again and that I did !


                    Mrs Robins nest tucked deep in our cedar hedges by our driveway !

I tried to get a photo of her in the nest but she wasn't having any of that so I took photos of her as she was telling me off for being to close to her nest !DSC_6321

                                            Click on photos to enlarge if you please !


Then I snuck over by my potting shed peeking around the corner with just the lens sticking out and realized the Baltimore Oriole  was in the bowl on the stump !


            He seems to like the peanuts better then the nectar I have out for him !


                        He was watching me the entire time !


                             Then Baltimore flew off and Chippy got in the action !


                       Mr & Mrs Dovey out for a stroll to see what's going on !

DSC_6433   Miggy just after she treed a Squirrel  she has a funny look on her face as  if she is quietly blowing raspberries at the squirrel !


       Last but not least ground flock in our front garden I am glad some plants have survived the drop in temps at night ! Hopefully soon the temps will be warmer at night like they should be as we are approaching May !

                   Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                   Country Gal

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Garden Surprise


Yesterday on Papa’s way home from work he stopped in town for a few bits and pieces of groceries that we needed   and surprised me with this sweet garden solar light !


                                   I took this photo to see what it looks like in the light !

solar hummingbird-2

                 Papa took this photo to see what this pretty hummer and flower looks like lit up !

                                   I love it , it is soo cute ! Thanks Papa !

He also picked up more planter hummer feeders for me as one of my old ones broke !


                    I should get Papa to go to Wally’s world more often on his own lol !

                              Yup I’m easy , it doesn't take much to make me happy Open-mouthed smile !

                                                          Thank you Papa  Red heartRed heart !!!!!!

The weather yesterday was nice sunny and warm, today  to be raining and cool . Yesterday I had a feeling that our Hummers and or Baltimore Orioles will be back soon so I made a batch of home made nectar and put one of each feeder out !  I was right the Baltimore Oriole came back just hours after I had put the feeder out . I went to get my camera and BOOHOO ! batteries deader then a door nail . RATS ! , DARN IT !  I shouted   . I have two rechargeable batteries in my camera cause I have a battery pack called a grip attached to it and a hand strap attached to it all  , so I had to wait till they where charged , I need to get two more batteries so I can have a set charged at all times but the batteries are pretty pricy ! Oh well Mr Oriole  will be around till the fall I will have plenty of photos of him to bore ya with !

Any who   got to go now kettle is screaming at me need my cup of tea as it is 7:40 am and I shall be watching one of my favourite TV  shows  that I record Coronation ST  or as us fans call it  Corrie ST  it has been on for over 50 years I have been watching it for 30 years !

        Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                  Country Gal

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday’s Tulips


Mom popped over the other day and gave me some lovely Tulips from her garden . See, my in laws live next door and mom loves to garden as well  . I only have a few Tulips and are planning on planting more this season . I am trying to get a lot of different bulbs so that I can have flowers for spring summer and fall  and they will come up every year and that way I spend less on buying flowers as they are getting expensive  and only buy for my planters ! In the future I would like to grow my own from seed for my planters but I need a little green house and or an indoor grow rack and lamp system ! Working on either or both lol !


               These are in our kitchen on the island ! I can smell them every time I walk past them.  

                             I  think the other flowers with them are a hybrid daffodil !


                            These are in our living room on a bench with my indoor plants !

    I just love flowers freshly cut in the house and from moms or my own garden is even better !

          The weather here has been strange , it is rainy , cold and very windy . I hope it gets better soon, I am going nuts here being cooped up indoors !

                                     Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                               Country Gal

Monday, April 23, 2012

Continuation of Hedge Trimming


Last weekend the guys started trimming the huge hedge of cedars that fence our yard . Yesterday they continued with the second half of the trimming . The weather hasn't been that great on the weekends chilly , cloudy and rainy of course it is nicer weather when poor Papa is at work  I wonder why its like that, some times  it seems  like the weekends the weather can be YUK  but as soon as ya go back to work the weather is great , weird that maybe a  punishment for something or at least it might feel like  that to those who work during the week !

Any who , the hedges were way to tall , the guys must of taken off about 6 feet from them and WOW ! does it ever open up our back yard makes it feel bigger and brighter. They still have a bit more to do , that will be done next weekend weather permitting ! There were just two empty nests in the hedges so we saved them and put them in other trees !



You can see how much they had to cut off by the size of the cedar sort of behind Papa !


      After they cut it all down they got the trailer and loaded it up and took it to the garden dump we have down the street ! The village has a garden and yard waste dump but it is only for grass cuttings, tree bits and anything like that no actual garbage !


                                          Miggy wanted to go for a ride !


Of course the entire time they were out there working Miggy was supervising !



                                              Papa and his Dad !



                                 And away they go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There they go to dump the first load of branches ! all this was just from our side they had to do Dads side next !

        They did an awesome job and boy where they tired after 5 hours of up and down the ladder  cutting ,trimming and cleaning up  in the chilly damp weather !

                               All that’s left to cut now is a bit behind our sheds !

                        Until next time hope you all had a good weekend !

                                       Country Gal

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gloomy Chilly Day


Today is a gloomy  damp chilly day , the kind of day were you just want to cuddle up with a good book, mag or movie . Papa is in his shop finishing up a project  and Miggy is sleeping on the mat outside the kitchen door under the porch , she loves being outside no matter what the weather and me, well I am doing laundry  and puttering . Thinking of getting a garden scrap book going as I have an empty one I bought months ago to keep track and photos of what I plant where and how it did and so on ! I also use the scrapbooks for my photography portfolios . I have all kinds of coloured papers I use in them to make it all look nice and the little photo corners for my photos of flowers , plants and gardens , all I need is some pretty writing paper to write down a few notes !

                I thought that if it is a gloomy day where you are I would post some sunny photos !


                              Mr Dovey doesn't seem to sure of Mr Squirrel !


                  A little  Chickadee  watching me as I take his photo !


                                Mr Nuthatch getting his lunch !


                                                 Miggy doing the rolly polly !


                                          And Pansies !        I love Pansies !

                                      Well that's it for me here  , thanks for popping in !

                              Until next time hope you have a good day no matter the weather !

                                                   Country Gal

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Beautiful Friday Morning



I sat out side this morning on the patio in my Jammies and had my tea after I fed the birds. It has been the warmest morning yet !


         The birds were singing , chirping and at the feeders. In the distance by the river and marsh area I could still hear the peepers as their sounds echoed through the woods along with all kinds of birds sounds !


                                   Miggy lays by the garden watching for squirrels !


                                                          Slowly gathering for breakfast !

I love mornings like this warm and watching nature wake up and get their day started ! It is to be sunny with a bit of cloud and warm . Miggy and I will be going for our daily walk soon !

We are to be getting rain and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening . I love a good thunderstorm !

                    Until next time hope you all have a wonderful day !

                                    Country Gal

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It Is To Be A Beautiful Day


Woke up this morning with the sun shining and temps already at 10 degrees or 50 F .The birds are singing and chatting away . Yesterday evening Papa cut the grass and today I am going to do the trimming . Miggy and I are going to go for our walk soon come home and enjoy this lovely weather and maybe take photos if I see or find something that catches my eye. I try to have my camera with me all the time cause ya just never know when a photo opportunity will arise !


               Isn't he cute ! This little guy is a Chipping Sparrow !


    Half of our centre garden bloomed , the other half I will plant some of my flowers I get from my favourite garden centre !


        Our huge 150 year old tree. This photo doesn't do its hugeness justice . it is a beautiful tree when all the leaves have opened and provides wonderful shade on those hot summer days !


         This young Clay-coloured Sparrow seems quite interested in our Wrens house !


                                                         Miggy being Miggy lol !

                                      Until next time hope you all have good day !

                                           Country Gal